Hello, all! This is my first Death Note fanfic. Before I start, I'd like to say a few things:

I got the idea for this alphabet thing from Angelike Riddle's Letters of the Law (Legal Drug). In hers, though, each chapter is pretty much a stand-alone. This is a continuing story.

Like hers, it is written in one character's point of view, in this case Light Yagami's, and it is addressing another character, in this case Ryuzaki. It's set during the handcuffs and forfeit, so Light doesn't know he's Kira.

And guess what, they're both boys, and they're going to fall in love! If you're a homophobic who only wants to read this in order to be mean in your reviews, then don't even bother! Why waste your time? I'm sure you could find a different story of better interest to someone of your sensitivities.

Those of you who remain, don't expect explicit situations…because I can't even watch two people kiss on TV without blushing. Still, I consider this M, because they will, ahem, you know. It's not going to happen right away, because I don't see them randomly jumping each other out of nowhere…well, not until S, at least…. But there will be development of feeling here. I will write A through Z, so this is going to be stretched out. If you have limited patience, then you might not want to invest your energies in such a long-term project.

Thank you; and I do hope you enjoy!

(I disclaim everything (and Angelike Riddle is a god among writers).)



Affluence \'af-lü-en(t)s\ 1 a: an abundant flow or supply: profusion b: abundance of property: wealth 2: a flowing to or toward a point: influx

I can only stare at a computer screen for so many hours on end before my mind starts to wander. You don't notice when this happens. If you did, you would certainly comment on it, saying that I must be Kira since I'm not devoting my full attention to the case.

I do want to catch Kira, but that doesn't mean that I'd like to be chained to this computer to do it. I'm already chained to a cold machine. Namely, you.

There I go again. I know bitterness has no point, but that knowledge doesn't stop me.

I'm the most intelligent teenager on the planet, so why can't I figure you out? This should be easy for me. I've always been able to judge a person's character fairly accurately. You are the only mystery I've ever met.

Sometimes I think that we are alike. We seem to think the same way. When we discuss the Kira case, easily following each other's thought patterns, I can look at you and see a mirror of myself. You are what I might one day become.

There are those strange quirks that I dread developing, but mostly I like what I see.

I could enjoy living as you do. Having the power to mobilize police in every country, having enough wealth to construct an entire building…. I could never get bored of it. I do appreciate the finer things in life; though, unlike most pampered children, I don't find them necessary, only icing on the cake.

I smirk at the thought. Knowing your affinity for sweets, I am sure you would find that analogy amusing.

You see the look on my face and ask, "Is something wrong, Light-kun?"

"Just thinking," I reply smoothly, tapping a few keys to look busy. I would bet anything that your suspicion of me has just increased by a small percentage.

Which brings me back to my problem of not being able to figure you out. How can someone as intelligent as you, Ryuzaki, be so damnably annoying?

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