"Pieces of a pure heart"

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Chapter 1

Gomen to the Heiress

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke was mad… the onyx eyed teenager was furious, yet as always, he managed to keep that new, gentle, and calm look on his face.

The girl who had bumped into him a couple of weeks ago was still broken. The pieces shattered every where, no one bothering to pick them up.

The past two weeks seemed like heaven to the blonde haired boy. He didn't realize that he had done something wrong and still didn't find that out till now, which made the poor Hyuuga sadden even more, IF that's even possible.

HE had been her strength, HE had been her light, HE had been her role model, and finally, HE had been her secret love… although it wasn't so… SECRET if you get what I mean.

And yet, he was so dense, so very oblivious of his surroundings. Yes, he was kind… cheering for her whenever she needed it, but he NEVER saw her for more than just a mere friend, and a weird one at that.

The dark haired boy sighed deeply, his dark eyes scanning over Konoha.

He had grown up from the, as you would say it "hott" 12 year old to a very handsome teenager, now in the midst of 15. He was quite tall now, still taller then Naruto by a couple of inches. His hair was the same color, although it was a bit longer now, his eyes rarely seen unless he actually raised his head up, like looking up at the sky. But he always kept his head down slightly, still ashamed to look up after he had betrayed his own village.

He was happy to be back, he owed Naruto more then just his life. He owed him much more then that, so in exchange, they became the best of friends… both very happy to have the other's company.

But now, the only thing that the sole survivor was thinking of was to teach his best friend a lesson.

It was so obvious! Why couldn't that dobe see it? She stuttered more then usual when she talked to him, and she fainted from time to time from the mere sight of him, why… WHY did he have to be so dense?

"Oi! I knew I'd find you here… whatcha doin?"

A sudden, yet familiar voice rang into the dark haired boy's ears…

"Hn, Naruto… what do you want?"

"How rude! I just happened to pass by here and I saw you spacing out, what are you thinking about now?"

The Uchiha closed his eyes then replied,

"You." His voice void of any emotion.


The pink haired kunoichi was quite happy that day. She was finally able to get her best friend back, and she was also able to get a small kiss on her cheek from her new love, Uzumaki Naruto. She wanted so much more, but after all she had done to the poor blonde boy, she figured that he was still nervous, he was afraid to both hurt Sakura, OR to get hurt himself by being rejected all over again.

But she knew that she would never do that, after all, He was always there for her even though she thought of him as an annoyance most of the time.

She smiled into the sunlight then opened her green eyes.


The Uzumaki looked at his best friend with confusion. Yes, as you might have guessed, he got the wrong idea… like always.

"Uhh… Sasuke? That didn't… sound very right."

His voice now shaky from the dark haired boy's sudden reply.

"Heh… you're so dumb. I didn't mean it that way, dobe… I actually meant it the total opposite." Sasuke replied calmly, a hint of coldness re-entering his throat.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Naruto had no idea what was going on, and he didn't like the fact that Sasuke's voice was starting to sound like how it was 3 years ago.

The previous "Avenger" shot Naruto a cold glare, sending old shivers down the blonde's spine. It wasn't that Naruto was scared of him. No, he was NEVER scared of his team mate. It just scared him to think that his friend was really angry about something to actually let his old self spill out a bit.

Sasuke took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves down, "Two weeks ago, I heard you were walking with Sakura in the training grounds," He paused for a few seconds to see the blonde's reaction, and when he saw that he was listening intently, he continued, "Funny thing is, I also heard that someone left the training grounds as soon as you appeared into that person's sight, leaving her to run away and cry."

Ah… the old, cold and dark voice of the Uchiha, a voice we all know.

Naruto's eyes widened with realization as he sucked in his cold best friend's words… He had done it again, made some one disappointed. His yellow locks dropped over his eyes as his head slowly bent down with guilt, making his beautiful ocean eyes disappear.

