Title: Foolish

Author: PhoenixKaen

Summary: Makare was reincarnated into modern-day Japan as a normal high school girl or is she? This so-called normal girl, Rina remembers her past-life and when she finds her love from a long time ago, she won't give up even if he doesn't acknowledge her. Bakuraxoc

Couples: Bakuraxoc

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns Yu-Gi-Oh.

Chapter 1: Lachrymose

"Your love completes my existence
You're the other half that makes me whole"

-Amel Larrieux, Make Me Whole

With expressionless eyes, she looks far away into the neverending distance. She breathes slowly. She whimpers. It hurts even when she breathes. When is he coming back? She thinks. She hopes that he'd come back by now. Who's going to save her now? Crimson blood flows down her naked arms, legs, back and chest. Her long auburn hair is covered in the crimson substance and dirt. Her entire body aches. Her body numbs. She can't move. Her grey eyes looks to the distance. Please come back...is her simple wish. Save me and hold me.

"What do we do with her, general?" A man says to his superior.

"This girl has no valuable information. You can have some more fun and then kill her." The general replies coldly. He leaves on horseback.

It's cold and damp here. She shivers. The cool sand underneath her weak and slashed legs and the taunting wind whipping her face with harsh sands. It is also dark here. Hot and salty tears stain her cheeks.

"This isn't such a lucky day for you, is it?" The inferior man says to the helpless and nude girl. "I'll tell you what. How about if I kill you now so it can be quick and painless?" The helpless girl cannot answer. Tears just keep on flowing. She just stares into the distance, hoping that he would come back soon. She can't die without seeing him again. She couldn't see the whip that strikes down heavily on her scathed body. She can't scream anymore.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Someone let out an ear-piercing scream.

"Ugh, damn him!" Rina said grouchily as she sat up on her bed. She turned on the lamp and blinked in the sudden brightness. "Wake up and deal with him, mom!" She whined. She put her face in her hands. Rina waited until her mom woke up and dealt with her baby brother. When he stopped screaming, she dropped her head heavily on the cold pillow. Now she was thinking about her nightmare that she just had. It was the recurring dream of the day when she was murdered in cold blood by a complete stranger. It wasn't just the fact that the image of her own death haunted her but it was the feeling that she got from the dream.

She had felt desperation, sorrow and longing that day. It had been about five thousand years ago but she can remember her past life clearly. She remembered that she didn't want to die. She just wanted to be with a special someone. The special someone that never came that day.

She should just forget about all that now. She had a new life now. New parents, new friends and plenty of new guys that are interested in her. But why would she attain her memories unless it was fate? It just might mean that she'd see him in this lifetime. That was the hope that she was clinging onto.

Rina looked at her digital alarm clock. It was twelve in the morning. She turned off the lamp and drifted off to sleep. She couldn't think about anymore of this.

Rina Adachi had clear, piercing grey eyes with light-blue specks. Her hair was reddish-brown and shiny. It flowed down to her shoulder blades. Her body was fairly thin but it was also healthy. She was fairly attractive but she didn't have a boyfriend yet.

"Rina-chan, that's the fifth guy that you rejected! Are you just picky or are you a lesbian?" Emi, Rina's friend asked her as the two of them walked down the street. This dark haired girl was the same age as Rina. She is always sporting a pair of purple-framed glasses but that doesn't stunt her cute face. Rina, on the other hand, was considered quite popular amongst some guys. But she doesn't seem to acknowledge any of them.

"Hmph! None of the guys I've met so far is the one I want. The only one I want is..." Rina looked down at the ground in sadness. "him, the only one that ever acknowledged me even though I was just a worthless girl." She muttered. Emi looked at her with confusion. "What?" Rina just shook her head and said "nothing." With a bittersweet smile, she and Emi continued down the sidewalk.

I see so much of those movies about reincarnating lovers that always meet up again. It makes a great story but that's not real life. Ever since I was five, I remembered everything about my past life but after all these years, I still haven't found him yet. Is this some kind of cruel punishment? Will I just wander through this new life without seeing him again? The only one that I want to give my heart to...

