"Pieces of a pure heart"

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Chapter 2

"Black and white orbs"

Winter was on its way now, and the onyx boy was still an emotional wreck.

He couldn't take it anymore, for 5 months, he had been like this. After that night, he constantly thought about the Hyuuga heiress. And a month after his train of thoughts, it finally hit him… He, the sole survivor of the famous Uchiha clan, was in LOVE… with the heiress of the ancient and powerful Hyuuga clan.

He was confused at first since… he never knew what "love" really was, but he finally found out himself.

Since he never felt the same way when he was with anyone else… He knew it had to be more then just friendship.

He knew it wasn't hatred… Sheesh, god forbid.

He knew it wasn't a mere liking… uh-huh, he knew what like was.

He knew it wasn't jealousy… WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

He knew it wasn't a crush… Yeah, those things are just a waste of time…

He knew it wasn't envy… same thing with jealousy…

He knew as I said before, it wasn't friendship… he didn't feel the same way with both her and Naruto… NO WAY!

So what was it?

Another thing that helped him find out then was when he saw Naruto do things to Sakura, like lifting her up from her feet, and swinging her in the air… and finally ending it with a small yet loving kiss…

Like when he poked her sides making the poor pink haired girl jump with surprise…

Like when he would randomly kiss her neck constantly, making the Hokage's apprentice blush madly…

Like when he would braid her hair with a cherry blossom…

Like when he would always protect her…

Like when he would simply take her hand into his then kiss it gently…

All these things, Sasuke the survivor saw… most of them when they were on missions together. And the thing is, that every time he witnessed one of their "special" moments, the same thought would run into his mind making him smile warmly… Exactly every single thing that his best friend would to Sakura, he wanted to do it to Hinata.

At first, he was scared with the thought of loving her. He didn't want to hurt her… he knew that deep down, she was still very sad about her rejection from her first love.

But as the time passed, the poor Uchiha began having side thoughts, he was getting selfish. He wanted her; he truly did… but that same feeling of not wanting to hurt her stopped him all the time.

So as it was, 5 months passed after his realization, and Sasuke was slowly loosing it.

Oh… what will he do?


The Hyuuga heiress was finally feeling better. She was starting to get pretty strong and she was also over with her love for Naruto. For whenever she saw him with Sakura, he really did look like he truly loved her… and it just made Hinata smile, knowing that both of them deserved each other.

And it also made her laugh because they also served to be a cute couple. Naruto was loud, and so was Sakura. They were both equally funny, and they both liked brewing mischief… they both also knew what real strength was, and they both had it… which made Hinata relax all the more.

She smiled into the sunlight as she waited for the same person she stayed with everyday from 6 months ago. She was so thankful to him. No one was able to pick her broken pieces up, but it seemed like he did it, and he did it so fast too. He would always be there, ready to give Hinata all the comfort she needed. He always knew what to say, even if it wasn't much, unlike the story of how he came back…

He never shot her that scary death glare he still knew how to do and would use whenever someone would start talking about the Hyuuga heiress.

He had taught her to stop stuttering a long time ago, and kept on encouraging her on how to be more confident.

He had done so many things for her in just half a year, and Hinata could not even count them all.

But something was beginning to worry her. For the past 5 months, the dark haired boy would space out more often; he would also use a shaken voice at times, making him sound different from both the cold and gentle Sasuke.

She was worried something was going on and he didn't tell her for some reason. She thought that through time they had gradually became best friends… and he told her everything. And she did the same too.

But now, she couldn't help but feel worried and sorry for her friend. He seemed weak at times, his eyes glazed with a sadness she could not comprehend.

So as she waited for the Uchiha survivor to arrive, her thoughts flew to him anyways, thinking of the many things that had happened between them.


This was it! He was going to tell her whether his conscience liked it or not. He had a heart too you know! And anyways, it was not like he would avoid her if she rejected him… although he would be very sad indeed if she did that.

But he wanted to let her know how important she was to him. He wanted her to know that she would always have someone beside her unlike those years ago.

So as he picked a flower from Ino's shop, a flower that was not very beautiful nor was it overly colored, it was just a plain white rose… he took a deep breath and walked out, taking his steps as slowly as he possibly could to the training grounds.

You might be thinking what had happened to Ino's crush on Sasuke right? Well, she also figured out that she never really loved him just like Sakura. So what's happened to her now? She's busy… trying to win poor Shikamaru's heart who is now in between both Ino and Temari… I wonder who he'll choose…


Her thoughts were getting intense. After so many months she was finally seeing things about Sasuke she didn't see before. How he smiled at her every time she trained, how he would always… ALWAYS be the one to catch her when she fainted. And how he had explained why he had changed… all these thoughts led to one and one thing only…


The dark haired boy looked around the grounds nervously, even if his expression didn't show so… he was still an expert at hiding his feelings.


And because she was not new to this particular feeling, it hit her almost immediately…. Dear lord… She, Hyuuga Hinata was in LOVE with Uchiha Sasuke… her best friend.


As he spotted her side, which was obviously leaning on a tree, he couldn't help but smile… what would happen if he went and poke her sides? Would she squeal lovingly the same way Sakura would always do for Naruto?

Sasuke shook his head, he didn't even confess to her yet, and he was already having thoughts… shameful.

He neared her and took another deep breath, ready to say "hello" to the person he loved so much.


Her eyes widened as realization hit her… She was in love with her best friend? How did this happen? But as soon as that question flew into her mind, she answered it herself confidently…

He was gentle.

He was kind.

He had a weird sense of humor.

He was always there for her.