The onyx eyed boy smirked sadly as he watched his best friend quickly run away in the direction he was sure he was going to go. The training grounds, where the same lavender eyed girl would be training immensely.


She was exhausted. She had been training aimlessly for over 6 hours, and she still didn't stop. If she had even a minute of rest, her father would do something she did not want to find out. She was stronger then before, but that alone didn't make her father happy. From the looks of it, he wanted Hinata to be strong beyond reach. Yes, he started trained Neji twice as hard, but he still didn't cut the young female teenager some slack. He was still harsh to his very own daughter.

She hit the wooden training doll over and over again, making nothing more then small dents for she had no stamina OR chakra left.

She was envious of her past love, how he was able to do things so easily, making it look like he used no chakra at all… and his stamina! Something that would be replenished in his body every minute he used it… of course, this was not true… it just seemed like that to the indigo haired girl.

Hai… her love for the fox boy had no longer a place to stay in her heart, she had pushed it out sadly and slowly a few days after that faithful night... but she knew that deep down, the feeling still lingered there.

Now, no one had a place in her mind NOR heart, she was simply living to her clan's rules and schedule, doing nothing to make herself feel any better.

She was thankful to the onyx eyed boy that had helped her calm down that night, and she always liked it when he would sometimes give her some company. But it never lasted for long, since she WAS living up to her clan's expectations, which obviously left no room for personal needs OR wants.

She wiped her forehead tiredly; afraid that she could collapse any minute now, but she stood up… determined to show her father that she was worth looking at. That she was worth being called "Hinata, daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi." But deep down in her heart, she knew that it was never to be. Even if she one day, would miraculously show her father what she was made of, she was sure that he would find another excuse for her heart to break yet again… like all the other times.

As her hits began weakening, she heard fast footsteps running towards her, or where she was at the very least. And as always, she was able recognize those steps from a mile away… Uzumaki Naruto.


He was going to pick the pieces up, one of the very first good deeds he was going to do for anyone… He knew how the poor heiress felt, and he didn't like seeing her sad. He didn't understand why, but he actually liked seeing her smile, that warm and VERY gentle tug of her lips always seemed to warm the dark haired boy, leaving him no other response but to smile back at the kind girl in front of him, which as we all know, the Sasuke we know would never do.

He sighed yet again, then slowly walked towards the place he was sure to find her crying after awhile, since his best friend was on his way there too, to apologize. He was also quite sure of what the Hyuuga's response would be… something kind and not rude at all, something that would make the dobe grin widely then run off, waving happily back at the broken girl, shouting words of gratitude back at the girl who he had just apologized to.

It really annoyed Sasuke. How she would care so much for those around her, and think of nothing for herself. Nothing at all, just agitated him.

He thought of the 3 years ago, how he had begun to know her then, and how she had helped him in a secret yet BIG way.


The quiet girl turned around quickly, her long, dark hair swaying with the breeze.

Her eyes widened when she saw the sight in front of her, the boy she had loved for so many years was running towards her with such speed, that she was unable to see his face.

Not many seconds later, she felt herself being pushed up against a tree, the blonde boy holding her firmly, with his head in the Hyuuga's pale and soft neck.

She didn't know what to do. Although her heart didn't beat any faster then the normal rate like before, she was still sad that she had no chance to be with him from the very start, sad that he didn't do this to her from before.

"Gomen, Hinata-chan… I'm terribly sorry… I didn't mean to… I-I.."

He was stopped when the lavender eyed girl pulled strongly out of his hug, placing her feet gently on the ground below her. She then looked up at the blue eyed boy then smiled warmly, placing both of his strong hands in her gentle ones.

"Iie, Naruto-san… It's okay. I am h-happy that y-you have come to a-apologize."

"san"?? She never used that with me… the blonde boy shook his head then shut his eyes, so THIS is what Sakura was trying to tell him every time he tried to get near to the pink haired girl. That someone already liked him but he was just too dense to know who.

