by Gunman

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Summary: Darth Oni and his team are sent on a mission to destroy a powerful Hutt on Tattooine, where they battle hundreds of enemies and eventually take over management of the Hutts fortress.


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Chapter 4

New Management

One year under Komari Vosa as her apprentice had made Shinji a fierce saber fighter.

Two years under Count Dooku as his apprentice had made Shinji an expert Force user.

One year spent preforming missions and at the same time recruiting his team while Rei was trained under the Anzati.

Shinji was eighteen now, a few more months and he'd be nineteen. Rei was nearly sixteen now and blossoming into a true beauty.

Their team was a strange mix of different species.

Lyra was a Zeltron capable of manipulating the emotions in others. Though she had yet to influence a Jedi, or a Sith for that matter. Barraco was a Morgukai. A warrior race by choice, though there were very few of them left because of their fierce war-like attitudes. Nor was an Anzati assassin, an expert fighter and even better in marksmanship with throwing knives and blades. And finally Rok the Wookie. Arguably the muscle of the team with animalistic rage only Shinji and Rei could temper.

So it was a surprise that such a unique and talented group were all in chains before the infamous Baddo the Hutt.

(Why have you come to this place... dark one?) The large slug like creature asked Darth Oni from his throne/platform.

"Would you believe we came to kill you?" the young Sith asked.

(HoHoHoHoHo) was all the Hutt could say.

To his right, Oni noticed the chained forms of Barraco and Nor, also kneeling before him. To his left sat the even heavier chained Rok, still struggling in his restraints. Looking forward to the platform where the slimy creature sat, were both Rei and Lyra.

Lyra was clad in a small greenish cloth swimsuit that was fairly revealing. A black belt around her waist and a cold metal collar around her neck. Her arms and legs were bare.

Rei was clad in a bluish metallic silver bikini with a see-through dark indigo skirt that were little more than shredded pieces of fabric hanging around her legs and thighs. A collar around her neck.

Their weapons had been taken, their powers had been neutralized by mechanical means, and they were all bound, chained and surrounded by more than a hundred deadly armed enemies.

And yet for some reason... Oni was smiling.


((Flashback, two hours ago...))

"So.. What are we doing here, Oni?" Barraco asked as he looked over the barren wasteland. He snuffed as he continued to stare over the open desert. This place was too dry for him.

"A local Hutt named Baddo has been causing trouble for my master. Raiding the supplies and equipment ships of his allies. He wants Baddo eliminated." Darth Oni said.

"The Hutts are no easy adversaries to deal with." Lyra said. "Nor steal from."

"That's beside the point. We have our orders." he stated.

The six unique individuals were standing on a ridge overlooking the Hutt palace. Though to be more accurate it looked like a fortress. It was built half-way into the wall of the mountain, with watch turrets and heavy anti-laser blast doors covering the main entrances. Which was why there were no guards outside. They were mostly likely on the inside and armed to the teeth.

Oni wondered how many hired thugs the Hutt had inside. Tattooine was a planet where many came to hide. Thugs, goons, hit men, assassins, murderers, and all looking to make as much money as they could for whatever needed doing. And on Tattooine, the Hutts were the highest bidders.

"So... what's the plan?" Nor asked.

"We split into two groups. Lyra and Nor come with me. Barraco and Rok go with Rei. You'll be posing as a hired assassin, with two bodyguards, looking for work. While you have their attention, Lyra, Nor and I will sneak into their base through the underground sewer system." Oni explained. "We meet up inside and take care of the Hutt."

"Very well, my love." Rei said, clutching Oni's hand tightly.

"We won't be long. Keep Baddo as busy as you can." he said to her.

"Of course."

The pair shared a passionate kiss before the group parted into two.

Oni, Lyra and Nor found the waste control outlet that connected to the underground tunnel system that would lead into the Hutt's lair.

"Sewers! I hate sewers." Lyra groaned.

"Look at it this way: at least it's too dark to see the womp rats." Oni said.

"Funny, boss." she said dryly.

