Author's note:

1+1 equals 2

To anyone who just doesn't get it because they didn't read carefully enough: Harry + immortal vampiric tendencies equals: He's not freakin' dead! He's IMMORTAL! He can't die!!

No, no, he's only mostly dead. (I will write a oneshot for those who know this reference. XD)

There is a sequel. It has been posted. Check, I command thee!

In the sequel, Harry/Aspen will be going back to his original time, where he will decide what to do with himself. A lot of the loose ends from NEB will come together and start to make sense. I won't give away much, but Un Coeur Gris will have a lot more plot than NEB does. In my opinion, at least.

A sequel was always planned, but collecting the threats to update/write a sequel was amusing to both myself and EmpyrealFantasy, with whom I shared them.

Top Twenty Threats (in order received):

1. Lock me in basment till I finish.

2. Keep me in a jar.

3. Chain me to computer.

4. Kill me with a three year old (two of these, oddly)

5. Wring my neck, (this one was said by at least three people)

6. Finish/sequel OR ELSE (general)

7. String up by the thumnails and flog

8. No matter how evil I am, I'm nothing compared to what you'd do if I didn't write a sequel.

9. (the worst yet) Sick Voldemort on me and make me watch him have mad sex with Bella...

I'm going to puke. And that was from Barranca, of all people. She's usually so reasonable!

10. Haunt me forever.

11. "I will channel my Inner Moaning Myrtle and follow you around for the rest of your life if you don't gimme sequel soon!!! XD"-- A direct quote from EmpyrealFantasy

12. I'm definitely going to be removing this story from any of my alerts, favorites, etc.--Quote from Spartan Eragon

13. Hunt me down and lock me in a room with non-stop Barney music.

14. There WILL be a sequel or the world will be destroyed.

15. Threatening glares...(various)

16. Send a score of feet biting fire-ants against me.

17. Beat me up with an old rusty spork.

18. Kick me.

19. Make Aspen haunt me.

20. Boil me in oil (from my brother)

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