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Chapter 7

To Kill or Not To Kill

Draco shouted and moved away from Voldemort and Time. He knelt on the floor in front of his Lord and pulled the unconscious boy onto his lap. He shook Salazar lightly and pressed a kiss to the top of his lover's head. Salazar gave a small moan and his eyes fluttered lightly.

"Hey love," Draco whispered as Salazar groaned and tried to sit up.

Salazar turned his head to the side and nearly fainted again as he locked eyes with Sirius' blue ones. The head wobbled from one side to another as the grin stretched.

"Anyone think they can hand me to my body?" He asked as the head swivelled so it was facing the decapitated body, that was wondering around the office with its arms stretched out. Remus picked Sirius up by his hair and handed him to the groping hands. "Ouch Moony, be careful!" He whined as his hair was pulled on. The hands lifted the head and placed Sirius on the stump of the neck. The flesh and bone began to mend, slowly at first then quicker until all that was left of the wound was a very faint pink scar.

Salazar blinked; feeling slightly dazed, and stood up. He swayed, but Draco caught him and wrapped an arm around his Lord's waist. "You alright?"

"No," Salazar muttered. He wished Draco would tighten his grip, he wished Draco's nails would dig into his skin, to make him bleed. To make him feel, "no, I'm not alright."

Draco actually flinched.

Hogatar and the Dwarves raised their axes again, and moved slowly towards Sirius. "Stop it," Salazar ordered and they fell still. "What did you think you were doing?"

"We were saving you from the abomination, my liege." Hogatar gave a small bow. "We wish to join your Decree of Allegiance. The Golem threatened you."

"That is my Godfather. Not this golem thing," Salazar hissed.

Voldemort gave a small cough, to clear his throat and turned Salazar to face him. "That's how Granger brought him back. She made a golem, and housed Black's spirit into it. That body isn't real, it's made of human flesh, bone and grave dirt."


"You said it yourself, he didn't have a body. She had to make a new one. And I'm guessing, they didn't bind him, otherwise he wouldn't be here without them." Voldemort ran a hand through his wavy black hair and sighed. "He has tog o Sal, he can't stay. None of them can."

"But, I mean, how do you-" Salazar looked towards Sirius, wide-eyed and desperate. "He is Sirius! He looks like him and sounds like him! Can't he stay?"

"He is, theoretically, Sirius Black. But that is not his body, his body is gone, dead, so should his soul be. It is not fair to him to house him in such a body. Would you be so cruel?"

"I'm cruel?" Salazar asked, his eyes narrowing and his voice rising in pitch. "I am cruel? For wanting my Godfather? For loving him?" Salazar laughed hysterically and pulled away from Voldemort's embrace. "You are- I don't know what you are! But it's your fault."

"My fault?" Voldemort asked incredulously.

"Yes, it's your fault. You and your stupid Death Eaters!" Salazar screamed. "You killed him! It's your fault and I hate you!" Voldemort backed away slowly, a frown on his face.

"Salazar, please…" he almost sounded like he was begging, but Dark Lord's didn't beg.

"Go away," he whispered. He took Sirius by the hand and began to pull him to the door. He didn't even think for a moment about either Lily or James. To him, they were strangers; he only knew them from photographs. Sirius was the one he had to protect, Sirius was the one he remembered, that he loved.

"Salazar you can't take him!"

"Ignore him for now," Time ordered. "Let them go." Salazar ran, almost dragging Sirius behind him, and no one moved to stop him. "We must take care of the others. How did the Muggle die?"

"He was tortured but I hit him with an Avada Kedavra." Lucius moved forward as he spoke. He placed a comforting hand on his Lord's shoulder.

"Good, go to the Muggle's house and curse him again. Try not to be seen." Lucius nodded and left the office. "And those two?"

Without prompting Voldemort turned and aimed his wand at James Potter first. "Avada Kedavra," and James Potter was enveloped in a flash of green light. When the light faded, the man was gone. Because he was Dead, he went straight to Death, and his body to its coffin, as if he had never come back.

"Avada Kedavra," he whispered again at Lily this time. She made no fuss; she smiled and said, "tell him I love him?" before she too was snuffed out by the speeding green light.

"Three down, Dumbledore and Black to go." Severus muttered as he began tiding up his office. The fight with the Dwarves had messed it up badly.