The trio continued into the fortress, eventually making it out of the sewer system and into the air vents of piped in air to the large underground facility. As they stealthily crawled through the large ducts and pipe shafts they were mildly relieved to see that there were apertures that allowed more air to filter through into the underground compound.

It also gave them a eyeful of the complex itself.

My God! This place is huge. Nor mentally gasped as he beheld the massive underground complex that looked like a hanger.

There were a half-dozen ships there and each one being loaded and off-loaded with various kinds of materials, caged animals... even people.

Slaves to be sold, or gambled away in the next pod race. Oni realized.

The trio passed by nearly a hundred such openings, which gave them all an extensive tour of this little fortress.

To be more precise, the entire complex was like it's own city. Like an enormous mining facility had dug out everything and turned it into a small underground valley. With the extensive machinery and working plant operations, this place was practically self-sufficient. You could live here for years and never bother to import anything else.

Suddenly, Oni stopped.

"Boss?" Lyra whispered? "Why are we stopping?"

"A little... insurance." he said as he quickly handed the thief and the assassin a pair of devices. "The instructions are inside. Just follow them and you'll be alright. And be quick about it."

The pair nodded and quickly departed, following the maps that were in the datapads Oni had given them.


Nor planted the device and quickly left the munitions/weapons room.

I should have gone with Rei. He thought as he peeked out from room. She needs better than those two to watch her back. He gulped. Or backside.

He hadn't gone far down the indigenous rock and steel hallways when he noticed something else.

Something's wrong. He thought as he pulled his daggers.

Suddenly, the walls opened up as a horde of guards flooded into the room.

A trap! He gasped, taking in about a dozen enemies, all looking like brown-skinned lizard men. But that didn't matter to Nor.

"Remember, the boss wants him alive!" one of the thugs said as the other thugs charged.

The Hutt wants me alive? Didn't say anything about themselves. He thought as he leaped into the air throwing out his hands and nailing two thugs in their heads with his throwing knives.

He back flipped through the air and kicked down two more thugs, gripping his knives tightly as he slashed down two more thugs across their throats.

Four down... Nor mentally kept count as he threw his circular blades, cutting into two more thugs. Make that six.

"Take Him Down!" the thugs shouted.

Idiots! In an enclosed space the advantage goes to the one with the fewer numbers. Nor thought as he buried another blade into a thug. In this case... me!

The last five thugs pulled their guns and started shooting.

Their boss is going to be upset at this. He thought again as he tumbled across the ground in order to avoid their lasers.

Springing off the floor, he threw out his hands and nailed two more thugs with his throwing knives.

However, while he was about to deal with the last three, he failed to notice another figure in the shadows point a weapon at him and fire using the stun mode.


Lyra continued to crawl through the maze of tunnels following the data pad that Oni had given her. She wondered exactly where it was that she was going, but kept moving.

Finally she reached her destination.

Popping through the metal grate she was found herself in a very bad place.

All around her were numerous doors lined with bars, and dozens of beings and creatures on the other side of those bars moaning and growling.

The prison level? She mentally gasped. Thank you so much Oni!

Lyra shook her head and continued on her mission, walking through the corridor and getting a few whistles and catcalls from the prisoners.

Just then, she found what she was looking for. A large metal box on the side of the wall next to the door and stairwell that was leading upwards.

Guess that's my way out. She thought as she placed the small device on the bottom of the box and then left up the stairs to try and rendevous with the others.

It was then that she was stopped by a half-dozen guards with all manner of weapons.

"It's the Zeltron!" one of the guards shouted.

"Stun her quick before she uses her pheromones!" another shouted as they pulled their guns.

They know who I am? Lyra thought as she felt the stun pulse render her unconscious.


Darth Oni planted his device and managed to get out without waking the rooms occupant.

Now to find the others. He thought as he crawled back through the long small tunnel he had cut out with his lightsaber.

However, the second he got out of the tunnel, he found himself surrounded by a dozen guards with guns and blades, lead by a dark robed figure that Oni had sensed seconds earlier.

