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"Blurred Reflections"

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Summery: After the events of last year, Hermione Granger has been stripped of her Magical status, leaving her an ordinary Muggle once again. After his brush with Death, Salazar Riddle is back at Hogwarts with his consort. With revenge being planned and the Fates interfering, life's still going to get a whole lot more eventful for Salazar!

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Words : 5,697

Chapter 1

Here We Go Again

A year ago, no less, it only seemed like a year ago. In fact it had been June 15th that it had all started on, less than three months ago, and yet so much had happened. Lord Voldemort and none other than Harry Potter were allies, friends – family – even! Harry wasn't even a Potter, but a Riddle; Merope Gaunt, Voldemort's Mother, had been carrying Twins, and because of Albus Dumbledore they were separated by fifty years! Dumbledore was of no consequence now at any rate, July 22nd, more than a month ago he had shot Salazar – that's Harry's real name – with a Muggle gun, and had then been sentenced to death. He was burnt at the stake, July 24th, a true Muggle death for a Wizard who had tried to kill with a Muggle weapon. Ironic, wouldn't you say?

If that wasn't enough, Hermione Granger, previously of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts had been in league with Dumbledore, and in bed with him too! Although, it's certain she didn't enjoy it, but she had been willing unlike numerous other innocents. She was exiled from the Magical World after she attacked Salazar and ran. She is no longer considered a Witch; in fact she's little better than a Muggle now. Salazar also became in contact with the Fates, and her closest workers. One of those, Chance – his real name is Dylan – believes that Granger is in fact with Dumbledore's child at the moment. Death – or Thanatos – is taking bets on how long it will take her to turn to prostitution. His Daughter, Time – real name Danielle Malfoy – thinks Granger will whore long enough to raise money for an abortion, then return to kill Salazar. Hopeless cause as that is, you wouldn't put anything past Hermione Granger.

There had been no Second War, like Dumbledore used to insist there would be. Salazar and Voldemort had come into an agreement, and in turn Salazar drew up four Decree's; one to adopt mistreated Muggleborn or Halfblooded children, another to bind the magic of any Witch or Wizard who would leave the Wizarding World for the Muggle, and another to cast an Unspeakable Oath on the parents of Muggleborn and Halfblooded children to stop them speaking about Magic to anyone without a crescent moon tattoo on their left wrist. The fourth Decree is the most astounding. The Decree of Alliance brought Werewolves, Veela, Dementors and Vampires onto the same side as Salazar and Tom Riddle. For the first time ever, all of the aforementioned creatures would fight on the same side regardless of 'light' and 'dark'.

At the age of 16 – he was unconscious for his birthday – Salazar Riddle became the youngest peacemaker in over a century, not surprising since he is also the youngest Seeker in a century as well. He was also the Heir to the Dark Lord, and Young Lord, or Prince, to the Death Eaters – who were granted amnesty by the Decree of Alliance – as well as practically married. None other than Draco Malfoy had become consort to the Dark Prince on the 25th June just after Voldemort initiated his newest recruits, including Viktor Krum's younger Brother and Zacharias Smith, of Hufflepuff.

Draco, for most of the two months between the Consort binding and Salazar being attacked in Diagon Alley, wore his ring on a chain hidden underneath his clothing. Now though, he wore it for all to see. The ring was like any specialized store bought ring, except the band shimmered and looked like crystal, instead of gold. There was a second band inside the crystal one, this second band was the blood that had been taken from Draco's arm and then frozen. On top was the small drop of Salazar's blood, magically frozen also, making the ring look similar to a Muggle engagement ring, but with a ruby not a diamond.

Not only were the two teenagers practically married, but also their elder relations, Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy had been consort bound many years ago as well, despite the age difference. Salazar had also gotten himself emancipated by the Goblins of Gringotts and chosen – to the man's surprise – Severus Snape to be his Magical Guardian. Not only was Salazar a Ward to Snape, but also to Remus Lupin – the last living member of the Marauders – because Severus and Remus had gotten together June 22nd, after the Malfoy hosted Ministry Ball. While Cupid was waiting in the wings, his arrows ready, the men had gotten together without any prompting.