The Dwarves stood around looking confused, before Hogatar worked up the courage to speak. "Can we join the Allegiance?"

Draco answered, "I suppose so. Eragon the Dragon King is here to join, so we can add you both to it." Draco got a nod from Voldemort first, "come with me. I am Lord Salazar's Consort, I shall re-write the Decree in his place." The Dwarves dutifully followed the blond teenager out of the room.

Decree of Alliance, 7th July 1996,

Edit, 13th September 1996,

I, Salazar Riddle, along with Lord Voldemort seek alliance with the Veela Court, the Vampire Clan of Blood Mountain, the Werewolf Pack of Greyback and the Dementors of Azkaban.

We also seek alliance with the Dragons and the Dwarves of Hogatar.

On behalf of the Veela Court, the Veela Laws are hereby brought back into use. Anyone attempting to, or succeeding in, catch or trade a Veela will be sentenced to Death, by a member of the Veela Court.

On behalf of the Werewolf Pack, no one may hunt or kill a Werewolf for sport. They are hereby guaranteed the same rights as a Witch or Wizard of Britain.

On behalf of the Vampire Clan, there are also subject to the British Constitution for Magic, and carry the same status as a Witch or Wizard.

On behalf of the Dementors of Azkaban, they will have free will to decide who will grace the island of Azkaban and who will receive the Kiss. No longer will they torment innocents on the whims of the Ministry.

All Death Eaters, are hereby cleared of all charges, those in Azkaban are to be released with out further notice and turned over to Lord Voldemort for any required punishment.

On behalf of the Dragons, no dragon shall be hunted for sport or captured for personal uses. Dragons are not pets.

On behalf of the Dwarves, no one shall discriminate or attack a Dwarf, nor shall they be bullied because of their size or buried alive as a joke. They carry the same status as a Witch or Wizard.

This Decree is subject to change, depending on the feelings and wishes of the Allied forces. Anyone who breaks this Decree or refuses to abide by it will face Azkaban regardless of the Dementors' wishes, or face Death (depending on the extent of your crime). All wrongdoers are at the disposal of the State of Allied Britain.

Signed…. 7th July 1996.

Death Eaters: …… Salazar Riddle ……Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord

Veela: …… Amnon Noelani, Veela Lord

Werewolves: ……Fenrir Greyback, Pack Alpha

Vampires: ……Dacha Kale, Vampire Prince

Dementors: ……Duscha Romanov, Hive Master

Ministry: …… Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic.

Resigned…. 13th September 1996.

Dragon: ……

Dwarves: ……


Lucius Malfoy was not having a fun time. Number 4 Privet Drive was completely surrounded by police. There was no way Lucius could get around them without being caught, and he couldn't very well apparate directly into the house with so many people watching. He did not wish to get shot, thank you very much, he had seen the damage one of those guns could do.

He pursed his lips as he tried to think of a plan. If he used a disillusionment charm, he could sneak past the police and into the house assuming no one brushed against him by accident. But then, there in lied the problem. How was he to get passed the police without being brushed against when they were all, more or less, standing shoulder to shoulder?

He ran a finger over his bottom lip and thought harder. He could, he supposed, create a Portkey and cover himself with a disillusionment charm. That was he couldn't surprise anyone watching the house, and he wouldn't get shot. He could always just ask to be let inside, he supposed, but that was a pretty stupid idea. It wasn't even worthy of being mentioned. He was a Malfoy, for Merlin's sake, he was usually so much sneakier.

Of course!

Ten minutes later and the police force were down one armed officer. Lucius Malfoy sneered as he scratched his leg for the fifteenth time. But, damn, these uniforms were itchy, he thought. He placed his hand on the butt of whatever weapon his victim had strapped to his waist and sauntered forward, filling the gap within the circle around the house.

"Malloy," someone shouted. "Malloy." Lucius turned to face a balding man with a large moustache who was glaring at him. "Where were you Malloy?"

Unconscious in a ditch? "Needed a pee break Sir," Lucius rolled his eyes as he spoke. He wished he could have just used an Imperio to get inside, but even while under the Curse a Muggle couldn't use magic let alone perform the Killing Curse.