"Rina...Rina-chan! RINA-CHAN! Watch out!" Emi's voice ran through Rina's head, finally bringing her out of her thoughts. The ginger-haired girl came to her senses to find herself in the middle of a crosswalk and was paralyzed even though a car was speeding towards her. "AHH! RINA-CHAN!" Emi shrieked while covering her face with her hands. Rina breathed in deeply, mesmerized by the car's headlights. Am I going to die without finding him? She shut her eyes tightly.

It was so sudden. She was roughly pushed into the curb, out of harm's way. Voices all around her screamed with relief and praise, it seemed. Someone fell on top of her as she opened her eyes. The person grunted as Rina looked up at her savior. Her eyes widened as soon as she laid eyes on him...She couldn't believe it. Through the curtain of his white bangs, she could see his all too familiar eyes..."Could it be...?" She muttered. She put her hand to her mouth in shock. He looked up and their eyes met. Emi looked back and forth from her friend to the strange guy. Her friend's eyes were overflowing with emotion.

"Uh...Rina-chan?" Emi said uncertainly. Why was her friend getting so emotional? Probably because she just had a near death experience but she never saw Rina this teary-eyed. "Is something wrong?"

"Are you okay, Miss?" Ryou asked Rina. She looked at him with teary eyes. "Miss?!" She repeated venomously. "Since when do YOU refer to me as Miss? What happened to 'bitch' or 'wench'?" She berated him. He sweatdropped at her strange questions. People gathered around the trio to see what Rina was yelling about.

"A simple 'thank you' would suffice, Miss." Ryou said, nervously smiling. He got off of her and offered his hand to her. She slapped it away and got up herself. Emi looked at the pair in confusion. Did Rina know this guy or was she being affected by her near death experience? Again, she looked at him with emotion. He looked at her strangely then said a simple 'you should be careful next time'. He was going to leave but she pulled him back.

"Wait a minute!" She was glaring at him now. Her grip on him seemed to tighten but she was looking meaningfully at him. Emi, giggling nervously, was now trying to pull Rina away while telling Ryou not to mind her strange friend. Rina bit her bottom lip. "I know it's you," she said gently. "I know you remember me, too. Why are you looking at me with that questionable look?"

"Rina-chan, let's go before you embarrass us even more," Emi begged, pulling on Rina's sleeve. The latter pulled away and continued to look into Ryou's eyes. She seemed to be searching for something but she couldn't find it.

"Come on, Rina-chan. People are looking," Emi said nervously.

"I don't care! Let them look!" She looked back at the confused white-haired boy. "So what if I'm reborn into this body? Rina Adachi doesn't look that different from the Pharaoh's slave, Makare from five thousand years ago. See? My eyes and hair color are the same, only now my skin color is lighter and my hairstyle is different."

"Miss, I think you've got the wrong person," Ryou said uncomfortably, prying Rina's fingernails from his shirt.

"No! I know it's you! Your presence is the same as in the past and stop calling me 'Miss!' It's me, Makare. Remember?"

"Rina, we're going to be late!" Emi said loudly. She pulled Rina away from Ryou with all the strength she could muster. For a thin person, Rina could be strong at times. "Eheh I'm sorry about my friend. She's a little dazed right now. Thanks for saving her. She owes you one." Rina didn't fight back. She took one last look at him as she crossed the street. They gazed at each other for a few seconds. He quickly turned away. A single tear dripped down her face. The people around her suddenly became mute even though they were conversing lively.

In a world full of people, she could've chose someone else. Instead, she still chose someone who was the cause of her death, the cause of her sorrows, the cause of her tears but he was also the cause of her happiness.

He knew who I was. Rina thought sadly. Why are you avoiding me, you asshole?!

"Rina," Emi whined. "What's wrong?" She saw Rina's misty eyes. The latter shook her head, indicating nothing was wrong. She walked ahead, leaving Emi to catch up. "Hey uh...Why were you yelling at that guy just now? You know he just saved your life. You could've at least said 'thank you' but you were so rude. You started to act weird and embarrassed us. Do you know him?"

"He's someone that I have loved for a very long time," Rina said solemnly. Emi was confused.

"But he kept calling you 'miss'. He doesn't know you. Oooh...Is it one of those guys that you secretly have a crush on but he didn't know you existed?" Emi asked. Rina was irked. He better had known that she existed. She had done so many things for him. Sometimes he was a jerk about it though.

"How pathetic do you think I am?! Of course, he knows I exist!" She shouted at her friend, suddenly towering her.