Wormtail had been captured, raping Seamus Finnegan's younger Brother and arrested. Sirius Black was – while deceased – officially innocent. Salazar had beheaded Bellatrix Lestrange, before the Ministry Ball and her head had been owled to Dumbledore on the 28th June, while the rest of her body was found in the Ministry telephone box the day before.

The Decree's had all been put into action by the 17th July and the Order Members who had refused to turn themselves over to the Ministry were captured July 21st and sentenced to the Kiss. The Tsar Azkaban, Duscha Romanov, had Kissed all seven traitors before Kissing Salazar, and exchanging some of his life force. Salazar and Draco both were Fated Ones, Salazar because of the hardships in his life and Draco because of the rage and hatred he felt after Salazar's attack lead them to the attention of the Fates. Upon their death's, Salazar would be Comfort, the Angel who comforted the sick and the dying. Draco would be Vengeance, the demon who bestowed suffering on those who had caused suffering to the deceased. Luckily for Dumbledore, Draco was mortal still.

On August 29th, Salazar Riddle had woken up from the month long coma he had fallen into after being shot in the lung by Albus Dumbledore in Diagon Alley. And that leads us up to where we are now, in St. Mungo's, the Wizarding Hospital, in room 237, floor six; 'hopeless cases'.


Draco had grown tired of staring at Salazar, not that the boy wasn't absolutely gorgeous, because he was, it was only that Draco had gone a month without the touch of his Lord and lover and now that Salazar was awake it was all Draco could do not to throw himself at the brunette. So, Draco stood out of the chair he had been practically pasted into and laid on the edge of Salazar's hospital bed. The brunette shifted over and drew the blond teenager into his arms; Draco smiled happily and buried his face in the brunette's chest.

"Don't get to comfortable, I'll be out of here soon." Salazar promised.

Still in the doorway, the Medi-Witch assigned to Salazar snorted and continued to scowl. Narcissa and Remus ran forward to envelope the boys in a hug, while Lucius took Draco's vacated chair and Severus remained standing beside the elder blond.

"You're check-out date will be for me to decide Mr. Riddle." The Medi-Witch demanded, "you had a close call, we almost lost you quite a few times you know."

"I do," he said, and the Medi-Witch obviously didn't expect that answer because she blanched and looked at the adults who shrugged. "The Fates said I kept wandering off the Path and into the Fog." He said with a yawn. "I've been asleep over a month, how am I still tired?"

"It's common among coma patients," the Medi-Witch replied, trying not to look at Salazar, her eyes wide with fear. She began to remove the various wires from his body before backing towards the door. "You can leave whenever you like." She practically ran out of the room and down the corridor.

Severus rolled his eyes and stepped forward with a sneer, "useless woman," he muttered. He waved his wand over Salazar and sighed. "Your Magical Core is registering strangely. You are most obviously alive, but it seems torn between confirming you alive or declaring you dead."

"Oh," Salazar said with a frown, trying to think. "That is probably because Duscha Kissed me."

"Why did he do that?" Draco asked jealously, his eyes narrowing.

"I assume Danielle told him to. She had the same Vision as I did, but I guess she understood what it meant. I thought Dumbledore was just going to polyjuiced as me," Salazar shrugged, trying not to think about the whispered threat Dumbledore had given him. He reminded himself Dumbledore was dead, there was no way he could take over Salazar's life and hurt Draco now. "When Duscha Kissed me, did anyone notice a white light? I think he was sharing some of the energy he stole from the Order Members who were Kissed. I think it was the only reason I was saved from the Fog; without the extra Life, I would probably be dead."

Severus' lips straightened out as he scowled, his face taking on a pinched expression. He flicked his greasy hair out of his face and waved his wand over Salazar again. "Only you, boy." He muttered, as he cast another spell. "I think your theory may be right," Severus decided, "Fawkes was here almost as much as Draco was, crying all over you Brat. Yet there was nothing to heal after the first visit."