"Good," the balding man shouted, "you're up next." With that, Lucius was shoved forward towards the house. Two other officers stood by the door. "You will approach with caution, you will shoot to kill, and you will not abandon your fellow officers." The balding man ordered.

"Yes sir!" The other two saluted, but Lucius was already moving towards the door.

"Anyone seen Malloy?" The sergeant asked scratching his head, as the third officer seemingly disappeared into thin air.

Lucius rolled his eyes. The Muggles were so stupid.

He pushed open the door and hoped no one heard as it creaked. The first thing he saw was the obese fat – dead – Muggle sitting in an arm chair, with a rifle pointed at the door. He swallowed nervously, but Dursley didn't notice him. Thank Salazar for Disillusionment Charms, he thought as he swallowed.

He shifted to one side, out of the range of fire and moved slowly towards the Muggle. The man was awake, no doubt, but his eyes were closed but his breathing was all over the place. His clothes were covered in bullet holes, as if he'd been shot at a lot. Lucius looked around the house; there were bodies in nearly every room. Two were probably whoever bought the house after the Dursley's died, and the rest were dead police officers.

And yet they sent more officers in? Were the Muggles really that retarded? Lucius shrugged and aimed his wand at the back of the Muggles head. The door burst open, and a flash of green light engulfed Vernon Dursley just as he squeezed the trigger and one of the two entering officers fell down in a hail of bullets.

The second officer raised his gun and aimed it at Dursley. But he was gone. When the curse light faded, his body disappeared to whatever ditch it crawled out of. The first officer groaned and rolled onto his side. The second officer shouted for a medic, and Lucius spared a thought for poor Malloy who would probably lose his job before he apparated far away from Number 4, Privet Drive.


Salazar fell to the ground. He couldn't run any more, he just couldn't. he had run, and run and then he just couldn't. Behind him, Sirius slowed down and tapped his Godson on the back. "You ok?"

"I can't, oh gods I can't anymore Sirius!" Salazar sobbed and the elder Wizard crouched down to pull the teenager into his arms. "It's like a dream. I've been asleep since you died and now you're back and I'm awake. But you'll die again and I'll have to go back to sleep. I want to live, I want to Sirius, but it hurts so much. Let me stay awake?"

"Why can't you? Who says I have to go back to Death, huh?" Blue-grey eyes locked onto green ones and Salazar turned away first.

"They do, the Fated Ones, the Fates, they all do. Mum and Dad are probably dead by now, but I couldn't let them have you. Sirius, it's been like living with Dementors in my head since you died. Every time I thought about you, more and more Dementors would form and they'd swarm around my brain sucking away everything that was good in my life. When I was with Draco they went away for a little while but then they came back and it hurts."

"Does it ever stop?"

"Draco cut me by accident once, with his nails. He was afraid, and he held my arm too tightly, and I bled. And I saw the blood and I felt the pain and I knew I wasn't sleeping anymore. When you were younger, did you ever want to hurt yourself? To prove that you were real? Alive? Am I alive Sirius, or did Dumbledore really get me?"

Sirius looked at his Godson in horror. Blood was dripping from the boy's palms, as his nails bit into his skin. His hands clenched tighter and more blood welded to the top of the wound before dripping down through clenched fingers. "You don't think you are alive?"

"Dumbledore shot me, with a gun, during the summer. I was in a coma, but sometimes, I think he killed me before that. My Uncle beat me half to death the first day of the holidays, and sometimes I think I'm dead. Do you think Vernon killed me? Do you think I never made it to the Leaky Cauldron and this is all some strange dream? A weird afterlife maybe?"

Sirius drew his arm back and punched Salazar right in the mouth. The boy coughed and sputtered for a few moments, blood dripping from his lips and down his chin. "Did that hurt?"

"Yes," Salazar groaned as he drew his fist across his bleeding mouth.

"Then you're alive."

"I suppose I am." The teen nodded glumly.

"Did my death depress you by any chance?" Sirius asked. "Make you feel angry or numb?"

"Numb, mostly. Although I used to get angry at Dumbledore." He paused and looked up at the sky. "The Dementors are all gone now, Sirius. They flew away the moment I saw you again. Please don't go. If you leave they'll all come back and get me. I'm too weak to fight them." He began to cry. Fat, wet tears spilled from the corners of Salazar's eyes and dribbled down his cheeks as his shoulders shook. "Please don't let them get me."

