Romeo and Juliet…and Doctor Who

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Synopsis Let's see how Rose's Shakespearean language is doing. I'm sorry; I can't come up with anything better. A love triangle, if you recall those. Twelfth Night is a good example XD. Hope you like.

AU: I'm making the Doctor change out of his suit! Hence the au. Oh, and Rose's hair is slightly longer than its supposed to be, maybe past shoulder length? Okay, so technically, they can't go into a book, or a movie for that matter, because it didn't happen. What the hey. It's happening. I'm the author. Constructive criticism is expected and endured. I probably won't be able to handle it, but please take my word that I will respect it.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Read," the Doctor ordered, flicking a thick book at Rose and crouching back down again to where he had been tinkering, not looking back.

She sighed mockingly and leaned back in the captain's chair, catching the book, her feet up comfortably. "Why?"

"Where we're going next. You need to learn the language," he told her, his voice next to inaudible.

"But the TARDIS translator—"


Rose sighed again and tugged the book closer on her lap. She blinked as she studied the cover. "'The Vocabulary of Shakespeare'?"

The Doctor grinned back at her. "Ever heard of Verona?"

"Italy, right?"

"'Two households both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean,'" The Doctor quoted from a cubbyhole.

"Okay, okay, enough of the history lesson."

The Doctor grinned, paused what he was doing, stood up and walked behind Rose, perching on the side of her chair. "You get to dress up again," he told her solemnly, a twinkle in his eye. He leaned over and gently squeezed her shoulder at the absolutely delighted look she gave him. "Humans," he teased, reaching with his other hand to capture one of hers. "You're so easy to please."

"Or I am, at least," she conceded, returning the pressure to his hand.

The Doctor grinned and removed his hand, only to squeeze the back of her neck gently. "Tell me when you're done studying."

Rose groaned. "You really are a professor…"

He moved his hand to brush her cheek. "One tries," he replied even as he laughed, and Rose shoved him off the chair.

"I bet," she snorted, shaking her head. She stood up and lugged the book with her, looking at it distastefully. Shakespeare. Sure, books were okay, kind of, but not the History kind and the Genealogy kind and the 'book-that-nobody-but-him-understands-because-it's-greek-and-he-only-gets-it-'cause-he's-a-900-year-old-alien' kind­. The Doctor was definitely overstepping it this time. She headed to the nearest library (she hoped), not needing the distraction the Doctor provided unknowingly on more than one occasion.

One thing's for sure, Rose thought to herself amused; He's better looking than any book.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Okay," Rose said suddenly from the door of the console room exactly one hour later. "I think I caught the drift of it now."

Despite coming back to the console room throughout the hour and asking questions galore such as, 'If I was a teapot, would you still be a 'thou'?' and 'This dictionary made a mistake' and 'Cor blimey—Oh wait, I can't say that, can I?' Rose managed to conquer the Shakespearean language. Just barely, though.

The Doctor's head flew up in surprise at her words; he winced and promptly crumbled when he bumped it off the panel he was in the process of fixing. "Ooh," he let out, trying to be brave.

"Oh, good job, Doctor."

Rose headed towards the Doctor, tugged him out from where he was still lying on his back, and pulled his head into her lap, gently cradling it. "Are you okay?" she asked him, concern evident on her face and in her voice.

"I will be," he managed to mumble as her image swam before him.

Rose waited a few minutes. She squeezed his arm. "Want to get up now?"

"Not particularly." It had been a while since Rose had held him in her arms, and it felt—to put it mildly—wonderful.

She gave a little chuckle, smiled at him, raised a hand to his forehead where the bruise was, and started to gently and lightly stroke it.

He must have smiled dreamily at her or something equally as romantic, for when his eyelids fluttered closed at her soothing touch, he felt her lean down and gently kiss the bruise on his forehead. His eyes shot open, and he regretted it immediately, for she released him.

"Up," Rose told the Doctor, rubbing his arm. He sighed, shifted reluctantly and lifted a finger to touch his dull, throbbing bruise, but Rose stopped him. "You're not allowed to touch it. And although this is corny and lame, I'm going to say it: I kissed it better." She waited for him to laugh. He didn't. " Is the pain there anymore?"

"Not as intense," he conceded the point.

"Then you're not to touch it. It will go away, and you'll live. I don't think it will leave a scar, so you won't have anything to boast about."

"What?" the Doctor looked over at Rose, a carefully pretended confused look plastered on his face.

"Oh come on," Rose gave a snort. "You guys are all the same, human or not. The greater the pain and bigger the scar, the prouder you are. Now, just relax and think about something nice."

Good idea. I'll think about you. But wait, you're not just nice. You're great. You're fantastic. You're brilliant. You're—the Doctor was going to hyperventilate if he didn't stop. Not a good idea.

"Right. You said you're done. I mean, you said you've completed the book and you think you get it. Test time," the Doctor started cheerfully, trying to stand. Rose sighed and grabbed his arm, then pulled him up.

"Sure. Um, give me a sentence," she told him nervously.

"This will be…interesting. Hmm," he mused, trying to think of one to give Rose. He had to make this good. "'I will bite thee by the ear for that jest.'"

"Let's see—" Rose thought for a moment. "Got it! 'I will bite you on the ear for that joke.'" She frowned in concentration. "Where have I heard that before—Romeo and Juliet!" she told him, answering her own question with a flourish, triumphant.

"Bingo," the Doctor said, patting her shoulder. "You're fine with this."

"Just wait 'till I try to speak it," Rose replied, scowling at him as she poked him in the chest.

"You shouldn't have any problem," he assured her, smiling, turning around.

