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For Ron Stoppable, homework was a four letter word and therefore, something that should never be mentioned, thought of, or attended to in any fashion. The fact that it was now a Sunday afternoon, he was pretty sure, made that some kind of commandment or holy law, and of course, that he happened to be over at his girlfriend's house, with her wrapped in his arms on their couch, made the whole matter all the more crucial.

For Kim Possible, the SAT's were only a month or so away and time was wasting. Her focus was entirely on her books in hand while her best friend and boyfriend watched TV.

Ron's attention shifted back and forth between the TV set and Kim, hoping against hope that she might soon decide to put down her book and attend to more important matters like… well… him! As it was, he knew that if he brought the matter up again, she'd only renew her argument that he join her in studies.

He decided he would have to resort to more indirect methods.

Ron turned back to the television and the group of spandex clad Japanese warriors fighting evil aliens who apparently knew martial arts and used elaborate hand gestures whenever speaking.

"Man, I wish we could do that. That'd be fun." Ron observed.

"Do what?" Kim's gaze never once rose from her book.

"Be super heroes."

"Ron, we are super heroes." Kim casually turned the page as she replied.

"I mean super heroes with super powers." Ron amended obviously.

"You have super powers."

"Super powers that actually work!"

Kim just sighed as her eyes moved across from one page of her book to the next. Ron just grumbled silently in frustration. He turned to Rufus for support, only to find the naked mole rat fast asleep in a now picked-clean Naco platter.

"I get better conversation from Rufus." Ron muttered to himself.

"If I were you, I'd be a lot less worried about Rufus and a lot more about where you think you might get into school next year Ron." Kim's voice was border line chilly. Ron knew that the issue of the two of them attending the same college was something that had been on her mind for sometime now, but Ron wasn't too worried. Everything would work itself out. It always did.

He decided to focus his energies on far more pressing concerns.

Ron's lips moved down, lightly gracing Kim's shoulders, tasting her soft skin.

"Ron, what are you doing?" Kim asked, even as she fought to suppress a small grin she felt try to manifest itself. Though she was barely aware of it, Kim's heart beat began to increase in pace.

"Nothing." Ron replied innocently as Ron moved around the material of Kim's tank top and further along her shoulder to where it met the neck.

"Ron, I'm warning you…" Kim's voice didn't carry nearly the menacing tone that she was hoping for as Ron continued to work his way up her neck, taking his time as he went along.

"If I were you KP, I'd be worried a lot less about me and a lot more about where you think you might get into school next year." Ron teased as he moved up her neck, savoring the taste of her skin.

"What is wrong with you?" Kim asked even as her eyes began to flutter shut in pure delight. She hated her body for betraying her like this, and she hated Ron even more for knowing how to use it against her.

"I'd rather spend a Sunday afternoon making out with my smoking hot girlfriend than slave over boring text books. Last time I checked, there is nothing wrong with me." Ron could hear her breathing as it intensified and deepened. Ron decided to go for the big prize. Her ears. Taking the soft tissue between his lips, Ron began nibbling on it. He was rewarded for his efforts by a soft moan and another deep breath from Kim. Unbeknownst to him, within Kim Possible an epic battle was being waged by adult-like responsibility demanding that she focus on her studies and teenage hormones telling her to jump her boyfriend before her parents got home.

"I'll get you for this I swear." Kim uttered her threat in a whisper even as she discarded her book to the floor before turning around and pulling Ron's lips fiercely into her own. The teenage hormones had swept aside their opposition with resounding force.

Kim came down on top of Ron, pulling him to her with all her passion. She would not be restrained, she would not be denied. Whatever else could be said about her boyfriend, he was a great kisser, and she planned to take full advantage of that.


Kim and Ron froze with their tongues in one another's mouths and silent prayers on their lips as their eyes shot wide with shock at their unbelievable luck.

The Kimmunicator chimed yet again, continuing to taunt them until finally Kim moved over to answer.

"Wade." Kim wore that expression that informed Wade, in no uncertain terms, that unless this was important, he would pay for it with flesh from his own hide.

Fortunately for Wade, it was.


