Unpredictable, Unexpected, Unlikely



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He had left the warmth of the common room fire for this. He really wished he hadn't and still he knew that he hadn't been able to stand it in there any longer. His robes swirled dramatically as he briskly walked down the hall. Money, he thought, could buy everything. His robes came from the most expensive tailor in England and therefore they swirled dramatically.

People thought that Slytherins had some sort of classes where you learnt how to be intimidating and there you got to learn how to make your robe swirl. Very likely. The truth was simple, the younger students took after the older and the older had learnt, among other things, to make impactful entrances and disappearances. Being intimidating was all about impact. And why the heck did he have to think about such a worthless subject? Not that he had very much to think about and whatever he did think about went in circles until he was back where he started, his god awful life. Everything was the same, nothing he didn't expect happened. Even his Slytherin cronies thought he was snobby because nothing ever seemed to faze him. He really would like something to. But nothing out of order ever happened.

Maybe he was too good at guessing what would happen, too good at reading people, knowing their next step to ever be surprised by their actions. He knew for example exactly who were going to join the Death Eaters in his house except for one. Draco Malfoy. He was a nasty piece of work and he was, like everyone else boring enough to say all the things he was expected to. Until recently, he had seen a move in Malfoy's eyes for a moment, then it was gone but he knew he had seen it. Was it really possible that the Slytherin Prince wasn't as simple as he appeared to be? He was going to find out.

He turned a corner and was to busy with his thoughts. He smashed right into someone.

"Sorry, I didn't see you." He looked down and met a pair of big blue eyes. Didn't see him? Was the girl looking for a fight or was she just incredibly dumb? She could be, he thought as he found himself staring; she was wearing the weirdest set of clothes he had ever seen. Her hair was on the top of her head, fastened with her wand, her tie (Ravenclaw he noted) was hanging loose around her neck together with a necklace that couldn't be made by anything else than butterbeer corks, a pink sweater with a drawing of an ugly mouse in red shorts, lime green tights and a skirt that reminded him of how he had felt during his first hangover.

"Don't you know it's dangerous for little girls to wander around after curfew?", he asked silkily.

"Yes I do. If I see any I'll tell them that from you if you'd like." She looked up at him kindly as if he had been worried about small girls put at danger in the halls. "But I don't know your name…"

He had to stifle a laugh. She sure wasn't predictable.

"It's Zabini, Blaise Zabini." He had expected her to react in some way to his name, he was after all rather well known over the school.

"Are you related to Silas Zabini, he who opened a sand shop in Sahara?"

He was starting to enjoy this conversation!

"No, I don't think so…So who are you then?"

"I'm Luna Lovegood."

So this was Loony Lovegood! He had heard them talking about her in the common room and been a bit curious about her.

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere special, it's peaceful at night."

"Very. See you around Lovegood."

"Good night, Blaise Zabini."

The next time he saw her she was sitting beneath a tree, reading. Her hair was let out and blew freely in the wind and it was long! When she stood it had to reach her hips. Blaise walked closer to see if he could get the normal reaction of fear out of her.

"Hello, Lovegood", he couldn't help that his voice turned flirty, it was long since a girl had caught his interest enough for him to approach her. Not that he wanted the girl; she was far away from the self-centered divas he usually found entertaining. She looked up and stared blankly at him. For a moment he thought that she didn't recognized him, which would be the first time ever. His looks usually helped him to be very well known.

"Hello, Blaise Zabini." She turned a page and kept reading. Just to annoy her he sat down beside her.

"What are you reading?" She didn't look at him, just tucked her hair behind her ear.

"A Guide to Sightings of Rare Species." He really didn't know how to comment that. All girls he'd talked to read romance novels or school books.

"Don't you have homework?" All the Slytherin 6th years had been complaining over some essay for McGonagall the whole night. She turned page again.

"Yes." He frowned. The girl was a Ravenclaw and she was not doing her assignments?

"Are you sure you're a Ravenclaw?"

"I can't do my homework because someone has taken my book and hid it. I really don't feel like looking for it." He dug his heels down in the ground, she wasn't that unpredictable, she wanted to do her homework but she didn't have the material.

"So, someone stole your book?" Sounded like one of his housemates hade been bored yesterday.

"No. They take my stuff and hide them. They think it's fun." She turned the page again.

"You mean...But how do they get your things?"

"I can't lock my dorm door, can I?"

"Your housemates do that to you?" Slytherins might not be very loyal to one another but they didn't outwardly attack each other. She just nodded and he could only stare. She closed the book.

"I have to go. Have a nice day, Blaise Zabini."

