by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Star Wars.

Authors Notes: This is my first Eva/Star Wars crossover. However, unlike the other Star Wars fan-fics that have appeared in this section, I wanted something a little different. Therefore I have chosen to write this story up where Shinji meets Komari Vosa and is trained as a Dark Jedi.

For those of you who don't know, these events take place during the Star Wars Bounty Hunter video game, which takes place after the Battle of Naboo from Star Wars Episode I, when Dooku recruited Jango Fett to become the progenitor of the Clone Army of the Republic.

And this is a Shinji/Rei story, but not until the Second Chapter, so enjoy the read.


Chapter 1



(The Third Moon of Bogden)

Where am I? Shinji thought as he blinked, trying to regain his sight. The last thing he remembered was getting absorbed by the 12th Angel. Then a bright flash, a deafening sound and what felt like something the weight of an anvil pressing down upon him, and then he passed out.

Looking around he noticed that his environment was... bleak.

There were deep, black canyons all around. Jagged rocks, almost no trees or grass or bushes. But there were vines and moss, little else though. The sky was pitched black, overcast by storm clouds that emitted thunder and lightning in regular bursts.

Actually, it looked like sunlight had never, or would ever, touch this place.

Shinji started walking towards what looked like a group of buildings, not realizing that his Eva was resting in a large canyon over a ridge behind him. Not that it would have done him any good, as it was totally out of power.

Shinji stared at the unique-looking buildings and extensive architecture of the dark world, all of which looked like they had been built long ago and abandoned right after they'd been finished.

He heard nothing that sounded human, only a few strange-looking, and sounding, birds. But even from a distance he could tell they were nothing like the birds he knew from Earth.

And maybe it was paranoia, but why did he feel like he was being watched?

A skittering of some kind, a small rustling of falling rocks caught his attention. But he saw nothing.

He continued walking through the deserted city, admiring the grandeur of it all, which looked like it had been carved out of the large canyon itself. He followed the main walkway, which had been taken by many long years of ruin and disrepair. He noticed several cracks in the walkway, like pieces had been torn out deliberately to expose some kind of foul-looking black liquid that Shinji made sure he avoided. It didn't look deep, but for all he knew it was poisonous of some kind.

Shinji continued walking through the long-dead ruins of the city and came to a stop.

He was being watched, at least that was what the warm breath on the back of his neck told him.

His first instinct was to run, only to feel a blunt object strike him in the back of the head.


Shinji woke up hours later, tied to a vertical table of sorts, his body feeling considerable pain as he was hunched forward, facing down to the floor.

There were several dark creatures all around him. They had a basic human appearance: two arms, two legs, one head. But they didn't look human if anything. They looked like the 'creature from the black lagoon' They had glowing red eyes and their heads were covered with hoods. They cackled as they spoke, not laughing, more like just talking.

Just then, she entered.

"Welcome, young one." the woman said.

Shinji strained to look up and noticed the athletic and curved figure, clad in a daring leather outfit, the woman herself possessing short spiky hair and fair skin. He didn't notice the dark circles around her yellow eyes. She was beautiful and terrifying all at once.

"Who... are you... ? Where am I?" he asked weakly, in part afraid.

"Don't trouble yourself with where. As for who... I am Komari Vosa." she said as she waved her hand, pushing the table backwards into a leaning 45 degree angle, causing him to gasp.

She hadn't even touched him.

Vosa moved up and practically straddled the boy. She came close to him, caressing the side of his face gently, staring at him hard.

"Who are you?" she asked, forcing her Jedi-learned powers of influence.

"Shinji Ikari." he answered without hesitation.

"And where are you from?"


"Never heard of it." Vosa said. "How did you get here without a ship?"

"I... I don't know. I was... absorbed by a... shadow creature... woke up... here."

"Indeed." she mused, but did not pursue her query. "Hmm. Something strange about you." she said, caressing his chest gently. "Yes... something... deep." she said as rubbed her hand over his groin.