He was the one who picked up her broken pieces when no one else could or even tried…

And finally, it was HIS shoulder she cried on every time she remembered Naruto…

So as she turned around to face the breath she heard, tears filled her eyes… tears of an unknown emotion… it was him.

He froze in his place when he saw her crying… why? She hadn't cried for a long time now… why was she crying again? And the problem was, she was crying straight into the dark haired boy's eyes, making it seem like he had done something terribly wrong.

He quickly placed the flower in his deep pocket and reached out to embrace the crying girl tightly… "Hinata… what's wrong? Did I do something to upset you?"

Sasuke asked sadly, his arms trying to comfort the sobbing girl as much as possible.

She shook her head quickly… She had to do this. She wasn't going to let another chance slip away from her hands. She was strong now, and she had Sasuke to thank for that.

She quickly pulled away from her friend's embrace then wiped the tears from her eyes, trying to put a determined look into those pale orbs.

She took a deep breath then said, surprised that she didn't stutter as much since she still stuttered but ONLY when she was REALLY nervous,

"Sasuke…" she stopped herself from using any form of suffix since it didn't seem right to call her "san" nor "kun" at that time,

"… You've done so much f-for me… You've picked up m-my pieces when I thought o-only Naruto would be a-able to do that, but just like wh-when I first saw you when you c-came back… you have surprised m-me… p-please, tell me… wh-why do you always h-help me?"

The Uchiha's eyes glanced down as he tried to find the words to respond Hinata's question. But before he could even reply, Hinata continued herself, now stepping closer to the survivor and placing her small hands on the side of his face.

"You are amazing, Sasuke… You… I…I…" another tear made its way across her face as she struggled to say those simple yet meaningful words,

"I… Uchiha Sasuke… I… love you…"

She whispered out, still loud enough for both to hear, Sasuke's eyes widened as her hands left his cheeks to drop to her sides. He was about to say something quickly, but Hinata stopped him by continuing her confession,

"I love you… Sasuke… I love you so much… I…I…"

She was stopped when she felt herself being crushed towards a person's body.

He held her so close, as if he was afraid that she would disappear any moment now. It was now his turn for his tears to freely exit his dark orbs, making their way across his handsome face.

"No…No… No… Hinata… It's me… It's me…"

She was scared; she thought was he was trying to say was that it was wrong for her to love him. But she stayed quiet, knowing that he had yet to say more.

"It's me… It's me Hinata… I am the one… who loves you so much…" Her eyes widened as she felt herself being held even closer to the person she loved.

"Hyuuga Hinata… I love you…" He lifted his head up from her shoulder then looked straight into the girl's pale orbs which he loved so much and kindly said, "I grew so close to you and the more I thought about you, the more I helplessly fell in love with you…"

The Hyuuga heiress hiccupped silently from the many tears that kept on gushing out of her pale eyes. She couldn't believe what was happening to her… someone loved her. Someone actually cared about HER. And that person was the very same one who she loved and cared for too.

As they both sat down next to each other, Hinata leaning on Sasuke, the dark haired boy handed the white flower to the quiet girl, "Many people would say that this flower isn't that pretty at all… but in my eyes, it's the most beautiful flower I have ever see, just like you Hinata… just like you…"

The Hyuuga gasped in surprise at the dark haired boy's statement… he understood what she always felt about herself. That although Hinata was not as beautiful as Ino, Sakura or even Tenten… Sasuke saw her beauty, and he saw it as the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen… which would be herself.

"…Sasuke-kun… Arigato gusaimasu…"

He smiled in her dark hair as she leaned more on his shoulder, letting him smell the scent of fresh shampoo.

The girl then sat up and changed her expression from loving to stern, looking straight into Sasuke's dark orbs, "Demo, Sasuke-kun? Why were you so different the last 5 months?"

She asked worriedly, placing her hands on the survivor's lap.

"I didn't want to hurt you Hinata… I thought that you'd never be able to love anyone again since Naruto was so important to you… and if I confessed to you, you'd just get confused and think about my feelings instead of yours… which you always seem to do since you're so kind hearted."

Sasuke replied softly, letting the wind ruffle both his and Hinata's dark hair.

"Sasuke-kun…" The white eyed girl smiled warmly as a single tear dropped down to travel one last time across her face as she neared Sasuke's ear.

"But I have, Sasuke-kun… I have fallen in love with you… more then I ever will with anyone else, EVEN Naruto-san… I doubt I would have ever loved him the same way love you… my Sasuke-kun."

The boy's eyes widened once more, and before Hinata could move away completely from Sasuke's face, he quickly met his lips with hers… her pale eyes widening, before relaxing into the loving kiss. He kissed her with all the love he had, which filled his whole heart… his heart was Hinata's… every single part of it held love for the Hyuuga heiress. He truly did love her.

As their kiss went from mere sucking of the lips to a war between tongues, both had no intention whatsoever to let go JUST to gain some oxygen… breathing was not important to them right now. But as it is, if they did not part to breath, how would they be able to live together?

So they parted for a few seconds, panting and trying desperately to get as much oxygen as they both can. It continued like this for an hour, their love for each other never fading away… and the loved Hyuuga girl repeating over and over again in her head,

"See Naruto-san? I don't regret falling in love with you… It's the exact opposite. I'm glad I fell in love with you, and that you rejected me… since that led me to Sasuke-kun. The person I love more than anything in the whole universe… Thank you…"

Her pieces were finally put together, and she was now sure that they would stay like that ALL thanks to the love of her life…

She knew that as long as Sasuke stayed by her side, past tears would never show up in her pale eyes again… from now on, all they ever would show would be pure love for the survivor… Uchiha Sasuke.


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