"Easy for you to say," she grumbled. "Genius," she muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" he asked, turning around to face her again.

"Let's get goin'."

"Fine by me."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rose followed the Doctor into the dressing room (A/N: Can't remember what it's called, mind just went a blankin'. However, I really want to say 'Mr. Dressup's Trunk) and looked over the rows and rows of clothes from all different eras.

"Here we are," the Doctor exclaimed with satisfaction, arriving at a long aisle that had a sign sticking out that said "Shakespearean Clothing". He trailed his fingers over each garment until they came to another sign that said, "Romeo and Juliet".

Rose stilled beside him and eyed a beautiful red jewelled gown thoughtfully. "There are so many things to choose from, Doctor."

"Oh, speaking of clothes, don't forget the corset, Rose," the Doctor mentioned absently, continuing on to find men's clothing.

" And don't forget you have to wear leggings, Doctor," Rose teased after him.

"Don't remind me!" he shouted back as Rose snickered.

Rose started trying out clothes by grabbing the gorgeous red dress.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Doctor stepped out of a stall and looked in a floor-length mirror that was close-by, hanging on the wall. Hmm, not bad, not bad, though I'd totally pick my suit over anything if I had the choice. His thoughts were interrupted when Rose stepped out of the stall across from him.

The first thought that came to his head when he saw her was: absolutely gorgeous. Rose was wearing this long, beautiful red gown with sequins and jewels along the white and gold bodice. A wisp of her golden hair was nestled gently against the slender curve of her pale throat, for it was down, and the top was fastened with a hair net. (A/N: No idea what those are called; have you ever seen Ever After? You know those beautiful nets that the girls wear? Well, that's what it would look like. And it's silver. Like Drew's when she was coming to meet the prince and is crying her eyes out 'cause she was beaten and she was calling him 'wonderful' (sorreh, I'm on a Ever After rant xD)) On her neck was a long string of pearls, fastened by a silver chain. She looked exactly like her name. A Rose. A lovely rose.

Suddenly the Doctor saw her blink and blush. Then it hit him. To his horror, he had spoken his thoughts out loud. No way to get out of it now.

"I mean, you…" what was the point? Good job, idiot. He swallowed and took a plunge. "You look absolutely gorgeous. Really, you do." Oh great. He was going red now. He could feel his ears heat up, and he just wanted the earth to swallow him up.

"Thank you, Doctor," Rose replied softly after a few minutes, at a loss for words. Me and my big mouth, the Doctor thought, desperately wanting to escape the awkward situation he had put them in. "You…you look pretty spiffy too."

She, Rose Tyler, the girl of his dreams, had called him, the Doctor, 'Spiffy'? She had actually complimented him? It shouldn't have been such a surprise that she had, but it was, all the same. He grinned. Life was sweet.

The way she smiled at him… he was walking on air, and probably would be during their entire adventure as far as he was concerned. He didn't even want to think of the implications and the strings attached to having a long-term relationship, it was painful to think it wouldn't work, painful to think she would one day grow old and die, leaving him—no, he wouldn't think about it—couldn't. He'd promise himself that. He needed her so badly; he'd simply be lost without her—what would happen if she left him? What would happen if she was taken from him? He knew the truth. If she even thought of leaving him, his hearts would break and his world would shatter. He wouldn't be able to go on—

"Doctor." He was shaken from his sad and desperate brainstorm as Rose spoke his name.

"Yes?" He snapped back to reality, and reality was Rose smiling at him and looking at him like he was her world. Yes, reality was definitely more preferable, and he allowed himself to smile back at her.

"We ready to go now? I feel…dunno, kind of awkward in this finery," Rose told him doubtfully. "Think I can pull it off?"

"Of course you can, or my name isn't the Doctor!" the Doctor said firmly.

Rose looked at him strangely. "Your name isn't 'the Doctor'," she reminded him, and the Doctor smiled sheepishly.

"All right— of course you can 'pull it off' to borrow the colloquialism, or you're not the most beautiful girl on every single planet," he amended quickly, not thinking.

He watched as she blushed a deeper shade of red and mentally kicked himself.

He heard the TARDIS inside his head, talking to him. Your heart is on your sleeve, Doctor. You might just want to tuck it back in again before you make it worse.

Thanks, old girl. I have this really bad habit of embarrassing her, don't I?

You don't want me to answer that.

The Doctor offered his arm quickly to Rose, and he was pleased when she took his arm immediately and hung on tightly. "This way, milady," he told her, grinning softly into her eyes as he directed her forward. Rose smiled back and invaded his space, leaning on him and her chin bumped his shoulder lightly.

"Let's go," Rose said excitedly, and then laughed at herself. "Where are we going Doctor?"

The Doctor winked at her. "We're going to crash a certain party," he replied, grinning, as they stepped out of the TARDIS together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - -

"What does that mean, Doctor?"

The Doctor's soft whisper turned into a growl of rage as he hovered protectively over her and wrapped his arm possessively around her waist. Rose sucked in a breath at his intensity. "If that was you he saw, then I'm going to be one very mad, very dangerous Time Lord."

"You're already dangerous and mad, and you're scaring me."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it," his voice softened, and he leaned forward to brush his cheek to hers. She relaxed against him.

"But why?"

"He's just over-stepped the boundary line." He hesitated to say more. "He's in my territory now. He's just made this very personal, and I don't do 'personal' well." Rose felt his grip tighten.

"What's 'this', and how has he made 'this' personal? Besides, he's gone, see? He's not there anymore."

"Think that will stop me?"


But the Doctor wasn't listening. He would find him; it wasn't even an option. He would find this guy and rip out his heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - ---

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