He opened his ocean eyes then looked back into Hinata's pale ones.

"Gomen… I'm so sorry… I should have figured it out before…"

He was again silenced by the shy girl in front of him as her soft fingers gently brushed themselves over Naruto's small lips.

"Y-You love h-her, don't y-you… Naruto-san?"

She stuttered out, trying as much as possible to bottle up her tears for later.

The boy who had Kyuubi in himself hung his head low then whispered out, "Hai."

"Then th-there is nothing t-to apologize f-for… L-love is n-not something you sh-should feel s-sorry about. S-Sakura-san would n-not be h-happy to hear y-you s-saying s-sorry about f-falling in l-love with her."

Her voice slowly but surely loosing its confidence.

The yellow haired boy raised his head then smiled widely, showing the smile that Hinata had fallen in love with so many years ago.

"You're right! Thanks Hinata-chan! You're amazing!"

"Iie, I a-am merely s-saying wh-what I th-think is r-right."

Naruto smiled again then patted the girl gently on the head then leaned forward to whisper something in her ear, "You'll find him someday, Hinata-chan… then you'll be sorry that you ever fell in love with a baka like me."

With those last words, he ran off happily, waving his hand crazily in the air, shouting out a grateful, "ARIGATO!!!" before his disappearance.

The silent girl's eyes softened with sadness, immediately falling to the ground as soon as she was out of the blonde's sight.

As tears made their way down her beautiful face, she whispered out whole heartedly, "I hope y-you're r-right, Naruto-san… but I w-will never r-regret l-loving y-you."


Her pink hair swayed with the cool breeze, making her bright green eyes shine in the sunlight. She was so patient, so very understanding after she had finally fallen for what she would have called 3 years ago, an annoyance.

She loved him with all her heart, it took some time to realize this but once she found out that he was always there beside her no matter what, she fell for him HARD.

A feeling she had never felt for the boy she had actually ruined her friendship for. Why she had even done that, ceases to still amaze her.

The moment she closed her eyes, she felt two warm arms wrap around her in a gentle hug, pulling her body to the person's ever so closely.

"Naruto-kun… I've been waiting…"

He smiled in her cherry blossom hair then whispered out lovingly, "So have I, Sakura-chan… for as long as I can remember."

The apprentice of Tsunade's eyes suddenly widened, guilt filling up her heart. She then quickly turned around to face Naruto and return his embrace, tears of both joy and regret filling her warm eyes. She wrapped both her arms around the blonde's neck holding him close to her, her face in the crook of his neck.

"Gomenasai, Naruto-kun… I should have… I should have…"

She couldn't continue her sentence because of all the guilt she felt. But all of that suddenly washed away when he felt the love of her life hold her even closer, now rocking her in his arms.

"Shhh, Sakura-chan… I wouldn't mind waiting forever… you're worth it." He said happily, grinning into the girl's pink, soft hair.

Her eyes widened yet again as she pushed her head further into his neck, giving him a small yet long kiss on it.

"Arigato, for everything Naruto-kun… I… I l-love you… I love you, my Naruto-kun, and I always will."

Naruto simply let a tear fall down from his blue eyes then smiled happily.

"I love you too, my cherry blossom… have always, and WILL always."


His footsteps quickened when he saw his best friend quickly pass him, a wide grin on his face… so just from that, he knew that his team mate had finished apologizing and that Hinata was in the training grounds somewhere doing what he was sure she was doing, crying.

He hated to see her like that, even from before when they were all kids, he hated to see her cry… he thought she was weak and too sensitive for her own good.

But now, he hated it for a different reason, what that reason may be… even I have yet to find out.

He scanned the training grounds quickly, determined to spot the color of her long, dark hair. And when he did, he practically ran to her, quickly removing some of her hair from her face which was hung so low. He didn't know what else to do, he was so new to this thing and comforting someone was not one of his professions.