"You are an exceptionally lucky young man, Salazar," Narcissa Malfoy smiled warmly as she pulled the brunette into another hug. From beside her, Remus Lupin ran a hand threw his hair.

"If you ever do something like that again, I'll kill you myself," he growled, his hands shaking. "Don't you dare worry me that much again Cub."

Salazar just smiled softly and sat up on the bed, pulling Draco up with him. He stretched out one arm and wrapped it loosely around Remus' neck. "I'm sorry!" he whispered and the Werewolf smiled against Salazar's hair.

"You have nothing to be sorry about," he paused and grinned, "this time."

Salazar just laughed and tried to coerce Severus into finding a Medi-Witch, so he could leave. In the end, Draco decided it would be quicker to just sneak him out of the Hospital. One quick 'disillusionment' charm later, another quick 'silencing' charm later and three attempts to run down the corridor without knocking the St. Mungos staff over later, and they finally managed to kidnap Salazar from his room. With a laugh, the teenage brunette cancelled the charms on himself and headed to Malfoy Manor.

The next morning, bright and early, an overly cheerful Lord Voldemort dragged both teenagers out of the bed. Draco had been so worried for Salazar that he had adamantly refused to go to Hogwarts for his Sixth Year unless Salazar was going with him. After deciding that, Draco had burnt the supplies he bought at the start of the summer belonging to both himself and Salazar, to prove he was serious. Now, neither boy had school things bought. When the two teenagers were up, groaning and grumbling, they made their way towards the bathroom and practically crawled into the shower.

A freezing cold shower later, because they had both been much more asleep than awake and had forgotten to set the water temperature, a cackling Voldemort escorted Draco and Harry to the dining hall. "I was worried for you," the Dark Lord whispered into his Twin's ear. Salazar started to smile, but it ended up as more of a yawn.

When everyone was seated around the dining table, Lucius coughed and tried hard not to laugh at the sight of the sleepy teenagers. Both boys were still wet from their shower, their hair was dripping and plastered to the sides of their heads, and their clothes clung to their wet skin and hung off the areas that were dry. Every so often a faint 'drip, drip' could be heard as water ran off of the boys and onto the floor.

"Go, get ready properly," Voldemort, ordered with a smile, "we have to leave for Diagon Alley soon."

When the boy's had trudged from the room, Lucius turned to his lover and let the corners of his mouth twitch upwards. "Should we warn them about Fudge?" He asked, shaking the copy of the Daily Prophet he had held in his hands.

"I think we should let them be surprised," Voldemort laughed and re-read the headline.

'Minister Fudge to award Boy-Who-Lived Order of Merlin, First Class'


"Witches and Wizards of Britain, again I see you all gathered there awaiting news and uh, other stuff," Fudge stuttered as he dropped one of the pieces of parchment he held in his hand. "Awaiting news and good tidings. Today you are gathered here to watch me bestow the greatest honour on one who deserves it more than anyone. Harry James Potter, Salazar Harold Riddle, I call you to the front of the crowd." Salazar made his way to the front, shooting his companions confused glances as they shoved his forward.

"Lord Riddle, if not for you we would be at War, if not for you many would have died, if not for you hope would be lost. So, because of you, I award you the greatest honour. Salazar, I give you the Order of Merlin, First Class." He reached behind him and picked up a small gold medallion off of an Auror and handed it to Salazar. When he tried to place the ribbon over Salazar's neck, the teenager moved backwards out of reach.

"I don't want it, I don't deserve it. I did nothing to earn it." He insisted. In the crowd, Severus' mouth had dropped open. All Snape had ever wanted was an Order of Merlin, any class, to show he had done his bit for the War. For someone to not accept was outrageous in his mind. "I don't deserve it, and nothing you will say will change my mind. I do however know three people who do deserve the honour."

Fudge looked confused, and followed Salazar's gaze while his eyes widened and his hands began to shake.