He had sensed him, but the second he did, he realized that there was no other way to go.

A smart person would have stayed in the tunnel and planned a course of action. But a smarter man wouldn't.

"Hello boys. Been waiting long?" Oni asked.

"The boss wants to have a word with you, assassin." the cloaked figure said.

"I'm sure he does." Oni said as he suddenly spun around and threw out his arms, a Force-wave sending all the guards flying through the air in multiple directions.

Had Oni stayed in the tunnel, he would have been at a severe disadvantage in terms of space. A rat caught in a trap. But outside the tunnel, he could spring the trap and cause quite a lot of damage. It was something they wouldn't be expecting, which gave him the advantage.

Suddenly, the cloaked figure threw off his cloak, revealing a man in blood red armor and a strange helmet. His weapon pulled from behind his back, looked like a three foot metal rod. A twist on it and two blades shot out of each side.

Nice. Need to get me one of those. Oni thought as he went for his weapons, the metal cylinders on the back of his belt flying off and into his hands. Guess two will have to do.

Oni's lightsabers ignited as the man leaped at him.


Oni blinked his eyes open to find himself in chains, surrounded his both friends and enemies and without benefit of his lightsabers. He looked around and noticed a small chrono-meter on the wall.

If that time's right... less than a minute now. Oni thought, his head continuing to count down.

(Ah! The young one awakes.) The Hutt cackled as Oni tried his best to sit up, despite the weight of the chains. (Now I have the complete set. HOHOHO)

He sat up as the large Hutt continued to talk.

(Why have you come to this place... dark one?) The large slug like creature asked Darth Oni from his throne/platform.

"Would you believe we came to kill you?" the Sith asked.

(HoHoHoHoHo) was all the Hutt could say.

Oni looked around and saw at least a couple dozen guards of various races surrounding him and his team. Which meant that there were at least twice as many waiting in the shadows nearby. He saw Rei and Lyra on the platform with chains around their necks. He saw Barraco, Nor and Rok trussed up in chains next to him.

And he saw a strange device on the side next to the large Hutt called Baddo.

That's it. The neural dampener. He thought, looking at the half-sphere on top of a square box that was about a square foot in diameter.

Oni had heard of these things. They had the ability to neutralize special powers, like telepathy or empathy, in biological beings by sending out sensor waves that, while harmless to the health of those beings, would pinpoint the exact frequency their special and unique brain waves fluctuated. The sensors would identify the obvious neural differences in the majority of biological beings in the area, and send out energy waves to neutralize those different bio-patterns, thus neutralizing powers such as The Force. As the Force is basically an energy field, energy can be neutralized by energy.

Something like this had been banded in the Republic. But to an underground crime boss like Baddo... well, sufficed to say, this was the primary reason Oni and his team had been dispatched.

"How did you know we were here?" Barraco snapped at the Hutt.

(I received a mysterious message some hours ago about a group of assassins coming to kill me.) The Hutt said. (They said that a girl with blue hair, a Morgukai and a Wookie would be arriving at the front gate, but that three more would be sneaking in through the sewers. Descriptively, a Sith Lord, an Anzati assassin, and a Zeltron woman. We've been watching you for some time after capturing your three partners.)

"Someone ratted us out? But who even knew we were on this mission?" Nor asked.

"Doesn't matter, but I promise," Oni said to the Hutt. "You'll regret holding us, right up till you die."

(Don't make me laugh boy. You have no powers here and no weapons either. And you are all chained and surrounded by my men. What hope have you of escape?)

"Just... this." he said, as his mental countdown finished.


The massive explosion ripped through the underground fortress as the main weapons cache's blew.


Another explosion was heard, this one emanating from the prison level, releasing all of the Hutt prisoners.

Oni smiled. The devices that he, Nor and Lyra had planted were special bombs all on timers, with five second intervals planned out before they had infiltrated the Hutt fortress.

And the last bomb was set to blow right about...