"Hinata? Please don't cry…"

She was surprised, he hadn't asked her if she was okay, she HATED that question. Who in their right mind cries and feels okay at the same time? So she knew that Sasuke understood that she was feeling down and that she indeed was not okay.

"S-Sasuke-san…" the broken girl whispered out sadly, before falling down in the Uchiha's arms, falling into a deep sleep.

"Don't worry, I'm here… I'm with you…"


Weeks past quickly after that incident,. Nothing much happened except the usual… Hinata trained everyday, and not in a good pace if I do say so myself. At the end of each and every session, she would fall down in the same arms, Uchiha Sasuke's.

He made sure that he was always there when she had to train, and although she refused to take his time in watching a weak girl like her train, Sasuke remained stubborn. He wanted to be there, to make sure that she was okay.

He had tried to convince her that her training ways were not satisfactory, but she would just smile that same fake tug, and then continue on, ignoring the calm voice of the dark haired boy. He would always sigh, but he knew that at least… he was always the one to catch her when she fell… everyday.

Naruto and Sakura were as happy as ever, both beside each other ALL the time, never actually being separated. Even if they were, it would only be for a very good reason.

The pink haired girl still cared for the onyx eyed teenager, but she knew that she never actually loved him. She was still sad though, she could see that in his dark eyes, he was still quite lonely. She figured out that he needed someone in his life like how she had Naruto in hers. The problem was who that person could be.

"Hinata, please… just for today… don't train."

Sasuke said calmly, trying to keep his voice from making it sound like he was begging.

The dark haired girl smiled another one of those sad smiles, "You know I can not do that, Sasuke-san… Otou-san would kill me."

The Uchiha's eyes shot with anger as he looked back at the girl that stood before his sitting form, "I wouldn't let him." He replied sternly, his eyes changing from anger to determination.

The girl's pale eyes blurred with what she feared, another set of tears, but she kept them in for as long as possible, "S-Sasuke-san… A-arigato… b-but…"

She was stopped when the boy who was just sitting a meter away stood up then placed gentle arms around Hinata's waist, placing his head on her shoulders.

"You're not training today, and that's that."

His voice slightly shaken for he too was nervous from his own actions.

The Hyuuga took a deep breath then sighed out, letting her tears flow out freely this time, bringing her hands to grasp the back of Sasuke's black shirt. She was crying again, something she was so used to doing that her eyes were rarely seen without tears. She really was broken, and in so many sad ways.

As the 15 year old Uchiha lifted his head up, the broken girl moved her arms to the front of Sasuke's shirt, clenching it in her hands as her head rested on the boy's chest, her tears still unable to stop from leaving her pale eyes.

"It's okay, Hinata… It's okay…" Sasuke whispered out calmly, his gentle hands making circles on the crying girl's back, he too trying to suppress the tears he held back for so many years. He felt sorry for the girl in his arms, he too was like that years ago, but the difference was that he had people beside him, he had that loud "I'm going to be Hokage" blonde friend, and he also had the pink haired girl who would not stop annoying him about her love for the Uchiha survivior. And even when he had them, he would try to push them away… as far as possible.

As for Hinata, she too was alone, but unlike Sasuke, she had NO ONE there to support her. Sure she had Aburame and Inuzuka, but they were nothing more then mere team mates. Yes, it would seem that they cared for her, but Hinata never felt loved, never felt wanted by anyone… and what saddened her the most was that her father was still alive and he, himself would not accept his own daughter.

This is what made Sasuke so angry and sad at the same time. To him, she was perfect… she was beautiful, she had a pure soul and heart, and she was extremely strong, both emotionally and physically, but only Sasuke saw this… and not because he had the Sharingan, it was because he knew her… he studied her and he cared about her. But in what sense? I want to leave that up to the Uchiha to find out.

Her tears had dried up, after all these weeks, months and years of crying… her supply of tears was starting to disappear.

She nuzzled her head further onto the dark haired boy's chest then closed her eyes.

