The Making of 'Earth1937'
I can remember being a little kid and loving nothing more than to watch Indiana Jones. I would play it all the time with my older brother, and I would always insist on being Indy. I loved the movies so much that, when I was 3, I named my dog Indiana. And to me there could be no better story than one that would involve both of my favorites, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Now this dream has finally become a reality. I've always been a writer for as long as I can remember. Even when I was 5 years old, I would write little stories and read them to my family. When I was in third grade I wrote my first real story, which astounded my teachers with it's complexity and detail. I tried, and failed, at several attempts to write original stories. And then I found my calling.
I had so many ideas of things that might have happened to my favorite Star Wars characters, and I was so anxcious to write them down. My first two fanfics, "High Treason" and "Fate's Hand" were a success. In fact, they are being printed in "I Care IV", a Star Wars fanzine, in December. And they are only part of my series which is in the works, chronicling the time from ANH-ESB.
But when I got the idea for a story that put Han and Leia in OUR universe, it was a challenge to write. It's easy enough to write Star Wars stories, as long as you have a rudimentry knowledge of the GFFA, because you can always invent planets, people, and races. The GFFA is a big place, and who knows what every system could hold? But I found that it was much more difficult to write creatively when you had to keep elements of the story and enviroment true to actual history.
In writing 'Earth1937', I was determined to be as historically accurate as possible. In order to accomplish this, I had to do a lot of research on the Hindenberg, and I learned a lot of things about it. I also had to find out things like how fast the trains of the day travelled through Germany, and how long it would take a train to get from Berlin to Frankfurt (yes, 4 hours.) It was not only an historically edjucating experience, but a literary one as well. I learned how to research and find the facts before letting my creative mind take full control.
Another thing I did to make the story seem more accurate and real was use real German. This created a problem because I don't speak German, I just speak English and French. So I had to actually use various translators and other resources to figure out the German phrases that I wanted to use in the story. I hoped that by the context clues, you the readers would be able to figure out what was being said. In case you couldn't, or you are just curious, here is a list of the German phrases used in 'Earth1937' and what they mean in English:

Gutentag, Herr Jones- Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
Gutentag, Herr Spehl- Good afternoon, Mr. Spehl.
Wer sind Ihre Freunde?- Who are your friends?

Geben Sie Irl Geschäft an- State your business.
Mannschaftsmitglied Spehl, habe ich Zubehör für den Hindenburg- Crewman Spehl, with supplies for the Hindenburg.
Sie sind auch Mannschaft?- You are crew?
Ja. Wir sind Köche- Yes. We are cooks.
Bewegen sie sich entlang- Move along.

Schalten Sie die Maschine ein- Start the engine.
Lassen sie Ihre Waffen fallen!- Drop your weapons!
Ändern Sie Kurs für Kairo- Change course for Cairo.
Alle Mannschaft, diese ist der Kapitän. Holen sie bitte Ihre Waffen zum Steuerraum diesmal- All crew, this is the Captain. Please bring all weapons to the control room.
Gegen die, Ward- Against the wall.
Gewehren? Danke, gehen zurück zu, wo sie waren.- Guns? Thank you, go back to where you were please.

I hope that helped to clear up any questions you may have had about the German in the story. And maybe you learned a little German too. Now you can go impress all of your friends.
When I started writing the story, I knew that I wanted Han and Leia to go through one of the blackholes in the Kessel Run, to be marooned on Earth, and to have Indiana Jones have to help them get back to where they came from. Somehow. So I began writing the story, and I decided that I would figure out how later. I decided, "Hey, they could use a blimp. And it could be a Nazi blimp so they'd have to go into Germany. Cool." And there, problem solved! Not quite. When I went to do research on the blimps, I found out that the only blimp really opperating at the time was the Hindenburg. And it had exploded in 1937 over a New Jersey airfield.
So I decided to have Han, Leia, and Indy capture the Hindenburg on a test run right before it's fateful final journey. In order to include the Hindenberg in this story, I had to do a lot of research. I have to thank for all the information I got. In case you were wondering, here are some facts about the Hindenburg that played a roll in the story:

* There were 20 or so trainees aboard the Hindenberg for it's final journey.
* The Hindenburg left the airfield in Frankfurt, Germany on May 3rd, 1937.
* The Captain of the Hindenburg was Max Pruss, who survived the crash.
* A 25 year old crew member by the name of Erich Spehl, who had many anti-Nazi friends, is suspected by some of having put a bomb inside the aircraft and thus causing the tradjety at the New Jersey Airfield. He perished in the crash.
* Some people think that the explosion of the Hindenburg was caused by internal damage. No one knows exactly how the damage could have occured.

So in my story, I was able to use real life people and events to aide the plot. I made sure that it was likely that Han, Leia, and Indy could have used a crew member to get onto the blimp. I also wanted to give the reader the feeling that, "Hmmm... maybe trying to lift the Millennium Falcon caused some damage to the Hindenburg and that's why it... nah... couldn't be....could it?" I admit that there is no knowledge of a schedualed test run 8 days before the Hindenburg's journey. But I imagine such things would not be out of the question, especially since there was new crew aboard in training. And besides, if your blimp got high-jacked by a couple of people from outter space and a troublesome archaeologist, you wouldn't exactly want to make that public knowledge now, would you? So in this way, I ensured that the happenings of this story fit in as well as possible with actual history.
In wrtiting this story, I have accomplished one of my dreams. I've not only been able to write a story involving my two favorite series, but I hope I've been able to do it well. I also hope that you, the reader have enjoyed reading it. I hope that it was entertaining and that you appreciated all the hard work that went into writing it.
There are a couple people that I'd like to thank. First of all, I have to thank God for creating me and for sending his one and only son to die for me and all of the rest of us sinners. You're number one. I'd also like the thank Bria for her encouragement and willingness to read something she didn't really want to. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd like to thank my friend Zach for helping me to conquer the evil writer's block, and to give me some ideas. Han got shot, I hope you're happy. I would like to thank to readers, all of you. You've been so supportive and I'm really glad you enjoyed my story. I'd like to thank my computer for being so nice to me and letting me type this story without it getting lost or having any other complications.
This story is dedicated to Charisse(Indy), and Amanda(Leia) from your beloved friend Han. The three amigos finally get a story of their own.
To all of you out there, keep reading, writing, and watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Long live Harrison Ford, and God Bless you all!

-Solo Jones-