Finally, another explosion was felt, this time, right underneath the platform of the massive Hutt himself.

Within seconds, the floor the platform was on eroded as Lyra managed to roll free of it. However, Baddo grabbed Rei's chain, preventing her from leaping off the platform, and dragging her down with him. Oni quickly lurched forward and dove after the pair.

Baddo hit the bottom of the large underground cave hard, his slimy body bouncing off the platform and onto the coarse dirt ground. Rei managed to bounce off the Hutt's tough but blubbery skin, front flipping away and landing on her feet. Oni, now free of the neural dampener that was now destroyed along with the platform, easily landed on the ground next to Rei.

A little Force-assistance on his part and the chains broke free of both of them.

"Shinji-kun!" Rei shouted as she threw her arms around her beloved.

"Rei-chan!" Shinji replied as he hugged the girl tightly.

"It seems as if your plan has a small flaw in it." she said to him.

"Most plans do." he said with a shrug.

The pair looked around and realized just where they were. It was the place where all of Baddo's enemies went.

The underground pit of the monstrous beast known as The Rancor.

And worse yet, the explosion that caused the Hutt and the platform he was on to fall into said pit, which caused the platform controls to fizzle, had sent the signal to the electronically controlled durasteel door that opened up to reveal the Rancor itself.

This was actually part of Oni's plan. The flaw, of course, was that he didn't expect himself or Rei to be down here when the Rancor ate Baddo.

The giant rusty-looking, but still very strong durasteel door slowly opened, the trio of occupants fearful of the creature that stood on the other side.

The large creature towered above the trio, standing at least thirty feet in height. It's long claws and oddly large open mouth revealing both sharp teeth and claws. It's long arms bound in leathery skin were a contrast to it's shorter legs. The creature itself looking like some kind of up-right walking lizard man-monster.

Oni quickly backed Rei up against the wall as the monster saw the squirming Hutt, actually more like he was twitching and shaking. It lumbered over to Baddo and growled, the Hutt screaming as he saw the massive beast towering over him.

Rei hid her eyes in Oni's shoulder as the creature grabbed Baddo with both hands, barely able to get its huge claws around the thick frame of the Hutt. She covered her ears with her hands to suppress the bloodcurdling screams of the Hutt as he was eaten, tail first. It wasn't that death had an effect on her, it was more from a giant monster eating a giant slug would have made her vomit.

That's more disgusting than I thought it would be. Oni thought as he mostly looked away.

While the beast ate, Oni breathed a sigh of relief. A big meal like a nice juicy Hutt would keep the Rancor satisfied so much so that it wouldn't come after them.

However, it did see them.

Eventually, it finished with it's meal and lumbered over to where Oni and Rei were.

However, Oni wasn't deterred or fearful as he normally would have been. Taking a deep breath, he moved in front of Rei and threw out both hands, wave of Force-energy washing over the Rancor as he stooped down to wrap his hands around the pair.


"So, is everyone alright?" Nor asked once he was out of his cuffs and chains. He snatched up his blades that were on the ground next to him.

"I think so. But this outfit is so, not, me." Lyra said, staring at the rather skimpy outfit. "Not my color you understand." he said, grabbing her guns.

"RRAAGGHH! RAGHHHH! ARRRGHHHH!!!" Rok bellowed as he gripped his mace.

"No, I don't think we'll have to worry about Oni and Rei." the warrior in the red armor said to the large Wookie as he pulled out his double-bladed lance.

"You speak Wookie?" Barraco asked the man as he retrieved his axe.

"Course. Don't you?" he said, noting their weapons.

During the chaos, the weapons of Oni's team that Baddo's guards had been holding, were scattered across the floor, each one coming up to where their owners were.

"And just what was your name, cutie?" Lyra asked the man in red.

The man removed his helmet, revealing a human face with three slash marks across his left cheek. "You can call me Havoc. Havoc Race." the man said, still gripping his lance.

"Nice armor." Nor said sarcastically.