Her smile and touch made Shinji flinch more than a little.

"I sense great potential within you, boy. Something I haven't felt in... forever." she said as she lifted her hand over to a stone table. Something on the table lifted into the air as if by itself and flew over to her. It was a small bottle of some kind. "I believe in being honest with people, especially with those I'm about to... alter." she said as she plucked the bottle out of the air.

"What do you–ACK!" he gasped as Vosa popped the top of the bottle open, gripped Shinji's throat and poured the contents down his throat.

He choked a little, but Vosa covered his mouth with her hand, forcing Shinji to swallow hard.

In seconds, his entire world, his will, even his memories of his life as an Eva pilot became blurry and almost non-existent. Like a dream you weren't sure you had.

While the drug worked it magic, Vosa placed her hands on the sides of his head and pressed her Force powers through his mind.

"YESSSSS! Yes! I sense great potential within you, my boy. Amazing potential. But you are also afraid, unable to fight me. Do not worry, I will take away your fear." she said, caressing his cheek with her lips. "You are weak, yet strong. Mature, yet still a child. Intelligent, but simple." she said in a whisper as she liked the side of his pain-stricken face. "You will make a fine apprentice."


The liquid Vosa had given Shinji was a concentrated dose of the Bando Gora's special drugs that was designed to break a person's will in seconds. Vosa herself was once exposed to these very drugs and eventually it caused her to go insane.

She had already been difficult to control, possessing hyper aggressiveness that was not favorable to the Jedi order.

However, it served her well, as the leader of the Bando Gora.

She used her Force powers and saber skills to become the undisputed master of the dark cult.

But now, even with her other plans in motion, she had a more important one.

Her apprentice.

Because Shinji was weak in will, under Vosa's influence, he was overtaken and stripped of all that he had been. His mind corrupted and controlled, his body responded without question. It was as if he was literally a blank slate, and all he knew was what Vosa was teaching him.

And yet, he found himself dedicated to it as well. As if a true purpose had been given him.

Vosa trained him to use a lightsaber, two at once as she now did.

Amazingly, Shinji progressed faster than even Vosa expected. Without a will of his own, an opinion or even a single hesitant thought, Shinji took every order and instruction that she gave, becoming the warrior he never could have been in his world. Unburdened by fear, worthlessness, self-doubt and the needed praise of others, thanks to the Bando Gora drugs that took away his memories and even his emotions, Shinji became stronger, faster, more agile than ever before. Vosa also used special drugs to enhance his body for greater physical performance.

Shinji became the apprentice and warrior that few masters could have hoped for.

So much so that after only a year of intense 10-hour daily training, Vosa went a step further, and bedded the young Ikari.


Shinji entered Vosa's bedchamber, his eyes held a glazed look.

Vosa smiled as she beheld her apprentice.

In the year she had spent training and conditioning the boy, she herself was amazed at the physical changes she now saw.

His body had more than doubled in muscle mass. His arms and legs were ripped and toned by months of continuous training, his body sporting a six-pack, every sinew strong of steel. Everything that would have made a Mandalorean jealous.

And she would know.

His hair was long and unkempt, covering most of his face. His body was covered in what was the remnants of his skin-tight bodysuit she had found him wearing. It was little more than shreds and tattered ruins. He was almost exposed to the world.

Not that he cared.

"Have you been training hard, Shinji?" Vosa asked.

"Yes, mistress." he said with no emotion, clutching his two lightsabers in both hands.

She looked at him. "Your clothes are falling apart."

"Yes, mistress."

She rose from the bed as he remained motionless. She waved her hands, the last pieces of his suit falling from his body. He didn't seem to care as she walked around him, taking in his scent.

Sweat and stink from months of not bathing and training. A mild hint of dirt and moss, the heat of his body, and blood. A lot of blood. But there was something else. Something... primal.