He sat down at his usual place with his back against the wall and view over all the house tables. This morning he looked after the weird girl who had left him yesterday. She wasn't there and he concentrated on his breakfast. Now and then he looked up to see if she'd arrived. He really didn't want to give more thought to why he did it but he knew that she caught his attention like no girl had ever done before. She was the first person ever who had caught his interest. Not that he liked her or so, she was just...interesting. He saw her enter and pass his table as he followed her with his eyes. When she reached her table the Ravenclaws started to shuffle in their seats so there was no room for her. She went along the side and finally found a hole too big for the two boys there to fill.

"This seat is taken. My invisible friend sits there." The students started to snicker and she straightened.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you." She said kindly to the empty space between the boys who erupted in loud laughter. Then she stood and looked around. He rose rapidly. Your housemates were supposed to be the ones who defended you against other houses not attack themselves. Before he knew what he was going to do, it really wasn't his business, she left the hall.

He heard them before he saw them.

"Loony! Loony, loony Lovegood!" He set up the pace and turned the corner. It took him few seconds to understand what had happened. The Slytherins must have shoved into her so she'd dropped her bag. All the contents were spread on the floor and amidst them she kneeled to pick it all up. The Slytherins were running down the hallway shouting about Loony Lovegood.

"I'll help you."

She looked up and he saw that her eyes were clear but not quite focused.

"It's fine..." Her misty gaze returned to the floor. He kneeled beside her and helped her collect the curious objects she had in her bag.

"What is all this stuff?"

"Oh, just some protection charms and this is a plant for Neville that my father sent from Peru and this is some herbs that Professor Snape doesn't have in his store that I thought I'd tell him about..." Once the things were back in her enormous orange bag again he rose and offered her his hand to get up. She accepted and the silliest thing happened, little jolts of electricity ran up his wrist to his arm and gave him goose bumps. Quickly he let go but she didn't seem to notice.

"You have cold hands. That means you're sensitive." She raised her peculiar eyes to his and he wondered if you could look straight into her soul if you just looked for long enough.

"I thought it was because of bad circulation." She just shrugged in a 'sure, believe what you want, I'm right anyway; kind of way and Blaise realized why he felt so taken with her. She stood up for herself and what she believed in and she didn't give a damn for people who didn't care about her. It was so different from a Slytherin who followed the crowd and saw to be popular with the right people. He actually admired her.

"Bye, Blaise." She left him standing in the hall staring dumbly after her.

He was in a foul mood on his way back to the Slytherin common room; he needed to piss someone off. Just as he was about to turn the corner he saw Malfoy creeping down the hallway leading to the Gryffindor common room. Malfoy didn't usually sneak; he strutted around like he owned the whole school. Was he on his way to torture Potter and his gang? The Malfoy was rather obsessed with Potter and what he was up to. Well, if he was, Blaise could help him. He usually kept away from the Golden Trio but tonight he was annoyed and they'd work just fine to live it out on. Silently he followed his housemate.

He thought he lost him as he came to a turn where the hallway split in three but then he heard a muffled sound to the right and he followed it. What he found made him freeze from pure shock. Sure, it was Malfoy, but he wasn't alone. Weasley was there too. The female one and Malfoy had her pressed against the wall with her long legs wrapped around his waist and her hands in his light hair. They were snogging heavily and Blaise found the surprise being replaced with amusement. What excellent blackmail material! Just as quietly as he'd come he left them with Weasley's moans making him smirk.

The Slytherin common room was empty except for Malfoy and it suited him perfectly. The blonde was reading in front of the fire and Blaise sat down next to him, sprawling himself comfortably.

"So, Malfoy, met any pretty redheads lately?" He had to admire Malfoy's control really, he didn't even flinch.

"I thought you preferred blondes, Zabini."

"Oh, I do. I was thinking about you." He crossed his long legs by the ankles. His housemate raised an eyebrow and turned page in the book.

"And, pray tell, Zabini, what're you after?"

"Let me see...Some shocking facts nobody knows about for example." Malfoy closed the book and gave him a hard stare. Blaise looked into the gray orbs with a feeling that he was being measured. Finally the blonde leaned back in his chair.

"I shag Weasley's little sister and Potter's admirer, yes. I enjoy it, she enjoys it and it gives me the upper hand on the Trio. Not that I'd tell anyone, ever." With a wolf grin he picked up his book and sauntered out.

Blaise smirked into the fire. Malfoy was good, very good indeed, but so was he. Whether Malfoy knew it or not, he cared about his 'relationship' with Weasley more than he wanted to admit.

After watching her for two months and talk to her occasionally, Luna Lovegood still puzzled him. Her only friends seemed to be Weasley's little sister and the Trio. And maybe that freak Longbottom. No one in her house. For some reason it annoyed him.