"Keeps my skin safe." he replied sarcastically as the other occupants of the room, namely the guards that were recovering from the explosions, started inching closer to the group of assassins.

"Looks like your secret is out." Lyra said to the man.

"Figured as much." Havoc said as he replaced his helmet, dropping the remote device that had released the team from their cuffs and chains the second the floor caved in.

Suddenly, Oni and Rei appeared out of the large hole in the middle of the floor, lifted up to the level of everyone... by the leathery hand of the Rancor itself.

"Thanks for the lift." Oni called down to the Rancor. "Now you've already had your dinner so go and take a nice long nap. Okay?"

The Rancor roared and went into its corner.

All eyes turned to Darth Oni and his blue-haired lover as the young Sith spoke.

"So, did everyone enjoy themselves?" Oni asked his team.

"Oh, immensely." Barraco said with dripping sarcasm.

"But what do we do now?" Lyra asked.

"Baddo's dead. So we can do whatever we want." Oni smiled.

He then turned back to address Baddo's remaining gang.

"All of you can either swear allegiance to me and my team... or die with your boss!" he stated.

The nearly three dozen thugs and guards looked at each other briefly before simultaneously dropping to their knees and bowing before their new master.

They may have been thugs, but they weren't so stupid that they'd disobey a guy who could control a Rancor.


The new management of Baddo the Hutt's fortress had gone off rather quickly and easier than they expected.

The group took a couple hours to make sure everyone that formally served Baddo was now on-board with their taking over the Hutt's lair. It was rather easy, after seeing Oni's control of a Rancor. After they had everyone's compliance, Oni and his team, which now included the red-armored Havoc, had themselves a little celebration.

Rok was eating his fill of food. Nor was talking to Havoc, comparing skills and histories. Lyra was flirting with several of the guards. And Barraco was being fawned over by a couple Twi'lek slave girls.

There was a construction team repairing the large hole in the ground that lead to the Rancor Pit, but for the most part, it looked there was a party going on, complete with music, dancers, food and drink.

While this was going on, Rei, still dressed in her bikini-slave outfit, asked Oni a question.

"Shinji-kun?" she asked, as she snuggled up to her love as he sat on the large cushions at the back of the room.

"Yes, Rei-chan?" he answered, holding the girl close.

"While I do not question the subtle intricacies of your plan, I am confused why you would wish to have the Hutt know we were coming to assassinate him."

"Because he didn't expect it. By tipping him off that he was going to be assassinated, he didn't suspect that there was a traitor in his organization." he explained.

Rei looked over to Havoc as the red-armored man demonstrated his lance skills to Nor, who tried not to look impressed.

"Another thing I was not told of." Rei said. "This traitor, Havoc, was working for you the entire time?"

"Met him while you were training on Anzat. When I was recruiting the others. Saved his life. He was so impressed with my skills, he asked if I needed a partner, or extra help with anything. Said he worked off-and-on for The Hutts. I figured he could be veery useful, so I took him on. Besides, he's a mercenary, Rei-chan, he goes where the better deal it. Compared to working for the Hutts, we were the better choice."

"But the Hutt's control the entire planet. How are we the 'better deal'?"

"Because he loves a challenge, and mercenary work, even for the Hutt's, is uncertain, random and rather dangerous."

"And working for a Sith Lord is more... stable?"

"Not exactly."

"But... if he worked for you, was being captured part of your plan?"

"Of course." he grinned.



"The boss wants to have a word with you, assassin." the cloaked figure said.

"I'm sure he does." Oni said as he suddenly spun around and threw out his arms, sending a Force-wave to all the guards, sending them flying through the air in multiple directions.

The cloaked man bore it better than the guards, as if he was simply caught in a powerful gale wind. He quickly threw off his cloak, revealing a man in blood red armor and a strange helmet. His weapon pulled from behind his back, looked like a three foot metal rod. A twist on it and two blades shot out of each side.

Nice. Need to get me one of those. Oni thought as he went for his weapons, the metal cylinders on the back of his belt flying off and into his hands. Guess two will have to do.