"They deserve it," he said referring to the shocked Voldemort, Severus and Lucius. "They didn't have to stop killing, they didn't have to listen to me but they did. Voldemort could have found out about my being his Brother and said 'oh well, to hell with it' and tried to kill me anyway. But he didn't. And it was because of Lucius that I listened to him at all. I was the one who was going to say 'get stuffed' and fight to the death, but they didn't let me. They made me listen and they showed me proof and gave me time to get used to things.

"I hated Snape, I really did, and while he was spying for the Order I hated him, and when he chose my side not because I was the Boy-Who-Lived or Brother-to-Voldemort but because he agreed with my ideas, I was grateful to him. He could have told Dumbledore, and he could have gotten me killed but he didn't. I'm not asking you to pledge your lives to them, and I'm not saying you have to give them the Order of Merlin, I'm only saying that if anyone deserves it, it is those three.

"I did nothing spectacular, I have always been myself I just have a new name now. They did the unthinkable. In times of War and crisis, they did what was right. They changed!" Salazar dipped at the waist, offering a small bow to three men who had become so important to them. They stood still and stared at him, their eyes wide and their mouth open in an uncharacteristic lack of decorum. Draco was the first to start clapping followed by Narcissa and then Remus. Soon the crowd was wild with cheers and wolf whistles, their clapping louder than thunder during a storm.

Fudge pushed his fingers down the neck of his shirt collar and with a cough began tugging it, trying to loosen it. He coughed and rubbed the sweat off his forehead.

"Never has so much been owed by so many to so few," he said loudly, and the crowd grew quiet again. "In light of Lord Salazar's munificence I am proud to award the Order of Merlin, first class, to Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and," he paused trying to decide which name to use, "Tom Riddle. May your names be remembered." He began to clap and the surging crowd pushed the three men towards the stage.

Climbing onto the dais, the three former Slytherins waited nervously for the Aurors to come back from where ever they disappeared to. When they returned, the medallion with Salazar's name on it was gone, and the three Aurors now held one royal purple velvet box each. Opening the boxes, one by one, they handed them to Minister Fudge. With a flick of his wand, names engraved themselves on the medals.

"Tom Riddle," he called and placed the ribbon over the Dark Lords neck. Voldemort pocketed the box and moved aside. "Lucius Malfoy," Fudge called again and repeated the gesture, "Severus Snape," Snape tried to blank his emotions as he made his way to stand in front of the Minister, unfortunately he caught Salazar's gaze and had to smile back at his beaming Ward. When Fudge had placed the ribbon around his neck and handed over the box the three men bowed to the crowd once and made their way off the stage.

When they reached Salazar, they each tried to drag him into a hug at the same time and instead made him fall to the floor with a laugh. "You deserve it," he said when asked why he did what he did. And when asked why he didn't accept one himself, he said, "I meant what I said, I did nothing to earn it."

"Apart from cheat death again?" Remus asked with a small laugh, not at all jealous of his lover and friends.

"It's a good thing Death doesn't play chess, or I'd lose every time." Salazar joked and turned to nod his head at the dark figure that stood watching them from the edge of the dais. The black eyes followed Salazar as he turned and moved towards the shops, before the figure smiled and twirled the chess pieces – the white queen – between his fingers.

"This year should be interesting," Thanatos whispered, his voice a whisper of the wind causing the hair on those who stood by him to rise.

First the odd group headed to Gringotts. When they arrived, Draco insisted on riding in a cart with Salazar while Narcissa decided she would wait above ground, happily Remus stayed with her – he never much liked those cart rides. Salazar and Draco took one cart and headed to the Potter vault '613' while Severus, Lucius and Voldemort went to the Malfoy vault '678' to draw money out for Draco's school supplies.

While the adults got their money out and made their way to the boys', the teenagers took their time. Standing outside his vault Salazar smirked at Draco. "You want me to what love?"

"Call a dragon! You said you would before when we were here at the start of the summer." Draco replied with a pout. "Please love!"