Sirius pulled Salazar into his arms and rocked the boy until the flow of tears stemmed. "They won't get you, do you know why? Because you have lots of people who love you now. Those Malfoy's, Snape, Voldemort was there, those really short people who cut my head off too I suppose."

"The Dwarves? I don't really know them." Salazar muttered, bashfully.

"Well Snow White, they seem to want to care for you, they tried to protect you from me after all." Sirius grinned and Salazar gave a very small smile. "You have people who love you Harry. Fight the Dementors for those people. I bet that Draco boy would be heart broken if you killed yourself."

"I'm not going to kill myself."

"You'll let the Dementors in your head do the job? That's cowardly, Harry. Fight them Kiddo. Fight for me, because I can't fight. Because I'm dead, I want you to live. Live like you were me, live for me, let me live through you. Would you have us both dead Harry? Why waste everything? Do you know what I would give to stay here, to live again?"

"Then live!" Salazar screamed. "With me!" He sobbed again and turned his face away.

"You are a Gryffindor, even if you could also go to Slytherin. Gryffindor's like adventure Harry, and bravery and daring. To live would be an awfully big adventure, live, for me?"

"I'll try Sirius, I promise."

Sirius Black stood up and smoothed down the robes he was wearing. "First things first, we should clean up Granger's mess. Then, you should see about finding yourself a shrink. I can't believe Dumbledore never suggested it, especially considering all the things you kids went through."

"She was in love with you, you know." Salazar muttered before meeting Sirius' eyes. "Plus it's not like Dumbledore was really all that concerned with my mental state." He shrugged. "Well, I suppose we're going to the Ministry then yes?"

Sirius didn't say anything; he smiled sadly at his Godson and nodded. Salazar wrapped his arms around the elder Wizards waist and with a pop they appeared in the telephone box that would take them down into the Ministry.

"Name and business please?" A woman's voice asked.

"Harry Potter and Sirius Black. We need to go to the Department of Mysteries to fix Time." Harry said in a monotone.

"Cheer up Kiddo, death isn't all that bad." Before Salazar could open his mouth, Sirius' hand was fixed across it. "And don't say 'so why can't I come with you' or I'll smack you upside the head." He crossed his free arm across his chest and tried to look stern. Salazar licked the hand that was over his mouth.

"I was going to say, I'll see you when I die, but I suppose I can do what you suggested."

"I didn't suggest anything," they bantered as the telephone box lowered them down into the ground and they made their way towards the Veil.


"You know," Severus started as he turned to face those few who were left in his office, "if Black was spotted in Devon, Granger must be hiding out there."

Remus nodded at his lover and went to fire call the Auror Division. Within moments, two squadrons were headed towards Devon, and within the following hour Rick Harvey and Hermione Granger were in Auror custody. The Necromancer had gotten away, but he really didn't matter all that much, he was just doing his job.

"Let us go," Granger screamed as she was dragged through the Ministry towards the holding cells. Harvey didn't make a noise as he was pulled along behind her. The Aurors were rather forceful with the couple of criminals they had captured. More than twice Granger fells onto the ground and was dragged upright by her hair.

They were thrown into a cell, and the door was slammed shut and locked. The Aurors walked away paying no attention to Granger's screaming.

"I'm a Witch, you can't do this to me, you can't! I'm a friend of Harry Potter!"

"You're delusional," Harvey sneered. He could see all his dreams going up in a blaze of fire with lots of smoke, he didn't have the patience to deal with the deluded bitch right now. "But I suppose you could prove useful." He hummed for a moment, deciding. He was stressed, and past encounters had proved that sex was a great stress relief, especially if it made the girl feel dirty and used afterwards, then he had something to laugh about later.

Harvey grabbed Hermione before she could react and had pinned her against the wall. Their lips fused, and Harvey began to grind his hips into the girls. Hermione tried to scream but it was swallowed by Harvey's mouth. One of the guarding Aurors heard some noise, but they ignored it, in the hopes that the two would kill each other.

"Stop," she begged when her mouth was free. He didn't listen to her. He waved his wand – which the Aurors hadn't found on his because he had it shoved down his underwear, because he was weird – and her clothes disappeared. He unfastened his pants and pushed them down just far enough to free his erection, before he kicked her ankles to spread her legs wider.