Oni's lightsabers ignited as the man leaped at him.

The special blades housed in the lance clashed against the bright red energy swords carried by the younger man.

"Your skills are impressive for someone so young." the man in red said as he slammed his blades against Oni's sabers with uncanny speed.

"Wish I could say the same, but I have no idea what you look like under that helmet." Oni grinned as he flipped into the air and avoided a laser blast from one of the recovering thugs.

A blast that nearly struck the man in red.

"What are you a Tuskin?" he shouted at the man before lunging at Oni again. "Drop the laser swords and maybe I'll grant your request!" the man said as Oni deflected another laser blast back at the thug who fired it, killing him.

"Kill the assassin!" another thug said before he was cut down by Oni's saber.

"You'd think that Baddo would have hired better security to protect himself." the young Sith said as he waved his hand, and tossed two more thugs against the solid stone wall, a trail of blood following them down the wall they slumped against.

"Baddo has a lot better men at his disposal than you'd think!" the man in red said again as he leapt at the boy and slammed his blades against one of the sabers while Oni cut down another attacker that was coming up behind him with his free hand.

"He'd better if he wants to live past today." Oni replied as he brought his second saber around to cut at the man's armor, but missed and clipped his cape.

"Hey! Watch it!" he growled as he swung and missed Oni again.

The man swung up with his lance, barely hitting Oni in the head, but taking a couple hairs off the side. Oni dove forward and to the side, swinging his body down as he threw out his leg to knock the man off of his own.

Oni sprung backwards and flipped through the air, his feet landing against the wall. He pushed off it and spun wildly through the air, his sabers twirling like rotor blades that enabled him to cut down four more thugs who were foolish to get so close.

Oni landed with incredible skill as the last three thugs attacked. He threw out his hands and pushed one of them back into the man in red, impaling him on the lance. This distracted the other two for a split second, allowing Oni to dive right past them, his sabers cutting them through their waists.

"Very nice. Really clean and thorough." the man said as he pushed the thug off his lance.

"Don't get sarcastic, Havoc." Oni said as he extinguished his sabers. "Using you as my unwitting accomplish threw the last two off, enabling me to kill them quickly."

"Reinforcements will be here soon." he stated.

"Right. Status?"

"The others have been captured. Including your girl."

"I figured as much. What happened?"

"Baddo demanded she give up her weapons, the Wookie got pissed and started thrashing the guards."

I wondered why I felt an anger spike coming from. Oni thought.

"Then the Morgukai gets into it with the rest of the guards, and your girl leaps at Baddo with her own weapons drawn trying to use the chaos as cover."

Smart, Rei-chan. Oni smiled.

"Unfortunately, Baddo was prepared for that." the man explained.

"The neural dampener." Oni stated.

"Right. He keeps it next to the control panel on his mobile platform."

"Nice to know. We're all in then. You know your part?"

"I do." he nodded.

"Good. Because they're coming." Oni said as the man in red moved up behind him.

"Takes them long enough." he said as he hauled off and struck Oni in the back of the head, knocking him out as the guards exploded into the hallway. "What kept you?" he shouted at them, causing them to balk. "Bind him and bring him to the master!"

The guards nodded and carried out their orders.



Guy packs a wallop though. Shinji thought, absently rubbing his head. "But the intention was to get rid of the neural dampener. Taking over the Hutt's fortress was an added incentive."

Rei and Shinji looked over the group of individuals and felt perfectly relaxed and safe. Shinji could just feel that there wasn't going to be any trouble from Baddo's former minions and henchmen.

It was then that Rei felt Shinji's eyes on her.


"Yes, Rei-chan?"

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"I think you should keep the outfit." he said with a smile.

Rei looked down at the rather revealing silk and metal material.

"Only for you, my love." she smiled at him.

He moved in and kissed her passionately.

"What does my master wish of his slave?" she whispered huskily.

"Only the pleasure of your body." he whispered back.

"I give it freely." she said as Shinji grabbed her hand and lead her out of the large throne room.