Emi sweatdropped. "Ehehe...It's okay, you know. Lots of girls go through this kind of thing. They like a guy that doesn't give them the time of day. It's normal. This is a change of events though. Usually, guys notice you right away. You even turn down the most desirable guys. You really love this guy, huh?"

"Hmm." Rina sighed softly, regaining her sadness. "He really does know I exist. I don't know why he's avoiding me. He's acting just like the Pharaoh." The last statement bewildered Emi. She looked strangely at Rina.

The auburn-haired girl wondered if the Pharaoh was also reincarnated. Pharaoh Atemu, he was her first love. She didn't get to serve him regularly; she was one of Priestess Isis' servants. The Priestess was a kind superior to Makare, Rina's past name. The frustrating thing was that she rarely saw the Pharaoh. He was usually in the throne room where she wasn't allowed. The only times she could see him is if he decided to take a nightly walk or sometimes she actually managed to bump into him.

The love was never meant to be; he was royalty and she was the help. She knew that they could never be together. He hardly noticed her. When she actually had small chances to speak, she just apologized for bumping into him or addressed him properly. He was very kind every time. At that point in time, Makare thought that her heart would always be broken. That's before she met the hatred filled and wanted man whose title was the Thief King.

Sometimes late at night, Makare glimpsed at the Pharaoh from far away and in secrecy. She was just content with seeing him every night even if he didn't know she existed. Nonetheless, she still supported him for his fight against evil. That evil was in the form of a Thief King. She secretly prayed to the Gods that this evil would be destroyed as her way of supporting Atemu. She didn't know this same evil would be the same person she would fall in love with.

A faint smile appeared on Rina's face. It was strange. One minute she was sad then she was reminiscing about another person. Emi thought her friend was a little off today. Rina then realized...She looked at her watch. She was ten minutes late! Her mom had found a job that she could do to help with the family's financial problem. She had counted on Rina to come home early to babysit.

"Damn it! Sorry, Emi! I have to go now. We'll go to the arcade tomorrow, okay?" Rina scrambled for home. Emi looked after her sprinting friend's back and shook her head slowly. "Oh, my god. I can't believe I almost forgot." I can't believe I made mom late on her first day of work. It's because of him...Rina shamefully let one man invaded all of her thoughts. She sighed. She's going to be thinking about him even more now that she saw him in this lifetime, for the first time. Think of how stupid my excuse would sound. 'I'm sorry, mom. I was late because I was almost killed by a car but a man I loved five thousand years ago saved me.' Ugh...My legs are cramping up but I can't stop now.

Rina almost reached the street that led to her house. Then she passed a familiar looking woman. She ran back. "Hey, mom." She said, smiling sheepishly. Her mom looked angry at her, one hand on the baby stroller. "Eheh I'm sorry. I kind of forgot."

"I'm fifteen minutes late now, thanks to you," she said sternly. "Never mind. Just look after your brother." She said before Rina could say anything. She raced to the bus stop. Rina watched her go then pushed the stroller back to the house.

"So how's it going, otouto-chan? How you enjoying being in the family so far?" Rina asked her little brother. The latter looked up at her blankly. He made baby sounds.

"Yeah?" Rina said, pretending that the gurgling sounds were his response. "That's good. Your life doesn't suck as much as mine. You're lucky you're a baby. You don't have to think about much. Your sis isn't so lucky. I just saw someone special today; someone that I've been thinking since I was a little girl. I'll let you in on a secret: I remember things from my past life. I'm only telling you this because you can't tell anyone else. I trust you completely. This special someone is a man that I fell in love with thousands and thousands of years ago. You'd probably hate him the first time you meet him. I know I did. He was rumored to be a cruel man that would do anything, even take innocent lives. He was a threat to the ruler of the time, Pharaoh Atemu." She smiled lightly at the memory.

"Now him, you would actually like. He was a kind man. Everybody, including me, was proud to have him as our leader. Almost everybody, anyway. Your sister's boyfriend, I guess you could call him that, hated him more than anyone. Before I became his uh girlfriend, I thought his hatred of the Pharaoh was unreasonable. I forgot to mention that I used to love Pharaoh Atemu. I loved him before I love my boyfriend. I don't love Pharaoh Atemu anymore if that's what you're thinking!" Rina blushed. The baby looked innocently at her. He was giggling.