The two guards struggled once more against their bonds even as the henchman refastened them in place. As he did, his employers walked by in satisfaction. Well, at least one of them seemed satisfied.

"Father, can we not hurry this along? I am scheduled for the opening of my newest hair salon, and I have to be on time to make sure there are no poor people to scare away my attractive rich customers. Plus, I have an appointment. Not only I am the owner, I am also a client" Junior added even as he ran his fingers slickly across his well tended hair.

"Patience my son." The elder man assured, as he walked up to the high security private vault in front of him, retrieving a specialized device that fit neatly over the vault lock. Without it, the only hope that Senor Senior Senior would have had of retrieving the item that lay beyond the vault door would have been with a bulldozer and enough high explosives to reduce a mountain to rubble. "There will be plenty of time for that after we have retrieved what we came for."

"Father, what are we here for anyway? Is it some new, expensive shampoo?" Junior asked hopefully.

"No my son." Senor Senior Senior relayed with a sigh at the question.

"Oh." There was a slight pause. "Is it some new, obscenely expensive shampoo?"

"It is not shampoo." Senior insisted.

"Is it hair gel?"


"Moisturizing cream?"


"Will it help me with my tan?"

"Junior, it is an atomic fuel!" Senior finally exclaimed as he activated the vault cracker which began scanning the combination and adjusting the vault door accordingly.

"Oh… will it work for my hairdryer?"

"It is not a beauty product." Even as Senor Senior Senior spoke, the vault cracker let out a signal, indicating that its work was done. Sure enough, the massive, five foot thick door opened, displaying a small transparent canister with a bright orange liquid inside. "It will allow me to power Hench Co. newest model of Death Ray and enable me to conquer the Hawaiian Islands."

"Oooh, and then I can turn the islands into my newest chain of night clubs, yes?" Junior asked excitedly, recalling the deal that he had made with his father.

"Yes, Junior. Yes."

"Actually, I'm going to have to cancel your party plans." An authoritative voice spoke from the side. The Seniors quickly turned around to see a familiar duo standing opposite them.

"Ahh, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable." Senor Senior Senior exclaimed almost warmly. "How good to see you. My newest henchmen have been in dire need of some exercise and this…"

"Wait father." Junior rushed up alongside his father anxiously. "Let me handle them. I have read about this. It is a little something called 'reverse psychology.'"

Before Senor Senior Senior could stop his son, Senor Senior Junior quickly took the canister of fuel and walked across the room, past the bewildered henchmen and right up to the confused super heroes.

"Here," Junior held out the canister. "Take it, we don't want it anymore."

Kim and Ron looked at each confused for a moment.

"Ok." Kim replied simply as she placed her hands around the canister.

"Oh no KP. There's something wrong about this." Ron interjected as he grabbed the fuel himself. "Here, you take it. We don't want it." Ron tried to force the canister back into Junior's hands.

"Ron!" Kim cried out.

"No, I don't want it anymore. You take it." Junior insisted, pushing the canister back into Ron's grasp.

"Junior!" Senior cried out.

"No, I insist." Ron pushed it back.

"No, I insist!" Junior pushed it back.

"Here, I'll take it! I insist!" Kim stepped in, grabbing the canister in complete frustration.

"Ha!" Junior cried out, before turning around. "You see father, they fell for it, just as I plann…" Junior's voice fell somewhat as he noticed his empty hands. "Oooh, that did not go as it was supposed to, I think."

"Hey! You were trying to use reverse psychology on me, weren't you!" Ron suddenly accused as the realization hit him.

"Henchmen, attack!" Senior ordered as nearly half a dozen bulking brutish men charged forward side by side.

"Ron, hold this!" Kim handed the canister to Ron even as she leapt into action, flying over the charging formation, and landing a kick to the backside of the middle one's head, knocking him over and causing his comrades to pause as they turned to chase after the red headed super hero.

Ron anxiously looked around for any signs of additional assailants but saw only Junior lumbering towards him.

"This time, I want the fuel." Junior insisted as he dived to tackle Ron.

"Oh no dude." Ron managed to dodge the clumsy effort and took off running. "I'm not falling for that trick twice!"