Shinji pushed Rei back onto the bed, the small outfit doing little to cover her sensuous frame. She stared at him as his dark clothes fell from his body, revealing his athletic form to her. Her breath quickened in anticipation.

He waved his hands, the straps and small ties coming undone, Rei's new outfit fell from her body as she stood up to present herself for her lover.

"My master!" she gasped as Shinji pulled her close to him, covering her lips with his own.

"Mmm! Mmph! Mmmmph!!" he moaned as his tongue intertwined with her own.

"Mmmph! Mmmmm! Uummmm!!" Rei countered moaned as she kissed her love.

His hands rose up and clutched Rei's perfect breasts, the fingers caressing the sides while his thumbs brushed over the nipples. The sensations shot through Rei faster than she thought.

His touch! So much! She thought as she felt herself fall back onto the bed.

Rei felt his mouth pull away from her, but felt it come to rest on her left breast, his left hand continuing to massage her right breast as his right hand moved lower towards her moist womanhood. The touch of which caused her juices to flow out in streams.

"AAHH! AAAAHHHHH!!!" she gasped as Shinji continued to suck on her warm skin.

Her skin is so soft and smooth around this part of her body. It's like silk almost. He thought as Rei's moans became louder and more lustful. God, she's so sexy when she moans like that.

He released her left breast, his teeth tugging slightly on her nipple and releasing it, the snap causing her to jiggle for a second.

Shinji-kun! She mentally gasped as she felt his teeth tug at her flesh. It was a mild pain, but to also excited her.

Shinji maneuvered himself around, bringing his arms around her legs as he gently, at first, tried to clean up Rei's glistening flower. The position having the effect of giving Rei full access to his now fully awoken member.

"Take me as I am you." Shinji said as if giving an order.

"Thank you, master." Rei smiled as she gripped his member and licked the tip before inserting it into her mouth.

OH GOD! That's Great Rei! Just Like That! He gasped and returned the favor to her.

The master and his slave were intertwined on the bed, licking, sucking and writhing together in the most sensuous way possible. Rei pumped her mouth over and over his hardened rod, moaning as she did, while Shinji dove his tongue into her sweet fountain, finding and pressing down upon the very sensitive spot he had been looking for earlier.

Rei gasped the second he had found it, but kept a tight hold on him, not wanting to displease her master but stopping mid-throat.

He pleasures me as I do for him! She thought and continued her work.

They continued for a few more minutes, until Shinji stopped them both.

"Uh... Master?" the dazed Rei asked in confusion as he pulled him away from her.

"We've spent enough time on this, I think." he whispered to her as soon as he had spun around.

"You mean..." she started to saw, only to be cut off by a deep kiss to the mouth.

"Yes, my Rei." he whispered to her as he positioned himself.

Rei gasped as she felt him push into her, filling her body all the way as she remembered.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" she gasped in time with him as well.

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" he groaned as his hands fell back to grip her shapely rear end.

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" she groaned as her arms wrapped around his neck.

"REI!" he gasped. "Look At Me! Let me see your eyes!" he commanded.

In the throes of passion Rei found her gaze locked with his, the look of both lust and love flowing into her body from his stare alone.

My Love! She gasped as he continued to push back and forth.

"Let me hear you say it, my slave!" he whispered huskily to her.

"Use me, my master! Use my body for your pleasure!!" she whimpered as he continued to push into her body.

His pressed his lips hard against her own, tongues rolling around in their joint mouths as her arms came up to wrap around his neck. Shinji's hands moved as well, his left hand caressing her right breast and squeezing it while his right hand came up behind her back to pinch at the back of her neck. Specifically a pleasure center he had discovered some weeks ago thanks to the Force.

Still connected Shinji flipped Rei over so that she was on top, the young woman able to use her own knees to give herself some lift, his hands holding her hips firmly. Shinji lifted Rei up slightly then brought her back down onto his still hard member, over and over driving her crazy with lust.

"It's Good! So Good!" she gasped after only a few seconds of this.