It was her insight, her Force powers, that told her this.

She drew her hand across his strong shoulders, gazing at the young warrior before her.

How long has it been? She thought as she looked at him. Months... years... nearly a decade.

"I have a new task for you, my apprentice." she said as she walked over to the bed, using her powers to close the heavy doors to her personal chambers in one of the high towers of the citadel.

"What is your bidding, mistress?" he asked.

"Pleasure me." she said huskily as she let the straps of her loosely-termed outfit come undone. When her leather garb had fallen to the floor, completely removed from her athletic figure, she turned to the young man. "Please your mistress with your own physical gifts." she cooed.

Shinji moved to her, dropping his lightsabers by her clothes as she gripped the back of his head and thrust her lips forcefully to his own.

She knew that Shinji had no experience in these matters, so as he was her apprentice it was her task to educate him.

"Mmmm! MMMMM!" she moaned as she forced her tongue into his mouth.

She pulled away from his mouth after a couple minutes and tossed him into the bed. She grinned as she crawled over him, like a lion mounting her prey.

The only problem: this prey wasn't scared.

Vosa gripped Shinji by his shoulders and flipped him over so that she was under him.

"Down my body, start at my neck." she whispered to him.

Shinji obeyed, kissing the woman feverishly from her neck, which turned into more of a leech-like technique, down to her ample breasts, lavishing as much attention on them as possible.

"Don't be afraid to bite." she sighed.

Shinji took her advice, engaging his teeth just enough to scar her skin but not draw blood.

"That's good, my apprentice!" she moaned. "Leave them something to remember you by!"

He moved lower after leaving a thin gleam of saliva on her marked breast. Trailing down her smooth stomach until he came to the juncture at her legs.

"Use your tongue."

He obeyed his mistress, snaking his tongue out diving into her.

"AAAHHH!" she gasped as he buried his face into her depths. "AAAAAHHHHHH! YES! That's Good Shinji! YES! You're learning fast! Like pure instinct, almost!"

Shinji continued to pleasure the woman for several minutes as she pulled at his hair violently as she came with force that shocked even her.

"STOP!" she commanded as her orgasm died down.

Shinji looked up and stared at the woman, awaiting his next order.

"Take your lightsaber," she said, reaching down to grasp his hardened member. "And replace your tongue with it."

Shinji obeyed and moved up to impale his mistress with his fully ignited weapon. Vosa shuddered as she was quickly buried to the hilt with him.

"YES! Now... move it in and out, slowly at the first minute, but then go harder and faster until I tell you to stop!" she panted.

"Yes, mistress!" he grunted as he complied.

Shinji pleasured the woman for nearly three hours, thrusting in and out with relentless and unbroken rhythm, his stamina borne of rigorous training and his time as a track-runner in school.

Vosa came so many times she was afraid she would burst, truly impressed at the prowess that her apprentice possessed.

At the third hour mark she ordered Shinji to stop, only because she couldn't take any more.

She caressed his face, their bodies drenched with more sweat and heat. She pulled the boy to her.

"Sleep, my apprentice." she said to him. "From now on, you will train during the day, and pleasure me at night."

"Yes, my mistress." Shinji said as he drifted into slumber beside her.


It had been nearly two weeks since Vosa had first taken Shinji. She found that she absolutely loved using his saber for her pleasure. Her young lover proved to be exceptionally talented and took all her instructions with determined exactness. And with numerous variations in their flaying passions.

Since then Shinji's schedule now consisted of daily ten-hour training at 'sun-up', and then five hours of pleasuring his mistress at night. Then he would sleep and start again. He would eat hearty for both activities and take care of 'business' when he had to.

It was nearly sun-up once again as Vosa stood by the window to her personal quarters high up in the black citadel of the Bando Gora, all her physical gifts exposed to the cool air of the Bogden moon. She grimaced as she looked out over the barren landscape.