"Trick?" Junior looked up from the floor of the laboratory in thought. "I was not trying to trick him… unless, he was trying to trick me!"


On the other side of the room, Kim landed on the floor, only to propel herself back into the air with flawless grace as two more henchmen fell over on the very spot where she had landed a split second earlier.

As henchmen went, these ones weren't half bad. A poor substitute for a real work out perhaps, but not half bad. Even as this thought entered Kim's mind, she landed and shot out with a kick straight into the gut of the nearest thug, sending him bending over in pain.


"Wait a second," the slow wheels within Junior's mind continued to grind on and on. "If I was not trying to trick him, and he was not trying to trick me… then he must be using reverse psychology to trick me anyway!"

Outraged at this perceive attempt at deception, Junior quickly rose from the ground and hurried after Ron Stoppable. His legs hurriedly taking him after the blonde young hero.

Ron ran as fast as he could, but it wasn't fast enough. Junior managed to tackle him, sending both of them to the ground and the fuel canister down, cracking it's case and letting some of it spill out over Ron's gloved right hand and even onto his arm.

"Junior!" Senior exclaimed at the sight of the leaking fuel.

"Ron!" Kim exclaimed as she downed the last of the henchmen.

"It's his fault." The pair accused simultaneously of each other.

"Come Junior. It's time we make our villainous escape." Senor Senior Senior quickly rushed out of the room, leaving Junior to follow after him, even as Kim rushed over to Ron while he attempted to set the canister up right and prevent any more of the orange liquid from leaking out.

"Well, I'm sure the scientists will be happy to get back most of their fuel." Kim added as she helped Ron to his feet.

"Ewww man." Ron noticed the stain on his glove. "I hope this stuff comes out. My mom's been threatening to make me do the washing on my mission clothes. She's worried that I'm going to roll in something that could turn her into a mutant or something."

"Well… that probably won't happen." Kim assured somewhat. "Come on, I'll help you with the wash." Kim offered as she led them both out.


Monday morning found Kim Possible outside her locker. Senior Year meant a whole new locker, and she had had to arrive at the school early to get Wade's computer hook up set. She was hoping that Ron would show up to give her a hand, but after three phone calls to his house, she'd accepted the fact that he was probably going to be late.

Price they'd both have to pay for staying up on the phone till two in the morning.

"Hey girlfriend."

"Hey Mon." Kim answered cheerfully as she finished with the last connection, a light on the monitor indicating that it was now hooked up and online.

"Moving in?" Monique asked as she noted her friend's locker. "You know, most of us are trying to stuff our books into our locker. I think most of the jocks already forgot their combinations."

"Just making sure I'm hooked up to mission central. Wade insists." Kim smiled.

Monique was about to roll her eyes in understanding when something caught her sight, and sent her face into a state of shock.

"Monique, what's wrong." Kim asked, concern rising in her voice.

"Kim, are you and Shego secret lovers?" Monique asked blankly.

"Eww, gross. No." Kim answered almost in horror. "Why on earth would you ask that?"

"Cause I'm seeing flying naked mole rats." Monique answered flatly.

"What?" Kim turned around and saw the sight that had so entranced Monique.

Sure enough, Rufus seemed to be moving through the air slowly but steadily as if perched atop an unseen surface, the naked mole rat's confusion evident on his own features.

"Hey ladies. How are the two most smoking hotties in the school doing today?" Ron Stoppable's voice asked as it hung in the air from nowhere.

Kim and Monique gave no response as they continued to stare wide eyed at the uninhabited space in front of them in total shock.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" Ron's disembodied voice asked.

"I couldn't tell you cutie." Monique answered as she continued to try and suppress the panic rising in her voice.

"Why not?"

"Cause I can't see it."

"Say again?"

"Ron, you're invisible!" Kim cried out as she held out a mirror kept in her pack. The mirror seemed to pick itself out of Kim's hand before steadying itself, reflecting only a bewildered Rufus, and nothing more.

"Ahh, I am invisible!"


"This is a new one. Even for you guys." Wade insisted as Kim continued to run the Kimmunicator up and down Ron's transparent frame.

"Great. Now all my hot girl fans are going to have to go without my beautiful face." Ron let out.