It was an ordinary Tuesday with heavy clouds warning of rain over the heads of the student population when Blaise entered the Great Hall for breakfast. Lovegood was walking just ahead of him and as usual he couldn't help but let his eyes follow her. Because of it he saw that all Ravenclaws discreetly scooted in their seats so that there'd be no room for her. He hurried his steps and caught her hand. She turned and he bent close to her ear.

"Why don't you sit with me, Lovegood?" He saw to that the whole Hall noticed his maneuver when he snaked a hand around her slim waist and led her towards the Slytherin table where his housemates were in different stages of shock. They knew he was hard on the girls but Loony Lovegood?

In the corner of his eye he saw the youngest Weasley sink down in her seat and when she sensed his eyes on her she looked at him appraisingly and nodded. He nodded back, almost invisibly.

"Why do you want me to sit at Slytherin table?" Lovegood looked at him with her blue eyes and it was easy to find an answer.

"I enjoy your company and I don't like Ravenclaws a lot."

"Why don't you like Ravenclaw?" She suddenly looked stern. How could she be loyal to a house where everyone was shutting her out? Smooth now, Zabini!

"Well, it has nothing to do with the house, I just think that most of the people are a bit...shortsighted." She seemed to think for a while.

"I guess they can be a bit shortsighted. I am actually the only one in my house who believes that Crumple-Horned Snorkacks exist." He had no idea what a Crumple-Horn...whatever, was but he nodded and she let herself be led to his table. He seated her opposite Malfoy and took place beside her, with their backs to the Hall. Malfoy raised an eyebrow but said nothing; Blaise knew a bit too much about his private affairs. After a most unusual breakfast, and the most enjoyable one of the whole year Lovegood waved goodbye and disappeared through the entrance doors for Care of Magical Creatures. Her favorite subject. He didn't think he'd met anyone who enjoyed that Hagrid oaf's classes. He didn't he'd met anyone who moved with such grace except for maybe his mother. Luna Lovegood floated around.

He didn't realize that he'd been lost in thought and probably stared rather dumbly until Malfoy cleared his throat.

"I knew that you preferred blondes, but not that you preferred weirdoes." Blaise snapped out of it and could not suppress the anger his housemate's words caused. He bent closer so he was just some centimeters from Malfoy's face.

"I knew you liked the fiery ones, but not that you liked the blood traitors." He saw the same anger as he knew burned in his own eyes in the mercury grays of the blonde. They both realized it and the hands lingering on their wands sunk. They just shared a look of mutual understanding and wordless contact before nodding and walking in different directions. Because whether they wanted to acknowledge it or not they were both in love with girls that were the opposite of their whole upbringing.

Shit, shit, shit! How in the name of Merlin's underpants had this happened? He, Blaise Zabini, in love? The thought was laughable. But laugh was the last thing Blaise felt like doing right now as he swept down the crowded hallways cursing under his breath, making younger students cower out of his sight. Without thinking about where he was going he went upwards. He ended up in the in daylight deserted Astronomy Tower.

The place where his heart usually coldly calculated his feelings before letting them show was aching and he leaned against the wall, staring unseeingly out on the grounds. He hadn't actually seen the beautiful view before. When he had classes up here it was too dark and the other reason for being up here was snogging some girl, then he hadn't paid any attention to the sweeping grounds below, rather the chosen girl's bra clasp. How many had he brought here? Many, he wasn't the kind who counted. Only people who had to try counted. Blaise Zabini could have whomever he wanted. With exceptions like Granger, Weasley the girl and the lesbians.

But he didn't want them. He wanted a slender blonde who had not once expressed any kind of wish to want him. He turned and striked the wall with his fist, leaning his forehead against the cool stone surface. He hadn't asked for this, hadn't asked to remember how it had felt to have his arm around her waist, hadn't asked to long for talking with her, hadn't asked for dreaming about those blue eyes. And still, he did.

Hearing the bell he realized that he had missed two classes and it was lunchtime. He didn't feel like going down and be questioned about his whereabouts. But then he wouldn't see her until dinner...

What the bloody hell had the girl done to him? On his way down he fueled his anger for her, bluntly denying that he was angry with himself. But whatever she had done he was still Blaise Zabini. He still possessed the great looks passed down from his mother and, according to her, from his father too. He still had the ability to lie and do it well. He still had his charm that had made him lose his virginity long before even Malfoy who was almost as good-looking as him. He was going to get Luna Lovegood he promised himself. He would court her off her feet, she was going to beg for him before he was through and then, then she would be no different from all other girls he'd had. Then he would no longer suffer from this ridiculous infatuation. He went through the doors of the Great Hall and his eyes searched and found the blonde head he was searching for. And so it begins...