"Good girl," he panted as he stroked her hair. "Good girl," he said again as he arched up and entered her in one painful thrust. Hermione screamed but Harvey's mouth descended onto hers, silencing her effectively.

He rutted against her for a while, moaning into her unwilling mouth as tears coursed down her face and she weakly tried to fight him.

He moaned as he came and pulled away panting. He buttoned his pants and sneered at her as she collapsed to the floor, crying. "You think you'd be used to it by now. You are after all, nothing more that a fuck toy. That's all you've been to me, and all you ever were to the one who knocked you up." He smirked. "That's all you would have been to Sirius, but he didn't want you because he knew how dirty you were."

He laughed and she jumped at him. He backhanded her across the face and she fell back to the floor.

Harvey leant against the bars of the call and shouted, "hey, you, my friend wants to make you a deal." One Auror looked over. He raised an eyebrow. "You married?" The Auror shook his head, "girlfriend, boyfriend?" He shook his head again. "That's perfect. My friend here said she'd have sex with you if you bring me a drink. A stiff one."

The Auror nodded and left. A few minutes later he was back with a bottle of brandy. "Don't mind if she struggles, she's a kinky one. She likes to role play sometimes. Slap her around a bit, and it'll make it twice as good for her, if you get me."

The Auror didn't say anything. He unlocked the cell and entered it, locking it after him. Hermione was already naked and bruised but he took no notice. He pulled up his robes, and pulled down his trousers and lay on top of her.

She struggled and kicked and screamed and the Auror took Harvey's advice and slapped her around a bit. At one point he hit her head so hard off the floor she blacked out for five minutes. When she came to, he was still on top of her thrusting against her, grunting.

When he was done, he dressed and left the cell. A second Auror, who frowned, met him, "you realize she wasn't willing."

"She had it coming," he smirked and then he locked the cell and left with his friend. Hermione started to cry, and she wished desperately Sirius had stayed with her.


In another part of the Ministry, Salazar was desperately trying not to cry. Sirius smiled at him, and gave him a thumbs up, before turning his body so he was half facing away from Salazar, and half facing the Veil. "I'm ready."

Salazar cast a Stunning Spell, but it seemed to bounce straight off of Sirius. He sobbed harder as he moved forward slowly. Bellatrix had cast the curse, she would have to cast it again. Maybe Sirius could stay?

"Come on Pronglet." Sirius whispered.

Salazar stood right in front of his now. He raised his hands slowly and gave a push to the elder man's chest. With a smile, Sirius arched backwards, his back bending as he fell into the Veil. The black cloth fluttered as Sirius was swallowed whole by it and then hung still again. Salazar fell to the ground; he felt as if he couldn't breath. It was like the Dementors were back, but he knew they weren't. there were no Dementors in his head, he was depressed that was all, he could fight it and win.

He stood up, but froze as he felt the familiar bite of a dagger pressed against the back of his neck. The dagger moved around so it was pressed to his jugular and an arm wrapped around his waist.

"Come on Potter," a gruff voice ordered.

The man holding him was youngish, but he was dressed as if he lived 200 hundred years ago. It was the man who had escaped from Hell with Dumbledore. Except Dumbledore had won the fight between the two.

"Who are you?"

Dumbledore laughed hoarsely. "You don't recognize me Potter?" Salazar turned his head slightly and met the green eyes staring back at him. For a moment, the green flashed a very familiar, twinkling shade of blue and Salazar gasped.


"But I'm dead," the man whined, mocking what he thought Salazar would say next. "So I am, my boy, so I am." He began pulling Salazar to the door. For a moment, Salazar thought he was going to be pushed through the Veil, but Dumbledore opened the door leading away from the Department of Mysteries and led him out of the Ministry.

"We have somewhere to be," he laughed again. Salazar, for the first time since he was seven, prayed to a higher power.


Lucius had arrived back at the School and had removed the horrible police uniform, before un-shrinking his robes and pulling them back on. Voldemort had kissed him happily - glad his Consort was safe. Draco had hugged him and Severus had clapped him on the back.

The Dwarves had been given rooms suitable for them in the Dungeons, and Eragon was back in the Chamber of Secrets. The Decree of Allegiance had been flooed to the Minister and they were waiting for Salazar.