"I couldn't help loving him. My pastlife parents sold me into slavery. I was feeling lonely and vulnerable. Somehow, I ended up at the palace, serving Priestess Isis. She was one of the many Priests that served the Pharaoh. She was very kind. One day, Priestess Isis didn't call for me. There was a banquet that day. I was just wandering around and got dragged into helping set it up. After it was done, I ended up serving the nobles. I had to pour the wine. Everything looked so beautiful. The food looked delectable. The wine smelled wonderful. Of course, the help can't just sit down and enjoy themselves. The privilege of being there was good enough for me. I got to see all the legendary Priests and Priestess Isis was there. The only one that looked preoccupied was the young Pharaoh. Then again, I think he was only a few years older than me. I was fourteen at that time. Anyway, his solemn face intrigued me. I couldn't blame him for being sad. His father, a great Pharaoh before him, died." Before Rina knew it, she was pushing the stroller towards the direction of the park. "I won't say that I fell in love at first sight. That sounds corny but despite being the next leader, he was still sad. I realized at that moment that even a Pharaoh, supposedly, a descendent from the Sun God, Ra was also an ordinary human with emotions. I won't say I fell in love that instant but I will say I kept him in my mind.

As time went on, I found myself excited just to catch a glimpse of him. Ooh! Your sis was in love. It was stupid to think of him in that way. A Pharaoh would not give the time of day to a slave. Your sis was distraught though I managed to go through with life. It was easy. Priestess Isis' kindness made it easy. Life was a routine for me. In the morning, I wake up and do whatever it is my superior asks. In the afternoon, I basically do laundry with the other slaves by the river. Late at night, I wait until the Pharaoh takes a nightly stroll. Just seeing him makes me content. If I told this to Emi, she probably would've said I was crazy. But after she gets over it, she'd probably thought I wasn't being myself. Now if I want something, I get it, especially a guy. What an irony. Now most guys think I'm hot.

I'm not trying to gloat. The 'hottest' guys at school ask me out; I always say no. Girls are jealous but I rather they date the 'hot' guys. Then they would stop bothering me. It's annoying. Try sitting at your desk, just talking to a friend then some girl you don't know calls you a 'slut'. The guys are worst. Okay, I'm off subject. Sorry. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I was harboring a secret crush on the Pharaoh. When he thinks he's alone, he has on a sad expression. I think he was lonely, just like me. Plus, he had to stop evil from destroying the world. The thought of the burden that he carries; he had no time for a normal life. It didn't make me pity him; I just loved him more.

You probably think your sis is a liar, huh? I do sound like I still have feelings for him. Although, that was all before I met my 'boyfriend.' I don't think 'boyfriend' is the right word. He never said he loved me. He was lewd and I won't tell you what that means. You're too young to know. Sometimes I thought he didn't appreciate me. There was one thing that made me know that he did care. Whenever I said something positive about the Pharaoh, he was furious. Sometimes I meant it and sometimes I said it because he made me mad. My mentioning Pharaoh Atemu always made him jealous. Then he'd pay attention to me and listen to what I say. It was funny in a way. Here was a merciless man who was planning to cover the world in darkness, listening intently to a lowly woman. He wasn't so bad after all. I thought that many times. He might not be the most gentlest man but he never raised his hand on me. Sometimes he gave me jewelry that he salvages. Usually, he sells the jewelry for food." They were in the park now. Passersby thought she was talking to herself. She walked to the shadier part. Rina sat down on the bench, underneath a massive tree. She reached into the bag, which hung from the side of the stroller. She took out a bottle of milk and gave it to him. He suckled it, his eyes watching her. He was telling her to continue.

"He deemed himself the Thief King. He was known for the trouble that he caused the Pharaoh. He stole, he murdered, and he wanted to plummet the world into darkness. Why did I love him? Maybe I was just insane. A sane girl would've tried to get away from him as soon as possible. I stayed. You want to know why he hated the Pharaoh? It's because his family, his neighbors and everybody that lived in his village were murdered. He saw it all happen. He was the sole survivor. He blamed it all on the Pharaoh. When he told me, I just couldn't believe it. Pharaoh Atemu would kill an entire village of people? It was impossible. It's not because I used to love him that I defend him. It's because it just wasn't the type of thing he would do. It would be like if Santa Claus decided to kill the Easter Bunny. It's insane. He was furious when I said that. He had always known I had feelings for Pharaoh Atemu. By that time, my feelings were gone. You know how people are. They get jealous so easily. I repeatedly said that I wasn't defending him just because of that. I was being serious. He didn't believe that. Another bad quality of his, his stubbornness.