She was sitting with an upside-down paper that he recognized as the ridiculous Quibbler, that her father was editor in chief of. He slid down beside her and felt the shift in the air that told him that everybody's attention was on him.

"Hey, Lovegood", he used the tone that usually made women weak in the knees and she looked up and smiled politely.

"Hello, Blaise", she said in her dreamy voice and he found himself wondering what she was made of. Not a trace of flirtyness in her behavior. He started to feel a bit sick and he realized that he was nervous. He, the ice-cold, untouchable, who always had the upper hand in his 'relationships' was nervous because of her lack of response. He didn't feel like doing this in public anymore.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime?" She focused on him suddenly and he felt a tiny bit of his confidence return.

"Hang out? You mean meet? As friends?" He wondered if he should take what he could have but he happened to catch a glimpse of a Ravenclaw boy who was smirking and whispering something to his friends who shook with silent laughter.

"No, I mean like a date." The laughter died and he felt a nice smugness fill him. But he should forge while the iron was hot and everyone at the table was silent. He rose and bent down to her ear and whispered, loud enough for most people to hear, "Think about it...please" He brought out his wand and with a non-verbal spell he transfigured her spoon into a white rose, then he kissed her hand and went out of the hall.

The day passed with people staring, pointing and whispering. He just smirked at them. In Transfiguration he sat down in the back. No one of his friends had sat with him in classes for the whole day. He could oh so easily follow their thoughts of that he had deceived them and their reputation and was too weak to be in their presence. He couldn't help rolling his eyes at them. In private, of course, Zabinis didn't roll their eyes. As the clock rang Malfoy sauntered in and let his gaze wander over the Slytherins in the room who immediately made room for him. With a smirk at them that said that they were so far below him that he couldn't even bear sitting next to them he sat down beside Blaise.

"What, no witty comments about my choice in company?" He asked the Malfoy who leaned back in his chair.

"Lots. But they all insult my choice of company." Blaise couldn't help smiling.

"I see."

He was on his way back to the common room with Malfoy when someone called out his name. He felt ridiculous because his heart started beating heavier when he realized it was Luna. Malfoy leaned against the wall and raised an eyebrow. He obviously knew the exact reason why Blaise looked pained. With a knowing smile he waited for the blonde girl to catch up with them. A bit out of breath she stopped in front of them and looked up a bit confused at Malfoy. Blaise nodded at him and he shrugged, starting to walk down the hallway.

"Get lost", the blonde barked at some Ravenclaw 5th years who stared at the Slytherin and their housemate. Blaise saw the fear of Malfoy struggle against their will to hear his and Luna's conversation. The fear won and with a smug look over his shoulder Malfoy sauntered down the now empty corridor. He looked back at Luna.

"Is it true that you asked me out because of a bet?" He blinked in surprise.

"No! Who told you that?" She shrugged.

"I overheard some girls in the bathroom." He felt the anger start to boil in his blood once more. Why did people have such a hard time minding their own business only?

"Listen Lo...Luna", he looked her in the eyes and gripped her shoulders. "I asked you out because I like your company and because I want to spend some time with you alone..."Merlin, where were all the elegant wordings he used to make up when he wanted a girl to fall? He sounded like some Hufflepuff trying to get a date with his childhood crush.

"Oh...well, alright then. I'll go out with you. As a date." Then she turned and went down the hall. He had to struggle with his self-control to not whoop and jump. There were some limits he would not cross.


I do. It wasn't hard to say. He'd said it uncountable times through his life. Just not when you're getting married to the woman you love, a snide voice that sounded suspiciously like Draco, said in his head. It was not because he was going mad he was hearing voices. Draco had been tormenting him all week. It was payback for when Blaise had done the same before Draco married Ginny. He'd been a wreck. Blaise couldn't help but smile at the memory even though he feared he'd been quite a wreck as well the whole week.

He was still a wreck, his hands were shaking for Merlin's sake! Draco had tied his tie for him and herded him around so he got to the right places at the right time and elbowed him when he was paralyzed with fear. Like when Mr. Lovegood had came over to say hi and Blaise had felt his mouth go dry. He sent Draco a grateful look when he came over with the rings and got a smirk in return. The bastard smirked at him at his best friend's wedding! That was Draco Malfoy in a nutshell.

He heard Luna's voice beside him and was brough back to reality with a thud.

"I, Luna Lorelei Lovegood, take you Blaise Xerxes Zabini, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." He cleared his throath and prayed that it would hold and not sound too squeaky.

"I, Blaise Xerxes Zabini, take you, Luna Lorelei Lovegood, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." He'd won. She was his forever.

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