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Into the Darkness

A few months after "The Breaking"…

Chapter 1

'These last few months have been interesting to say the least…' Tsuzuki thought as he laid in bed. He looked down at his chest and smiled at his lover snuggled against him. Yes, his lover, Hisoka Kurosaki… Tsuzuki was still amazed that he was together with the boy. To him it was a dream come true, but then again Tsuzuki's dreams normally became nightmares…

'Not this one.' he thought. 'I'm not going to let that happen. Never.' Tsuzuki gazed down at Hisoka and gently pulled him closer.

Ever since the incident those few months ago Tsuzuki had been on edge. He kept a careful watch over Hisoka at all times, fear still dwelled within him. There had been the usual cases, a possessed girl, a few souls who needed to move on, but then… there were the other cases. The ones that left one of them crying or in pain. And Tsuzuki didn't even want to think about the demonic squirrel. Yes… Tsuzuki was attacked by a possessed squirrel, it wasn't one of his better days…

Hisoka moaned and shifted in his sleep. Tsuzuki could only smile and Hisoka tried to burrow into Tsuzuki, but that smile soon faded.

There were the nightmares…

Hisoka had always had nightmares, it was to be expected considering his life. But they had been getting worse recently and Tsuzuki wasn't sure what to do. Before Hisoka would at least remember what the dream was. If Tsuzuki knew what the dream was he at least had a chance of knowing how to comfort Hisoka, but lately that hadn't been the case.

Lately Hisoka would awake trembling, but being unable to remember his dream. All he could remember was a man of darkness. This man plagued Hisoka's dream, causing the boy to fear sleep even more than after an encounter with Muraki. This left Tsuzuki feeling helpless. He didn't now how to protect Hisoka from something within his own mind, but what could he do?

Tsuzuki looked back down at the now peacefully sleeping boy. 'What am I going to do with you Hisoka…How can I help you…' he thought sadly. 'I can't help but have this ominous feeling lately, but I don' understand it….'

Tsuzuki looked back down at Hisoka and decided to do something nice for him this morning. 'I can make you some breakfast' he all of a sudden thought.

Deciding that that was a good plan, Tsuzuki immediately got up, making sure not to disturb Hisoka, to go make some breakfast.


Hisoka awoke with a start. He was panting heavily as he tried to regain some for his composure. 'Another nightmare…' he thought. Hisoka brought his hand up to his face and realized that his cheeks were wet. He was crying. Hisoka had no idea why he was crying. All he could remember was the man made of shadows.

Hisoka brought his knees to his chest and the tears continued to fall. He felt lost and alone. 'Where is Asato? He was here when I went to sleep, but where is he now…?' Hisoka thought sadly.

Hisoka continued to cry. Things had been difficult since the incident those few months ago. Everyone seemed to be watching him, to make sure that he was alright. Didn't they know that all they were doing was driving him insane. He did want to be treated like a child, he could handle things, he could. Well, as long as Tsuzuki was there he could.

But it was times like this that he needed Tsuzuki the most, to chase away to darkness of his mind. Yet, Tsuzuki was missing, and Hisoka felt truly abandoned, even though he knew how illogical that was.

He wiped away the tears and fought to suppress the rest from falling. He wasn't going to sit here and cry, no. Hisoka Kurosaki didn't wallow in self-pity, no matter how tempting it could be. All Hisoka wanted to do was see Tsuzuki, so he got out of bed to search the house.

Hisoka noticed a strange odor as he left the bedroom. Hisoka followed said odor to the kitchen, where he noticed Tsuzuki standing over a pot of whatever was smelling.

Tsuzuki turned upon hearing footsteps.

"Hey! You're awake. I was just making you some breakfast. Did I wake you?" Tsuzuki asked.

Hisoka quietly walked over to Tsuzuki and put his arms around him. Tsuzuki returned the embrace but was confused until he felt a few tears stain his shirt- Hisoka must have had a nightmare.

"I'm so sorry Hisoka. I didn't mean to leave you like that. I just wanted to do something special for you."

"It's alright… just hold me?" Hisoka mumbled into Tsuzuki's shirt.

"Always." Tsuzuki replied tightening his hold.

They stayed that way for a while, neither moving or speaking. After a few minutes Hisoka pulled away and wiped away the last of the tears. It was then that he saw the pot of Emna-knows what burning.

"Uhhh… Asato."

Tsuzuki turned around and saw the smoke. "Oh crap!" he yelled going over to the stove.

"It's ruined after all that hard work I did. I really wanted to make you a great breakfast." Tsuzuki said sadly.

Hisoka sighed in relief. He really loved the older man, but his cooking… Let's just say there are things worse than death and one of them is Tsuzuki's cooking.

"It's alright Asato. You can make breakfast another day. We're running a little late today, so why don't we go by that café that you like so much to pick something up." Hisoka said.

Tsuzuki instantly was happy again and gave Hisoka a big hug. "Awwww… Thank you!!!!" he said happily.

"Alright, now we better get ready for work." Hisoka said.

At that moment the phone rang. Tsuzuki ran over and picked it up. It was Tatsumi.

"Hello?" Tatsumi asked.

"Hello Tatsumi." Tsuzuki replied.

"Tsuzuki. I need you and Hisoka to come to my office immediately."

"But can't we at least get dressed" Tsuzuki replied teasingly.

Tsuzuki could almost hear the blush in Tatsumi's voice. "Of course! Get here soon and come to my office right away."

"Alright, we'll be right there. Bye." Tsuzuki replied and hung up.

"Tatsumi?" Hisoka asked.

"Yes and he wants us to be in his office really soon."

"I wonder why."

"Me too. Me too."


Hisoka and Tsuzuki teleported straight into Tatsumi's office. Tatsumi was currently sitting at his desk dong paper work.

"Tatsumi you wanted to see us." Tsuzuki said.

Tatsumi looked up from what he was doing. "Yes. I just didn't expect you two to be here so quickly."

"What was it you wanted to see us about Tatsumi? You sounded anxious on the phone." Tsuzuki asked.

Tatsumi sighed. "I take it you two remember Kuri." he said after a moment.

How could anyone forget her? She was such a major part in the incident those few months ago. But what was Tatsumi saying…

"Of course we remember her, why?" Tsuzuki asked. All of a sudden he had a bad feeling in his chest.

"I just received a phone call from her partner Ryu this morning." Tatsumi said.

"Well… what did he say?" Hisoka asked.

"Kuri's missing."

End Chapter 1

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