Time left moments ago, declaring the problem almost solved, so everyone assumed Salazar had come to his senses and Sirius Black was no longer among the living. Only Dumbledore left to go, then.

A tall man strode across Hogwarts grounds as if he owned the place. Then again, he had been Headmaster for a very long time so maybe he did think he owned the place? Salazar struggled weakly as he was led by the throat and waist towards the Headmaster's Office. No body was around now, so there was no one to get hurt for getting in the way, which pleased Salazar somewhat.

The doors to the Headmaster's Office flew open as Dumbledore used the magic that was slowly healing – the magic that would have healed his body had he found the ashes – the long dead magical core attached to his soul.

"Ah, my boy," he smiled at Severus, "you don't have a lemon drop by any chance?" Severus' eyes widened and Voldemort took a step forward as he eyed the dagger warily. The other's determined to take Dumbledore seriously this time. Last time they refused to fear a Muggle weapon and Salazar almost died, this time, they'd be on their guard.

"Let him go," Remus growled.

"I think not." He turned to face Voldemort, "neither can live while the other survives. What will it be Tom, you or him?" The dagger pricked the skin, and a drop of blood welled up and ran down the side of Salazar's neck. Dumbledore pushed harder on the dagger causing more blood to fall. "Tick, tock, Tom, time is running out."

"Me, take me," he offered moving forward. Severus grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"You can't. The potion worked, I didn't have time to tell you earlier." Both of Voldemort and Lucius' eyes snapped up to stare incredulously at Severus.

On the 6th September, Voldemort had decided he wanted to have a baby with Lucius. So the two men – as Lucius had been overjoyed at the idea – had gone to Severus and requested the necessary potions. Time had passed and there was no sign of a pregnancy occurring. So they brewed the potions again.

On the 10th September, Voldemort and Lucius finally conceived, and Severus had noticed the changes by the 12th, the day before all Hell broke loose – literally.

Now that wouldn't have been much of a problem in terms of trading Voldemort's life for Salazar's, except Voldemort had been to one who wanted to carry the child. He had caused so much death and suffering, and he for once wanted to be the cause of something good – he wanted to cause life, and Lucius hadn't wanted to argue with whatever made his Lord happy.

Voldemort sniffled and turned away from Salazar. His hands moved to his stomach before he faced Severus again. "I'm pregnant?"

"I noticed yesterday." Severus looked at the floor.

"Congratulations," Salazar whispered even as the dagger bit further into his pale skin. "Don't worry about it, maybe it's just my time? It's about time I ran out of luck, huh?" Draco sniffed and, without anyone noticing he managed to moved behind Dumbledore.

He had been the cause of Dumbledore's death the first time, and by Merlin, he'd kill the bastard himself the second time if he had to. "Incendio," he whispered and the robes Dumbledore's hosts body was wearing caught fire. Dumbledore however was too busy to notice.

"Well Tom, that's better wouldn't you say. If you trade for Harry here, I kill you and save the world from one more Malfoy brat in the process."

"That is my child you are insulting," Lucius snarled, raising his wand.

"Nah, ah, nah," Dumbledore smirked as he drew the dagger across the front of Salazar's throat. Blood welled quicker and began to flow faster down his throat, but it wouldn't kill him, not yet. "You wouldn't want my hand to slip would you?" He laughed.

He looked down and sniffed, finally noticing he was on fire. "Incendio," Draco said again with his wand pointed at the man's head. The hair transformed into a ball of flame and Dumbledore shrieked. He clung to Salazar even as he burnt to death.

When the body was nothing more than bone and ashes, it disappeared, presumably back to its grave and Salazar lay unconscious on the floor, his face and arms badly burnt.

"So, another trip to St. Mungos?" Remus asked trying to lighten the mood by smiling widely.

"Stupid brat," Severus grumbled brushing down his robes, "would you expect anything less from the reckless boy?"


The final Not-So-Unforgivable is the Profano (Rape) Curse. Its incantation is Laedo Ledo, which translates to 'to hurt, damage, violate'. Usually referred to as the Rape Curse, even though its name means 'to violate', the curse causes the victim to feel as if he or she is being raped, rather than the victim actually having been raped. Once again the curse is only mildly painful, and there is no harm done whatsoever to the body.

