The trip across dimensions

Naruto and his teammates Sakura and Sasuke were training when it happened. A vortex of wind came out of nowhere and sucked them into a completely different dimension! Gaara of the Sand also got sucked in, though his siblings weren't as lucky since they had escaped the vortex in time.

When Naruto and the others came to, they realized that they weren't in Konoha anymore!

"Where the hell are we?" griped Naruto.

"That's what I'd love to know right now," commented Sasuke.

"What are we going to do Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura worried.

"Your guess is as good as mine," said an all too familiar voice from the nearby bushes.

"Please don't be who I think that is…" started Naruto.

"At least I didn't land on my head like you bakas," grumbled Gaara.

There was a low growl nearby. The four ninjas three Leaf and one Sand, all went to see what had made it. They saw a strange man in a red Hakama and had cat ears on his head.

"I telling you I smell a demon nearby! Wait two demons and two humans. But where are they?!" growled the strange cat-creature.

"Inuyasha are you sure that there are four people nearby? I don't see anyone at all!" said a girl in green and white.

The creature named Inuyasha replied in annoyance, "I'm telling ya there are four nearby! I can smell them! They must be trying to hide their scent."

Sasuke tried to hold back the temptation to say, "If we wanted to hide our scent then you wouldn't know we were here you baka!" Gaara had a similar look on his face.

Naruto whispered as quietly as he could "should we see if they are friendly or wait until they find us?"

Suddenly a strange two-tailed cat creature, known more commonly as a Nekomata, appeared. Its ears were pricked up when Naruto spoke.

"What's the matter Kirara?" asked a woman in gear similar to what the four ninjas were wearing.

"Kirara did you hear the two demons and humans nearby? I can't find them at all. I seem to have the scent of sand clogging my nose!"

The Leaf all looked at Gaara when the man mentioned the word sand. He shot them a look that said clearly, "What?!"

Kirara wasn't as hindered as Inuyasha. She quickly located the genin. But none of them notice this. She quickly switched to her chibi form and walked up to the four ninjas that were hiding.

"What the...? What the hell is that thing?!" said Sasuke quietly when he saw Kirara behind him.

The Nekomata did not like being referred to as a thing so she did the most obvious option. She jumped on his head! This startled him so much that he fell from the tree where he was hiding. Inuyasha looked up when he heard the THUMP!!

"OW! DAMN FUR BALL!!" griped Sasuke, "Uh-oh…busted."

Naruto had one hell of a time trying not to laugh his head off when Sasuke was caught off guard by Kirara!

"I told you there was someone there! Where are the others brat?!"

"Like I would tell you cat-boy!" growled Sasuke.


At this Naruto could no longer hold his laughter back. He actually fell out of the tree from laughing so hard! Sakura sweat dropped, and Gaara looked annoyed as hell.