Title: Why do you always have to look?

Author: Imaginigma

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Tolkien. I make no money with this story.

Summary: A conversation between Merry and Pippin about Pippin's 'looking' habits.

A/N: Written for the OAA prompt # 31 "Touch". I could not resist. I am sorry for this moment of silliness.

„Why do you always have to look, Pippin?" Merry seethed, angry and fearful at the same time. Pippin, who sat next to him on the bench, shrugged apologetically.

"Merry, I did not mean for this to happen. And Gandalf told me that no real harm was done."

Turning, Merry fixed Pippin with a glare. "And what about Strider? He did 'not' look well when he left with Legolas."

Frowning, Pippin scratched his head. "But he touched it for only a few moments. Surely he is well."

"Pippin!" Merry said agitatedly, finally losing his patience with the younger, naive Hobbit. "Legolas had to practically carry Strider out of the room, Pippin. I thought he would faint any moment."

Looking a bit sheepish, Pippin tried to explain, "I did not mean to cause him problems, Merry. I simply wanted to take a look."

"You never simply look, Pippin." Merry pointed out. "You always look with your hands, if you get what I mean."

Sighing, Pippin clasped his hands in his lap and bowed his head. For a few moments he studied his hairy feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Then,


"Yes, Pippin?"

"Do you think that Strider is angry?"

Merry ran a hand though his hair and sighed deeply before he shook his head. "No, I do not think he is angry at you, Pip. I think he was simply…shocked…to see you with that thing in your hands."

"It looked so interesting, Merry, and inviting. I simply had to take a better look." Pippin apologized, but when he saw Merry's raised eyebrow, he amended quickly, "I had to touch it Merry, to feel it. Merry, do you think I damaged it?" The last was said with honest regret and fear.

But Merry shook his head, "No Pip, I do not think that you damaged it."

A pause. Smiling now, Pippin quipped, "You know Merry, when he did not wanted me to take a look –touch- he should not have let it lie around."

"Pippin, it was not lying around. It was tucked away safely." Merry said, eyes wide.

Raising his eyebrows, Pippin tilted his head to the side, "Was it? Why, it was easy enough to touch it."

Sighing and resisting the urge to roll his eyes, Merry got to his feet. "Come Pippin, let us see if Strider is alright."

Climbing to his feet as well, Pippin fell into step with Merry. They walked down the hallway, into the direction Strider and Legolas had vanished. After a few minutes of silence, Pippin turned his head and looked at Merry.

"You know, Merry, that white fruit of that strange dead tree 'really' looked interesting. Do you think Strider will let me look at it once more?"

The End.

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