The curse is more physiologically damaging, because while nothing may have happened, the victim believes him or herself to have been raped, repeatedly more often than not, and subsequently is trapped in delusions and nightmares their mind has conjured due to the effects of the curse, but not the curse itself.

Simply speaking, this curse is the least harmful of the 8 Not-So-Unforgivables but tends to do the most damage in the long-term (even if most victims do not live to see that period of time). Like the Avada Kedavra this curse leaves no tell tale sign, and is impossible to heal or stop once it has been cast. If not killed, the victim ends up insane and catatonic, trapped in their delusions.


"Will he be ok?" Someone asked, but he couldn't be bothered to make out whom.

"It was a few burns and some bruises. He will be fine, when he wakes up."

"He's been asleep for a week, why isn't he awake yet?" The first voice whined.

The second voice sighed, "His body needs to rest. He's emotionally, physically and probably magically exhausted. What have you all been doing anyway?"

"Nothing," a new voice that time. He tried to think where he had heard it before but it make his head hurt. "That concerns you," the voice finished.

"Wake him up, when will he wake up?" The first voice whined again. He knew that voice, from where though?

"When he is good and ready." The second voice huffed.

That first voice, he knew it… Dr- "'aco?" his voice was scratchy and his throat hurt, but everyone heard him. All noise stopped and people began to crowd over him.

"Sal? Are you awake?" That first voice again.

"Thank you," he began to cough, "Mr. State-the-Obvious," he started coughing again but when he finished this time, there was a straw pressed to his lips. He took a long drink and pulled his head away. "Hello Draco, how long have I been unconscious this time?"

"Seven days," the blond crossed his arms over his chest and scowled, "I was worried."

"Sorry." He turned to face the blond's Father and his own Brother. "So you're pregnant? How long?"

"10 days exactly." Lucius Malfoy exclaimed proudly.

Draco beamed. "I'm going to be a Brother."

"And I'll be an Uncle, and a step-Brother in a way."

"And a step-Uncle," Severus smirked.

"I'm confused." Salazar bit his lip as the others laughed lightly. The Medi-Nurse in the room smiled softly.

"You're ok physically, so you can go home provided you get lots of rest."

"Sirius said I should see a shrink, and talk you know, about the Dursley's and the first few years of school and stuff."

"You should," Severus glared, "why didn't you before?"

"No one offered." His hands clenched and he sat up in the bed.

"Longbottom and the two youngest Weasley's probably should as well." He paused. "I'd say Granger should but there is no point."

"She is in Azkaban." Voldemort offered. "They gave her the Kiss two nights ago, along with Rick Harvey." He paused and looking confused added, "the baby mysteriously vanished before she was even sentenced."

What they didn't know was that the Necromancer wanted his payment, and he decided not to wait until the birth. The baby was magiked out of Hermione's womb without her noticing a day before she was sentenced to the Kiss. The baby was now, probably, being used to summon the Dead or cut up to use in potions. What a wonderful world.

"We'll find you some one to talk to I promise," Voldemort kissed the teenager's forehead. "In the mean time, do you think you can stay out of trouble for the rest of the School year?" He smirked.

Salazar stood and dressed himself, folding the hospital gown and leaving it on the bed. "I think I can managed. Assuming the Fates have nothing planned to keep me on my toes."

In the corner of the room, a teenage black haired girl smiled, her Malfoy grey eyes wide and shining as they caught Salazar's gaze. She winked at him as he left the room, and then she disappeared as the air around her began to shimmer.

"I think I can stay out of trouble for a while." He promised.

"Good," Draco smacked him across the back of the head. "Because I'm fed up of sitting next to your hospital bed. Next time, I get to be the one who is unconscious."

"As you wish, love," they lent forward and brushed their lips together.

In the Realm, the Crone considered doing something cruel and horrible. But in the end, she decided it was more fun to torment Dumbledore's eternally suffering soul instead.

So, maybe Salazar Riddle did get to finish his 6th Year in relative peace? But I suppose, since I am not Time, I will never know. But we may hear from him again, after all, anything is possible, is it not?

The End

"Snow White" referring to being defended by a group of Dwarves (not quite 7 of them though).

"To live would be an awfully big adventure," – Peter Pan

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