Author's Note: First of all, I would like to thank sushi-alphonse and his story 'in the Future' for giving me the ideas for this fan fiction. Next I would like to thank all those who had given me their support. I hope all of you will enjoy reading this new story of mine and please review after reading them. Thank you.

Other then the story 'in the Future', my story is also influenced a lot by the 'Star Wars' saga.


Time: Cosmic Era (CE) 1173Location: Space


A gigantic ship fired a plasma beam towards a ship that was 20 its size. The beam hit the target, but did not destroy it, as the smaller ship was protected by a force field, though that does not mean that the ship didn't receive any damage at all. In fact, it received quite some damage.

On the bigger ship……

"You idiot! What if we had completely destroyed their beam shield generator just now? That plasma beam could have killed them all!" A person covered entirely in grey bellowed in his deep, hollow voice.

"I am sorry sir, I never……ARGH!" the speaker was suddenly lifted of the floor and was struggling in mid-air, but there was no one holding him, not directly.

"I do not allow any mistakes! The King wants them alive, and His Majesty will get what he wants! Your action just now could have ruin everything, and therefore I shall not allow you to make it happen, should you make another disastrous blunder," the man in grey said fiercely, his right arm held out towards the man who was hanging in mid-air. He then closed his palm. As he did so, his fingers seem to be crushing something.

"NOOOOOOoooooooooooooo……" the levitated man screams died away as he felt his neck broken. Then he stumbled on the ship's floor, never waking up again.

At the bridge of the smaller ship……

"General! Redav's Demon Cruiser is approaching us! It seems that they are attempting to board the Odyssey!" a soldier reported.

The brown-haired general punched the wall with all his might. His amethyst eyes looked at the radar. The red spot was reaching nearer and nearer to the green spot, to his ship.

"Dad, one of us must do it. If we are all taken, then it's all gone," a pink-haired girl with baby-blue eyes said firmly to the general.

"No way! That thing is unstable! You might not reach the right time! General, let me fight them with my Gundam! I know it's impossible to bring them down by myself, but I am positive that I with Leo and his mobile armour Cosmos Tyrant can buy time for us until Kari bring reinforcements!" a blue-haired boy quickly said. His double-coloured eyes: golden yellow right eye and emerald green left eye, blazed with determination and confidence.

"No! I promised your late mother and late father that I won't let you be killed in battle! I will not allow you to risk your life which your parents sacrificed theirs for!" the general shouted.

Before the boy can protest, a loud explosion happened at the thrusters of the Odyssey and rocked the ship.

"Sir! We are immobilized! They are sending the droids right now!" a woman shouted over her seat.

"All personnel to that spot immediately! Prepare to fight them! Defend the bridge!" the general commanded. All of the soldiers took out their laser guns and rushed outside the bridge. The general took out two six-inch metal cylinder-like objects. Then he looked at the pink-haired girl. He sighed as he told himself to have faith in his daughter.

"I hate to say this, but you are right," he said to the girl. "No, don't try to change my mind. I trust my instincts and my loved one, and I hope you will have full confidence in your friend," the general said as the blue-haired boy opened his mouth. Then he turned to the girl again. "Take my MG with you," he said to her. The girl and the boy and a white, blue and red human-size robot stared at him.

"Master, I couldn't just leave you……" the robot began, but the general interrupted it.

"No, from now on, you are her MG. Help her, as you had helped me," the general said in his firm voice.

"I'll go with her!" the boy said.

"No. No offence, but I am stronger than you, and therefore stand a better chance. And you are needed here, you and your MS piloting skills," the girl said to her friend.


"Quick! Go!" the general said as he moved towards the door, his hands gripping hard on his weapons, followed by the boy, who was holding a weapon that looked like a cannon.

The girl quickly reached for the buttons and pressed them. A side door opened. She and her robot quickly went inside. Before her father went out, she suddenly turned back and rushed to him.

"May the Force be with you dad," she said as she hugged him. She couldn't stop her tears from flowing as she did so.

"May the Force be with you too," the general said.

More explosions were heard from outside the bridge. The general and the boy rushed out as the girl rushed into the side door.

"I've set the coordinates. Now I just need the confirmation codes," the robot said to her. As she typed down the characters, there's only one thing in her mind.

"I won't let you down dad. I'll find this Kira Yamato and his friends and protect them." She didn't know that fate will be playing a bad joke with her in the future, or maybe we should say, in the past……