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The Wedding Date

Chapter 1- Asking for Trouble

"Major Kelp- Major Kelp! TROUBLE!"

The Officer in question turned around frowning slightly, expecting to be confronted with an angry Julius Root. Instead, however, Holly Short was jogging towards him. She seemed not at all angry, just a little desperate.

Holly stood in front of Trouble and paused to catch her breath,"Trouble, I need to ask you something- a big favor-"

"If it involves getting Root off your tail, then I can't do it Holly. Sorry." Trouble grinned and shrugged at the smaller elf.

"No, it doesn't. Look, can we talk," she quickly looked around to see if anyone else was in the hall, "... In private?"

"Sure. Come into my office." Trouble gestured to one of the many identical doors along one of the equally numerous and identical LEP hallways.

Once they were inside, Holly took a deep breath and let out, "Would you please, please go to my sister's wedding with me?" she clasped her hands together and had a pleading look on her face.

Trouble's only response was to raise his eyebrows.

"Well, I mean, you know what my family is like and if I don't have a date then... Well, you know...," Holly finished lamely.

Trouble Kelp knew exactly what Holly's family was like. He had dated her sister, Ivy, around a century ago before being chased off by Mrs. Short. Mrs. Short had seen his occupation as 'too risky,' and had decided that he was not the right match for Ivy. However, she deemed him as the perfect match for Holly, who had always been the wild child of the family. Obviously this was not so, as Trouble and Holly considered each other friends and nothing more. However, this had not been apparent to Mrs. Short, and she continued to set Holly and Trouble up. Once Trouble had all but blatantly refused, Mrs. Short had simply moved Holly along to the next man. Trouble assumed this was the reason that Holly rarely visited her family, especially since her father died. He sighed softly. "Don't you think they would have gotten over the fact that you don't want a boyfriend by now?"

Holly sighed. "I do want a boyfriend, it's just... I don't want it to blow up in my face again."

"You mean Nick." Holly grimaced, sitting on the corner of Trouble's desk.

"You still like him, don't you?" continued Trouble, his voice kind and understanding.

Holly grimaced again. "Yes, but- oh, this isn't the point! Will you do this- please?"

Trouble sat on the desk next to her. "I can't- I'm leaving for a mission tomorrow, and I don't get back until next week."

Holly frowned. "There's a mission starting tomorrow?"

"Yeah- top secret, so we've got to keep this hush-hush. Not even Root knows," Trouble placed a finger over his lips to indicate silence.

Holly's eyes widened. "Then who-"

"Vinyáya," responded Trouble shortly.

"Ah. So, back to the point."

Trouble glanced at her pityingly. "Right, well... I can't go, but I'll bet you I know someone who can," suggested Trouble with an evil little grin.

Holly grinned uncertainly. "Thanks, Troubs. He is an elf, right? And male?"

"As elven as they come, and he would have to be an amazing actor to convince even Grubs that he was a female."

Holly was relieved to hear this, but at the same time, she couldn't quite fathom why Trouble was grinning that way...

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