"Is something wrong, mistress?" Shinji asked as he suddenly appeared beside her.

"Bounty hunters. They're here." she replied. She had been expecting this for some time.

While Shinji had become a perfect saber fighter, his talent for using the Force was minimal. He could only sense things, and very briefly. He still couldn't levitate objects or influence the thoughts of others. Not that the Bando Gora followers needed much motivation to follow him. Shinji had proven that he could take any one of them, sabers or not. Vosa was a great fighting teacher, but she was not fully capable of teaching him the ways of The Force.

"Tell me where." he said.

"I'm sensing three... no, four of them, to the south and west. They shouldn't be hard to find." she told him.

"I'll dispatch them at once."

Shinji grabbed his new black clothing and lightsabers and quickly ran to find them.

From her palace window, Vosa watched him run into the wastelands of the dark moon, smiling at the warrior he had become. It was then that she noticed something else.

Another bounty hunter has arrived. Vosa thought. Yes. It's the same one whose been looking for me for the last few days. Tracked me all the way from Coruscant and Malitstar. He will be a pleasure to fight. She smiled.


Shinji slashed savagely at the alien bounty hunter, rendering him to pieces in seconds. He looked at the hunter, who was like a greenish lizard, before sensing something else.

He ducked behind a rock as a snipers laser nearly clipped him.

Shinji peered out from behind the rock, only so much that he could see a small flash of metal.

Got you. He thought. They have the high ground. Hmm. What to do, what to... ah!

Shinji grabbed a pair of smoke grenades from the other bounty hunters belt and looked back to where the sniper was. He grabbed the other weapons from the bounty hunter and set to work.

The sniper looked down and grimaced.

Come on, just stick your head out. Just a little.

Suddenly, a barrage of laser blasts erupted from behind the rock she was watching, and caused her to duck behind her own.

Because of the distance, the handguns that were being used against her did not have the strength to reach her at full power. Not enough to do any damage, but enough to give her a good scar or even blind her eyes for a couple days. And to a sniper, such a thing was critical.

What was upsetting was that he had her position now. A couple more laser blasts and she saw a figure move from one rock to another.

She tried to get a bead on him, but he took cover and fired again at her, striking only the rocks. That was to be expected from the distance he was.

A sudden smoke bomb ignited and covered Shinji's movements as he ducked to another rock.

He repeated the process a couple times more.

The sniper looked down and saw nothing but smoke and fire, an occasional laser blast was coming both rocks, at intervals of one minute apart.

He's moving from rock to rock, firing one blast from each rock, and using the smoke to cover his attacks. Clever this one, but repetitive and almost pointless. Blast it! Why can't I...

Her musings were cut off when the sudden hum of a lightsaber behind her startled her.

What? She looked into her lense and saw the reflection of Shinji himself standing over her with his lightsaber drawn and pointed to her neck. How... then it struck her.

Not the lightsaber, but the realization. He had used the smoke bombs to cover his movements while he set up the guns from the other bounty hunter he had slain on the two rocks he kept moving behind. He had set them to fire on automatic, using different intervals to make it seem as if he was moving and firing at her. The smoke and fire obscured her vision the entire time, giving him the necessary time he needed to get behind her.

Damn it! He's better than I expected. "At least tell me your name." she asked.

"I am the apprentice of Komari Vosa. My name... is unimportant."

A quick single slash, and the bounty hunter was dead.

"Two down... two to go."


Shinji was able to track down the third bounty hunter and easily killed him, using stealth and his own quickness. He assumes it was a him, as his green and yellow Power Suit made them look male.

But when he got to the fourth, he found that someone had already killed him.

He stared at the Mandalorean armor the brutish bounty hunter wore.

"Who killed this man?" he asked the Bando Gora who were already present.

They hissed at him, yet Shinji could understand them.

"They were dressed the same? Odd. Where is the other?" he asked.

They hissed again.