Sasuke smiled sadly then took her in his arms and sat down, placing her head on his lap while he gently played with her soft indigo hair.

"S-Sasuke-san… C-Can I ask y-you a q-question?"

The Hyuuga whispered out weakly.

The onyx eyed boy smirked then replied, "You just did."

Hinata smiled happily then continued, "Wh-what m-made y-you ch-change so m-much?"

The survivor closed his eyes then took a deep breath, he was finally going to explain what had happened to his cold demeanor, and he was happy about it too… Hinata was the first person to ask the question, and he was obliged to answer.

"When I was with Orochimaru…" His voice tensed up a bit when he said his name, and Hinata simply smiled and shook her head, simply telling him that it was alright, "… there were times when all I was able to do was to think. Words my previous team mates seemed to ring into my ears. Especially the ones Sakura would tell me," The silent girl shivered with the sound of the pink haired girl's name. Maybe it was because it was SHE that Naruto had fallen in love with… I don't know, "She used to say that revenge would not make me any happier, and at that time I would just say "I know" then walk away… but the longer I stayed with Orochimaru, the more I realized that I was surrounded by people that did not care about me at all… they just wanted to use me, unlike when I was here in Konoha. Then I thought about…"

Sasuke glanced down at the girl on his lap who's pale eyes were looking up at the sky, her expression showing that she was listening to every word the boy was saying,

"… I thought about… you."

Hinata's eyes quickly darted to the boy above her head, looking at him with confusion, "I realized that it was the same with you, you had a goal, and it was just like mine… you wanted to become stronger. You, so that you could show your father that you truly are worthy of being a ninja… Me, so that I can avenge my clan and kill my brother. But unlike me, you didn't jump into anyone's arms to gain strength. You tried to gain it your own way… you felt pain every single time, but yes… you kept on going no matter what… and even now, when you're source of strength …" Sasuke looked down once again to apologize about bringing up the subject of… well, you know who. But she just smiled then looked at him warmly, telling him to continue, "… let's just say that even when you felt that you were completely alone, you still tried, you didn't do what I did… you didn't try to find a fast way of getting strong, you stayed were you were and did what you had to do."

Hinata smiled warmly as silence followed Sasuke's story, she knew that he was not yet done so she stayed quiet, letting the dark haired boy's hands gently play with her hair.

"The day after my realization, Naruto found me… I was so glad. And that time, he didn't need to fight me to bring me back here… So to put it simply, we both killed Orochimaru, with some help from Konoha's jounin backups, then Naruto led me back here… to my home. And in the month that I stayed talking to Tsunade-same, I also realized that there were no more reasons for me to stay the stoic person I was… I NEVER was like that from the beginning anyways. So I decided to return to the Sasuke my deceased clan knew… and THAT, Hinata… is what made me change so much."

The dark haired boy ended, smiling warmly down at the girl on his lap.

"S-Sugoi, Sasuke-san… y-you're v-very strong…"

Hinata whispered out happily, her smile slowly taking its effect on the onyx eyed boy yet again.

"No, Hinata… It is you who is very strong. If it wasn't for you… I wouldn't be here right now, so thank you, Hinata… Domo arigato."

Sasuke whispered back, his hands now caressing the Hyuuga's now blushing cheeks.

"I'm glad I had a part in bringing you back, Sasuke-san… you're most welcome."

She smiled at him, her cheeks still pink from the boy's soft touch.

Sasuke smirked then said both playfully and kindly, "You know what Hinata? You're cute when you stutter, but you're even cuter when you don't…"

Hinata's eyes widened then rested her head further into Sasuke's gentle hand,

"Sasuke-san…" And with that, she closed her pale eyes and fell asleep on the boy's lap.

Sasuke smiled once again as he watched her calm, sleeping face… what was this feeling? He then frowned then whispered, "Will you ever be capable of loving again… Hinata-chan?"

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