Salazar rolled his eyes, "this is why you burnt my things isn't it? So we had to come back and see a dragon." He drawled.

"Of course. Why did you think I was worried for you?" Draco gave a humorous laugh, "egotistic brat." He said with a small smile, and Salazar leant over and pressed their lips together.

"Have you not got your money yet Sal?" Lucius asked stepping out of the cart that had just docked behind their own.

$ & "Hello? Are there any Dragons out there? Salazar, Lord of Many, Fated One Comfort summons you. If you hear, may you come." & $ Salazar crossed his arms and glared at Draco. "if nothing answers and I feel like a prat I hold you responsible." Draco stuck his tongue out.

The blond was about to answer when the ground began to shake and a chunk of the ceiling fell down very close to where he was standing. Draco jumped aside and knocked his Father over trying to not get hit by falling stone.

Griphook huffed, "it will repair itself, don't worry about the ceiling."

"It's not the ceiling I was worried about," Draco whined brushing himself off as he stood.

Before Griphook could reply a jet of fire curved its way around the bend in front of them. Everyone ducked down to avoid being scorched and Severus glared at Salazar. "Don't blame me, Draco made me do it!" Snape just glared and dived out of the way of another jet of fire. The ground shock again and Voldemort fell over a piece of rock that had lifted up off the ground and almost taken his foot off.

"We are going to die," Lucius muttered pessimistically.

$ & "Who so dares wake thy from thy slumber? Who is thou speaker who calls thine?" & $ A roar echoed from around the corner, followed by a black scaled pointed nose. When the head was completely around the corner Draco let out a squeal. The head was long and thin, pointed at the front with sharp fangs sticking out over the lipless mouth.

The Dragons head was followed by a very long and thin neck, covered in black scales with a collar of small, sharp black spikes. A long, black-scaled body, similar in shape to a dragonfly's, followed on. Two large black wings, the edges spiked, were attached from the slightly swollen area of the Dragon's body and were folded back against the thin parts. Its legs were thin and long, and were free of scales. They looked like blackened metal rather than flesh and bone, ending with feet that had three long curved claws like a Raptor's. Its body narrowed again at the end, its tail was almost the length of the body on its own, and tipped with a small spiked ball, like a mace. Overall, the Dragon was about 30 meters long or more, the tail alone was 17meters long.

Salazar gasped, the creature looked nothing like any of the Dragons in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', but it was fantastic none the less. With a nervous laugh, Salazar took a step back and then another. $ & "I call you, forgive me I did not know you were sleeping. I am Salazar Riddle, Brother to the Dark Lord." & $ Salazar said, hoping to placate the huge monster.

The Dragon's head turned, large black eyes with red cats-eye pupils locked gazes with Salazar's emerald eyes. Its head tilted to one side and it snorted, fire licked around the edge of its slit nostrils, and Salazar took another step back before turning to glare at Draco whose eye were wide with fear and excitement.

$ & "I have heard of you young speaker. You are the Fated One." & $ The Dragon took another heavy step forward and Severus fell to the floor as the ground beneath him cracked. $ & "You are the young one who allied the creatures. Why did thou not call upon my ilk?" & $ It seemed offended. Salazar assumed it was male, as it sounded male – but maybe Dragon females had deeper sounding voices than Humanoid females?

Salazar swallowed and looked for help from Voldemort, who just shrugged, not wanting to get involve and risk the Dragon's wrath. Salazar honestly hadn't thought about it, but he didn't want to tell the creature that and insult it. $ & "Your kind is legend, I did not wish to intrude upon you. You obviously have better things to do than involve yourselves in inane, petty mortal disagreements." & $ Salazar said, giving the Dragon a small bow.

The Dragon, he, seemed to laugh, and fire once again sprouted from his nostrils and his mouth this time. Both Lucius and Draco had to throw themselves to the floor to avoid the fire. $ & "Slippery serpent tongue, flattering child, thou amuse thine; thy will not eat thou or thoust den mates." & $

"Good to know," Salazar muttered in English, but the Dragon seemed to have some idea of what he said, because once more the Dragon snorted and flames licked at their faces. "Must suck when you have a cold." He muttered.

