We'll start off the day by saying that Han and Leia, and the elements of the Star Wars galaxy in this story belong to George Lucas. Indy and Sallah, and elements of the Indiana Jones Chronicles belong to George Lucas AND Steven Spielberg.

Earth belongs to me, I own it, so no stealing my ideas!

And thus we commence, 'Earth1937' by Solo Jones


Leia Organa squinted at the data pad screen in front of her. The text was so blurry she could barely make it out. She leaned back in her desk chair and rubbed her eyes. It had been two weeks since the whole incident at Bakura, and she was still sorting through the paperwork. She had been in her office probably 80% of the time, having her meals brought in for her. Han had been constantly bugging her about taking some time off, but he just didn't understand how much work there was to do. It had only been a month since the Alliance- now the New Republic- victory at Endor. She was somewhat tempted to follow his advice, but she knew there was no way she could afford to take time off, and Mon Mothma would never allow it anyway.

There was a buzz from the comm at the door. Leia pushed a green button on her desk and said groggily, "Who is it? I'm very busy right now, so if you don't have an appointment-"

"C'mon Leia, it's just me." Han's voice broke in. "Open up." Leia, too tired to actually go over to the door and physically greet him, hit another button on the desk which whisked the door open. Han stepped in, and quickly walked over to where Leia was seated. He leaned over and gave her a brief kiss on the forehead, before taking a seat across from her.

"Hi." she said very unenthusiastically.

A frown creased Han's forehead, "What'd I do now?" He asked.

Leia rubbed her temples, "Nothing. This time it really isn't your fault. It's just all this work-" She waved a hand at her desk stacked with datacards and flimsies, "is driving me crazy."

Han shook his head, "Sweetheart, I keep telling you to take a break. The New Republic can survive without you for a week."

Leia groaned, "Han, I've heard this all before, and you know how I feel about that. My job is very important, and it's not easy to get away from."

Han decided to be blunt. "I've arranged for you to have a week off, starting now." Leia's jaw dropped, and she tried to protest, but it was half-heartedly. They both knew she wanted time off, as well as needed it.

"You... you got it cleared with Mon Mothma?" she asked.

He smiled, "Yep. Not to say that she was exactly thrilled about the idea of one of the leaders of the Republic being completely out of contact for a whole standard week. But I convinced her it would do you some good." Han held up a hand to stop Leia's protest, "Plus, I got some place really neat to show you. C'mon, pack your bags. We leave in an hour."