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It wasn't a big surprise, Hermione really didn't expect much in the slightest from them. But some acknowledgment would be nice, it wasn't a big occasion, just something a little out of the ordinary. Even if she had been at home her parents wouldn't have made much of a fuss, it wasn't a big birthday. It wasn't as if she could suddenly go get her drivers license, or go drinking legally or something. This was just a little birthday stop along the way.

Hermione wasn't a materialistic girl either, she didn't care for silly gifts. She would much rather they give her something useful, but then there where times like today when she just wanted to feel special. Be treated a little bit more like a girl. It wouldn't have to be a incredibly frilly thing, just something girly, heaven forbid, something pink.

All they had given her was a book. Granted it was a book she had had her eye for a few weeks now, and she knew Harry had more than enough on his mind. Hermione just expected a little more from Ron, surely he would put just a little bit of thought into it. Especially if things were the way she thought they were, after the end of the last school year she was sure it was. There was nothing extra special though. They did make her a smiley face out of breakfast foods though, that was sweet, till Ron stole the bacon mouth.

It is the thought that counts though, at least they remembered.

"Morning chaps, and girl," Fred said as he squeezed in next to her.

"Morning," Ron said around his breakfast.

"Where's George?" Harry asked, looking around.

"He's coming," he said, "Saw someone he wanted to talk to alone." Fred turned to her then, "Oh yes, happy birthday Hermione."

"Thanks," she said, starting to pack her bag, when all of a sudden a pink rose was placed in front of her.

"It's a banana, or at least it was. Lasts as long as a normal cut flower," he explained.

"Give flowers to all the girls I suppose?" She asked quietly, seeing the looks on the boys faces as she looked up to Fred.

"Just the special ones," he answered, with a small smile.

"Well, thanks."

"You're welcome."

Hermione got out of her seat then, weighing it up in her mind, and she decided to act on the impulse just this once. Moving quickly before she lost her nerve, she leaned down and pressed a very quick kiss on Fred's cheek.

"See you boys in class," she said as she rushed away, wanting to get away before she fainted or something else incredible embarrassing. The whole Hall had probably seen that. Harry and Ron had probably had miniature heart attacks sitting there. Ron probably more than Harry, but she would do it again if she had the choice.

It was nice to be given the flower, it was such a small thing. Transfiguring the flower, it didn't take a lot of effort, but there was a lot of thought behind it.

Perhaps there was more to Fred Weasley than met the eye?



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