"Left a while ago. Very well." he said, before taking off to get to his mistress.


However, Shinji did not arrive in time.

Taking a secret passage to the main ceremony chambers, Shinji was too late as he saw two figures standing over the defeated body of his mistress and teacher.

One was dressed in the same kind of battle armor as the other bounty hunter he had met. The other was an older man dressed in black with a cape flowing behind him.

They were talking, but from his position on ledge high up on the north wall Shinji felt his anger rise as he listened from the distance to the pair talking.

"If you could have killed her at any time, why put a price of her head?" the man in the armor said.

"To find you. This contest brought you to me." the older man said.

"I'll take my reward now." the armored man said, holding out his hand.

"Of course, of course." the old man said, walking a bit away from the armored man. "Five million, was it? Or, much more, if you agree to accompany me to Kamino, to be cloned."

"You want to clone me?" he asked as he removed his helmet revealing a man with dark hair and tanned skin.

"Imagine it, an army of warriors, the training of which you will personally oversee, and programmed for absolute obedience. They will be magnificent."

"And why should I agree to do this?"

"A chance at immortality. To pass on your ways to an entire army crafted in your image. A great deal of money. How could a man such as yourself refuse?"

There was a pause as the armored man seemed to be thinking this over.

"I'll accept your offer, on one condition." he finally said

"And that is?" the older man asked.

"I want the first clone for myself. Unaltered."

"Might I inquire as to why?" he asked curiously.

"You might." the armored man said with a mild condescending tone.

The old man decided he would find out later. "Very well, I accept your terms."

The pair shook hands.

That's when Shinji struck.

Leaping down from the high ledge of the chamber, Shinji landed with amazing grace, making not a sound. Since his arrival at the main chamber he had been burning with rage at the sight of his mistress, his teacher, dead before these two men.

She who had taught him, conditioned him, made him who he was, had taught him not only to fight but also the ways of the flesh. A pleasure he would not know again.

Neither men noticed him, but he saw the older man looking around the chamber, as if he was looking for something... or someone. He clutched his chest.

"What's wrong?" the armored man asked.

"I feel... great rage. Anger. Violence." the older man said, clutching his chest.

"Where?" the armored man asked.

The older man spun around and finally gazed upon the form of Shinji Ikari dressed in a black shirt, pants, boots, and arm guards. His face one of anger and hate, his breath deep and hard.

"What?" the armored man called out, amazed that this boy had just appeared out of nowhere. His first thought, of course, was that he could have struck them both down without them knowing.

"Jango, who is this?" the older man asked, feeling the rage continuing to build up inside him.

"Don't know, Tyrannus. Never seen him before." the armored man said.

"Amazing I didn't sense him before now."

"Any idea who he is?" He asked as he slowly reached for his guns.

Shinji ignited his sabers.

"Vosa's apprentice, it appears." Tyrannus said as he pulled his lightsaber out and ignited it.

"You want to fight him?" Jango asked the older man.

"Indeed." he said with an amused sneer.

Shinji leaped at the older man who had ordered the death of his mistress, slamming his two sabers into his one. Tyrannus was instantly pushed back as Shinji moved forward in his assault.

Incredible! Tyrannus thought. Such strength! Such quickness! Such unbridled ferocity! He groaned as he felt the sting of the boys impacts against his saber.

Jango watched with honest amazement as the young warrior spun, flipped, parried, and lunged at his benefactor. His saber skills were fluid and quick. Maybe even quicker than Vosa's. And his aggressiveness was like that of a wild animal.

He wasn't liking how this was going.

Shinji leaped into the air and knocked away Tyrannus's lightsaber, leaving his body open for a swift but powerful double kick to the chest.

"ARGH!" the older man groaned as he tumbled backwards, falling onto his backside. He recovered quickly and brought his saber up to block the boys attack. His energy, his speed, his agility! It is far beyond normal! Vosa trained him very well!

