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Transcending Time
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

As time passes, things change. Nothing stays the same, everything in an eternally metamorphic state. Time is ever flowing, places ever changing, people living and dying as they were caught up in the eternal rat race of human life.

The appartment was coated with thick layers of dust, cobwebs glistening in the corners of the room. Other than the dust and the shadows it was empty, the furnature having been stolen a long time before. The entire block was empty other than the spiders and the rats, vermin the only things that dared step into there now.

The girl sighed and traced a heart in the dust before wiping that away. It disappeared as easily as her lover had, broke as easily as her own heart had broken. She sighed and turned her eyes back to the outside world; it was as dead outside as it was in there, seeing as no one with any sense would be outside in the rain. It was monsoon season by then after all. Another year had passed.

How many years was it, she wondered, since Setsuna had disappeared? How many years had it been since they had lived there together? How many years had it been since the beautiful dystopia of Crystal Tokyo had fallen? She did not age at all, so time had no meaning to her anymore, but she felt herself becoming more and more jaded with every year that passed. Soon her heart would be so hard that she would turn to stone.

There was a time when she would have run out into the rain, her tears falling freely, and tried with no avail to find the elusive time guardian once more. She had given up on that many years ago though, so long ago she could hardly remember it. She had given up fighting storms like she used to: there was no end to the darkness now.

She had hoped that their love would transcend time, but nothing ever would. Not even love. Only time was eternal, and time, she knew, was the cruelest of masters to obey.

She stared out into the rain once more, though unlike all the years before she did not shed a single tear. Nothing could transcend time, she knew, but the storm would blow over eventually. Perhaps it was just cruel fate that had lead her there once again, but it was time for her to let go of the past and of Setsuna: it was time for her to let go of everything. The rain would wash her sin away.