I was usually so quiet and nice but he just pushed it. My temper got the best of me. I ran all the way back to the palace. At that time, I was still working at the Palace. Sometimes I sneaked out at night to be with my ugh... pigheaded boyfriend. He didn't bother to chase after me. Like I said, there were times where he just didn't care. I decided to stop. I changed directions and went somewhere else. I didn't want to go back to the palace or see him. Can you believe where I went? I actually went to a tavern. It's the worst place for a 15-year-old girl to be. I just wanted to be by myself. As soon as I went in there, everybody stared at me. Normally, any female that went there were 'working'. Again, you're too young to know what that means. I was uncomfortable immediately. Most people there were drunken old men, mostly the rough kind. The kind that looks for a 'good time'. You better not turn out like them either!

Anyway, I sat at a table in the corner. The owner asked me what I wanted; I said I had no money. That wasn't true. I did have money but that was for grocery shopping. The men on the nearby tables heard that and jumped at the chance. They offered to bring me drinks. Apparently, they thought I was one of the 'working ladies.' That made me thought about if my 'boyfriend' ever acted like the way these men did. Did he used to offer drinks to strange women for a good time? Just the thought made me want to yell at him. Sorry. Back to my predicament, I didn't know what to do. If I refused, they would react in a negative way. If I agreed, then that meant I had to uh...hang out with them. That's not a good thing. That meant I had to be friends with smelly old men. In those days, girls even younger than me have already made friend with their husband. Well, I didn't have a husband. Therefore, I had never been 'friends' with anyone yet. Besides, the only one I wanted to make friends with was the Thief King. Being surrounded by these men made me less angry with him. I wanted to be with him again.

I was so stupid. I felt lonely. I just wanted to see him like I want to see him now!" Rina shouted. A drop of water fell on her lap. She looked up at the sky. Everybody started to run for cover. More and more droplets of water poured on Rina and the baby. "Damn, it's pouring!" She hurriedly put up the plastic cover over her brother to keep him dry. She had no such luck. She would have to walk home in the heavy rainfall. "Are you kidding me? First, being dissed by that jerk, now this!" The baby started to cry. He was being kept dry but the loud pitter-patter of the rain scared him.

Things just couldn't get worse. Rina thought grouchily. A surprisingly strong wind that blew out of nowhere proved her wrong. Her school uniform was already drenched and she wasn't even out of the park yet. She would have to get home soon or her brother's never going to stop crying. She pushed the stroller with all her strength. The wind was evidently playing with her. It kept pushing it in different directions.

Rina walked miserably, forward the stroller to go a certain direction. Her clothes were stuck to her body. Strands of hair stuck to her forehead. She shivered; her clothes were drenched. A miserable image of a miserable girl. I wish otouto-chan would stop crying.

"AHH!" The wind decided to be cruel; a strong gust blew out of nowhere. Rina's grip on the stroller broke. "No, otouto-chan!" She cried, running after the stroller. It rolled farther and farther away with Rina chasing after it. A man ran past Rina holding a newspaper over his head, knocking her down. The stroller continued to roll away with the wind's guidance. People didn't seem to notice the runaway stroller. They were too busy avoiding the rain. Rina got up and ran after it. She managed to catch up. She reached out. Her fingers were brushing the handle; she could almost...

Raindrops stopped pelting on her head. The stroller stopped trying to escape. Rina stared at the hand that held the stroller in place. Her grey eyes trailed up to the arm. She quickly turned around. His free hand held a black umbrella over the both of them. She put her hands to her face. She couldn't believe it. Her eyebrows furrowed. Her tears silently mixed in with her already dripping face.

"After all these years...After thinking about you for eleven years...I finally found you," Rina whispered. Her clear grey eyes pierced his brown ones.

A/N: I had this story idea a long time ago but I couldn't just write it. I wanted to write a Bakura romance story badly but I had to do one that people actually wanted to read. I hope the parts with Rina talking to her baby brother weren't too boring. That part just worked for me; I just kept typing. It won't be a happy lovey-dovey fic.