"And just how many hot girl fans do you have?" Kim asked with a razor's edge on her voice.

"Oh. Ahh, just you and Monique, KP. So, no real tragedy I guess." Ron replied anxiously.

"Glad to hear it." Kim replied unconvinced.

"Scan's finished." Wade announced. The trio turned to the image on the screen where Wade could be seen typing furiously at his computer. "Hmm, this is interesting."

"What's the sitch?" Kim asked.

"It looks like Ron was exposed to some of the atomic fuel. I'm detecting trace amounts of it on his skin."

"And that's what's making me invisible?" Ron could be heard to ask. Kim had to catch herself when she turned, expecting to see the concern on his face, only to find nothing there.

"Not quite. You remember that Aurora orchid Kim was exposed to a few years back?"

"You mean that stuff that made me nearly disappear from embarrassment?"

"That's the stuff." Wade pulled up a replay of the security camera feed that captured Kim getting doused by the pollen outside of Bueno Nacho by Drakken while Ron stood not three feet away, idly drinking his slurpster, oblivious to the whole thing. "Drakken gave you a direct dose, but trace amounts of it did manage to make contact with Ron's skin."

"So how come Ron never nearly disappeared like I did?"

"Easy KP. It's cause I don't get embarrassed. Not ever." Ron replied proudly.

"In this case, Ron's right. Without that specific emotional reaction, the orchid pollen would have just been left dormant on Ron's skin."

"Boy, if you're still carrying around pollen from over a year ago, you really need to shower more." Monique observed.

"Hey, I shower every morning." Ron replied defensively.

"Trust me, that stuff doesn't just 'come out' in the wash." Wade assured.

"Can't even get my naco stains out with the 'heavy' setting." Ron grumbled disgruntled.

"When the trace amounts of pollen came into contact with the fuel that you guys encountered, the combined effect triggered the dormant pollen, but since the amounts are only an infinitesimal fraction of what Kim was exposed to…"

"Infa-whatmal?" Ron repeated.

"Very tiny amount." Monique clarified.

"Well why couldn't he just say that?" Ron asked angrily.

"… it only had the effect of making Ron invisible instead of disappearing completely."

"So how do we reverse it?" Kim asked.

"Not sure. I don't think we can just expose Ron to the orchid like we did with you, since that could just make things worse. I'll look into and get back to you guys."

"Get back?" Ron asked incredulously. "Class is in less than five minutes, and Barkin is not going to accept that 'I'm really here but I'm invisible' excuse again."

"Again?" This time it was Monique's turn to look in disbelief.

"Freshman year." Kim explained simply. "Day of his math exam."

"I forgot to study, ok. Can we get back to more pressing concerns?"

"I think I got you covered." Wade replied enthusiastically as he began typing on his keypad again. "Ron Stoppable… meet Ron Stoppable."

At his last phrase, Wade punished down on a final button on his keypad, causing a projection to shoot out of the computer within Kim's locker. A burst of light projected itself in front of the pair plus one, taking form and shape.

"Well, well. Quite a handsome looking hologram if I do say so myself." Ron admitted almost proudly as he looked at the projected image of himself.

"Why thanks. I do take pride in my bon-diggity appearance." The hologram replied to its invisible counter part.

"I think I had a nightmare that started like this, once." Monique stated with alarming certainty.

"Says you. This is the dream come true of ladies everywhere." The invisible Ron proclaimed enthusiastically.

"Truer words were never spoken my wise friend." The hologram agreed.

"Ok, it's official. Ron, you are never allowed to speak to yourself ever again." Kim grabbed her books, somewhat less than entirely satisfied with this temporary solution.

"As you can see, I've improved my holographic program quite a bit. As long as you keep the computer active, I can maintain his image anywhere within the school for at least three and a half hours. I'll probably have to refresh the program at lunch though. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do about reversing Ron's condition."

"Hey, if this thing really works…" Ron was cut off.

"No, you can't use it to skip school." Kim declared firmly as she walked off. One could only imagine how this day was going to end.


Author's Note: Next chapter... an invisible Ron Stoppable. Is the world ready?