$ & "All the better to cook thy meals with," & $ the Dragon seemed to grin, revealing row upon row of sparkling, sharp, pointed white fangs. $ & "Thy am Eragon, thy will serve thou faithfully. Should thou – or thoust den mates – call upon my ilk, we will hear thou summons and we will come to thou. Thou amuses thine." & $ Eragon showed his fangs again and lowered his head almost to the floor, before folding his legs against his chest and dropping to the floor with a thunderous 'crash'.

Voldemort's eyes widened as the Dragon King bowed before his Brother, a human. It was unheard of; Dragons hated nearly every humanoid being in existence. But then again, Salazar did the unexpected. They bid goodbye to Eragon, who flew – rather than bring the whole place down by walking – back to where he had been sleeping, deep beneath the streets of London. Salazar took as much money out as he needed, and together the group set off for the shops of Diagon Alley.

Severus Snape was the new Headmaster of Hogwarts, as per Minister Fudge's request; Severus wasn't about to complain though. Maybe this year Slytherin's would be treated as equal among the other Houses, without Dumbledore's prejudices being involved. His first duties as Headmaster, involved finding decent teachers. Many he had kept. Most he had gotten rid of.

Minerva McGonagall was still Head of Gryffindor House, Deputy Headmistress and Transfigurations Professor. Filius Flitwick still taught Charms and was Head of Ravenclaw House. Podmona Sprout was the Hufflepuff Head of House and taught Herbology. Severus was Head of Slytherin and would still teach Potions, unfortunately. Muggle Studies was completely done away with and in its place was a Pureblood Etiquette class for Non-Pureblood's, taught by Narcissa Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy was instated as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Binns, the ghost professor, was absolutely useless; Severus had him exorcised and in his place as History of Magic professor was Remus Lupin; who chose the position himself, even after he was offered the Defence job. A new subject was brought in. The Dark Arts were now taught at Hogwarts – to show how spells were only Dark if the intentions were – by none other than Lord Voldemort himself. Well to be honest they took it in turns, Voldemort some days of the week and Rabastian Lestrange. Salazar was looking forward to the first lesson, especially having heard so much about the man's Brother. Sybil Trelawney amazingly still taught Divination, but only years one to three. Firneze, the centaur, taught OWL and NEWT year students in the Forbidden Forest.


Outside a normal Muggle house, on a normal Muggle street, hiding behind a normal Muggle bush in a normal Muggle front garden, was Hermione Granger ex-Witch. She was still convinced the Fated One, Chance had been lying to here and even managed to convince herself she was still magical while she stood on a street in London, lost beyond belief because she could no longer see The Leaky Cauldron. But of course she was the smartest Witch of her generation, and if she were to be Minister for Magic she'd have to remain a Witch. And because she still wanted to run for Minister, ergo she was still a Witch. Obviously the Muggle-repelling charms around Diagon Alley were faulty; she'd have to report that to the next Ministry official she spoke to.

Now outside of her parents home, she was convinced that because she was still a Witch, she was still her parents pride and joy. Smiling to herself she fished her front door key out of her jeans pocket – all of her robes just kept melting off of her – and tried to fit it into the lock. She turned the key but nothing happened.

"Strange," she muttered, "the lock isn't working correctly. I should tell my parents." It didn't occur to her that her parents had changed the locks to keep her out. "Alhomora," she cried, pointing her wand at the door. The same wand Dylan – Chance – had snapped in half, and was now spell-o-taped together in the middle. Nothing happened, not even a few sparks left the wand, nor did the wand shock her either. Hermione huffed. "I must need a new wand, I'm probably far more powerful now than I was when I bought this wand." She decided. After all, she was the smartest Witch of her generation.