"He's like a berserker!" Jango gasped as he pulled his guns, ready to give his new employer a hand.

Tyrannus was on the ground, defending himself vainly against the youth who seemed to have unlimited reserves of energy. And he kept attacking, slamming his lightsabers in Tyrannus's.

Shinji switched his tactics, altering his position in a split second, enabling him to move under the older man in order to slice Tyrannus's lightsaber in three pieces and kick the man hard in the face.

Jango pulled his guns and fired at the boy, only to have him turn around and deflect the energy blasts with his saber. However, the distraction, though only a few seconds, was long enough to allow Tyrannus to recover and quickly throw his hands up, sending the boy flying backwards through the air, across the large chamber, and slamming hard into the opposite wall, cracking stone as he did.

The boy fell to the ground, his lightsaber blades dousing as he hit the ground.

Tyrannus and Jango walked up to the boy and loomed over him.

"Shall I put him out of your misery?" Jango asked, pointing his gun at the boys head.

Tyrannus considered that. However, he had a better thought.

"Tempting, but no. I have never before faced an opponent like this before. Such power! Such fierce energy! Ordinarily I would have no hesitation in killing him, but I sense something inside him. Something... useful."

"Useful? He nearly took your head off, if you remember. He's a wild animal."

"Even wild animals can be tamed." he said with surprising confidence.

Not the ones I know. "Huh." Jango scoffed, but reholstered his gun. "Your call."


Days later found the boy on a medical examining table being loomed over by two dark individuals. He was still unconscious, and Tyrannus knew that it was safer that way.

"Who is this, Lord Tyrannus?" the older man, Darth Sidious, said.

"The apprentice of Komari Vosa." the slightly younger Darth Tyrannus said.

"Indeed?" the older Sith said as he loomed over the boy. "I sense... strength, no fear, great skill and anger. But he has not yet mastered the Force."

"No, my lord."

"He is a wild animal, Lord Tyrannus." the dark lord warned. "Do you think this wise?"

"But he can he tamed. I sense a lack of will power in him, my lord."

"And you wish to train him as a Sith." the older man said, moving off from the boy.

"He nearly defeated me in combat. That alone merits interest."

"Interest. But not importance. There is something about this boy that feels... wrong."

"He is young, and can be easily manipulated to our cause."

The older man sighed. "We shall see. What of the candidate?"

"On Kamino. The cloners have already begun their work. Soon the army will be ready."

"And in the meantime, we have much work to accomplish."

"And the boy?"

The older man paused for a few seconds. Considering.

"Train him if you wish, if he is as skilled as you say, it would be a shame to waste such talent." he said as he turned and walked away. "But be mindful, my apprentice."

"Thank you, master." Tyrannus bowed to the departing man.

Tyrannus looked at the still unconscious boy.

"Well, my young apprentice, it seems as if your life has just gotten more... interesting. You have great potential, and though your destiny is uncertain, I have no doubt you will be a true challenge to train, and an even greater asset to the Order of The Sith!"


Author's Notes:

This is my first Evangelion/Star Wars crossover story.

As you might have noticed, it's a pretty dark one, and Shinji has become little more than an animal with incredible saber skills. That will change in the next chapter, for the most part.

It also doesn't start in the mainstream of the Star Wars universe, but actually starts from a divergent video game and continues into the movies starting at the 'Attack of the Clones' movie.

And yes, I did have him be seduced by Komari Vosa as a mens of corrupting and breaking him even more than her using drugs and her Jedi-powers to make him far more powerful than he would have been able to become by himself.

The bounty hunters were just a bunch of nameless individuals I created to demonstrate Shinji's skill as a dark Jedi.

And yes, I've turned Shinji into a badass because I wanted something different.

This is a Shinji/Rei fic, but Rei won't show up until the next chapter. I had to build up Shinji and make him a dark Jedi so that he could come back and claim Rei.

So please Read and Review.