With a huff, Hermione moved to the side of the detached bungalow and climbed over the fence and into the back garden. She rooted around in the shed for a few moments and came to the back door, a crow bar in her hands. "If the lock doesn't work, I'll improvise," she decided. She placed the curved edge of the crowbar at the door and pulled. After almost twenty minutes the lock finally broke and she pulled the door open.

"Home sweet home," she grinned, her hands nervously rubbing her flat stomach.

She made her way from room to room, searching the house from top to bottom for some money. She needed an abortion and soon, they couldn't expect her to go back to school pregnant, and besides she still hadn't bought her school supplies. If they would ever fix those Muggle-repelling charms, then she could go and buy them. She managed to find just enough for books and new robes, but not nearly enough for an abortion. So with a huff, she sat on the couch and waited for her parents to come home from work.

"You, girl, get out of our house!" Albert Granger screamed when he caught sight of his all-but-disowned Daughter on his living room couch.

"It's me Father, it's Hermione."

"Out, dirty girl, out, out!" Her Mother, Jane cried and swatted her over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Hermione's mouth dropped open and she folded her arms across her chest. "How dare you hit me? I'm the smartest Witch of my generation!"

"You aren't a witch girl, you're nothing but a whore." Hermione snarled and launched herself at her Mother, striking her across the face.

"HOW DARE YOU!" She screamed as her Father dragged her backwards and kicked her in the chest as she tried to bit his arms.

"Get out, filth, out and never darken out doorstep again! OUT!" He ordered.

She sniffed and tried – and succeeded – to look pathetic. "But I need money," she insisted. "I have to buy my school things and other stuff," she didn't want to tell anyone about the thing inside of her. She shuddered, Merlin but she hated allowing Dumbledore to touch her, and then he ruined all of her plans anyway!

"Do what you do best and raise the money yourself, you louse." Jane hissed.

"But I cant do magic at the moment, my wand broke," Hermione said condescendingly, as if she was talking to a stupid child.

"She meant prostitution, you dirty slut." Albert growled, taking Hermione by the arm and throwing her out of the front door. The door was slammed in her face and Hermione stared at the closed door in shock. One hand covered her mouth while the other curled into a fist, its nails digging into the soft flesh of her stomach vainly trying to dig out the baby growing within her.

"Fine," she huffed as she picked her self up off the floor, and brushed her self down. "I am the best Witch of my generation, I can be the best of anything else too." She glared at the closed door and spat on it in spite before marching her way to the end of the road and trying to apparate back to Dumbledore's home in Devon. With a scream she kicked the pavement, like every other time she tried nothing had happened.

She sighed, not having enough money to buy a bus ticket and a train ticket, she walked until she reached the nearest dual carriageway and stood at the side of the road, her thumb sticking out. Dangerous as hitchhiking was, she would be safe. After all she was the best Witch of her generation!

"Hello luv," a 30-something man drawled as he stuck his head out of the window of his car, "need a lift?"

"To Devon if possible?" She asked, twirling her hair innocently.

"What's in it for me luv?" He leered at her breasts and she shuddered again.

She tried not to retch as she ran her hand over her chest, quickly unfastening the top few buttons and leaving the tops of her breasts exposed. The elder man leered again, drool running from the side of his mouth as he eyed her. She walked around to the passenger side and winked at him, "what ever you want," she promised.

Means to an end, she remembered, as his hands grabbed her chest the moment the door of the car closed. Means to an end she screamed in her mind as he drove a few miles to a small wood and pushed her into the back seat of the car. "Means to an end," she whispered out loud to herself as he undressed her completely and pulled down her jeans before thrusting inside of her. Means to an end, means to an end, she could deal with this; she allowed Dumbledore to fuck her to get what she wanted, and she'd allow this man to as well, because this time no one would fuck things up. This time, Hermione Jane Granger would get what she wanted. And what she wanted more than anything, she remembered as the older man grunted unattractively and came inside of her before shoving money into her hand and her out of the car then driving off without her, was to see Harry James Potter punished!


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