Shinji looked up at his lover, the euphoria on her face filling him with lust, pride and especially love. It was why he had taken her, above all others, as his mate.

Not that bitchy red-haired girl, not the sexy older purple-haired woman, and not the attractive blond in the white coat.

No. It was this amazingly passionate blue-haired woman, who he would love more than anyone else.

Shinji twisted her body around, still connected by his manhood, and threw Rei forward, himself getting on his knees while his hands came up underneath her to clutch tightly her jiggling breasts. Rei gasped as she was taken from behind, sweat and exhaustion building up rapidly within her.

"Master! Oh! My Master!" she gasped as Shinji pulled her back so that her back was tight against his chest, her head turned back to receive his tongue while his hands continued to fondle her breasts. "Mmmm! Mmmmph!" she moaned as her arm reached back to wrap around his neck.

The pair continued for several more minutes, before exhaustion got the better of them, causing them to come with great force.

"MY MASTER! MY GOOOOOOODDDD!!!!" Rei shouted as she came and came hard.

"MY RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII!!!!" Shinji shouted as he came with her.

Minutes past very slowly as their bodies slowly regained motor skills and the pair fell down onto the bed itself.

It wouldn't be until later that they would discover they had actually found one of the larger suites that the Hutt's specially reserved for their most prestigious guests.


Nor fumed.

He had seen Oni and Rei leave the party and had discreetly followed them. He knew what was going on, judging from the way they were looking at each other.

His fist slammed into the wall.

"Damn Him!" Nor growled as he pulled back his bleeding hand. "I can't believe this! Why him, Rei? Why him of all people? Is it because he's a Sith? Is that it? I'll bet he used that mind-trick stuff on her and he's forcing her to love him. That has to be it!" he fumed.

"It's not." a voice said.

"What?" he gasped as Lyra appeared next to him.

"Those powers only work on the weak-minded, and Rei isn't weak. Right?"

(Sigh.) "No. No, she isn't." he admitted.

"You're just upset that she's having sex with him, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Oh, look at your hand!" she said with a grin and lifted his bleeding hand up to her mouth. She drew her tongue across his skin, wiping most of the blood away in one sweep.

He shuddered.

"Come with me. We need to take care of this quickly." she said seductively as she lead him to her own 'acquired' quarters.

In his grief, Nor had forgotten that Lyra could use her pheromones to manipulate others. And in the state he was in, he was an easy target for the lustful young woman.


It was the next day as Shinji's communicator beeped.

Shifting his body slightly, he levitated the communicator to him, not wanting to disturb his Rei s she snuggled close to him, and flipped it open to read the glowing screen on it.

It was from his master.

He smiled as he read the order.


Oni and Rei looked over at the group. Rok was already there, having slept in the main chamber the whole night. Barraco and Havoc arrived next. Lyra and Nor were the last, both of them looking like they had had a busy night. Rei was actually relieved.

"What's going on Oni?" Havoc asked once they were all assembled.

"We've just received some new orders." Oni said.

"Really? What?" Barraco asked.

"We're going to fight some Jedi."

The reaction was instant.

"YES!" the Morgukai shouted, waking the rest of the room.


Author's Notes:

Sorry that this update took a while.

Hope everyone was satisfied with it.

The action, the story content, the sex. (And don't get me started on having Nor and Lyra having sex. It would have been overkill)

My original idea for this chapter was to have Shinji and his team fight a group of Jedi Knights. But then I thought, 'why not do that later and put in a scene with the Hutts?' By adding the Hutts meant I had to add a diverse group of creatures and guards to the mix. But I also got to use a giant monster as well. I decided to go with the Rancor, from the 'Return of the Jedi' movie, and have Shinji use his powers to control it as a way to show just how powerful he had become.

And then the taking over of the Hutt's base was done for fun really.

And before anyone asks, Yes, Havoc Race is dressed up like one of the crimson Imperil Guards. At this point in time they aren't Palpatine's personal guard. I'm planning to make them Shinji's.

It gives the group a place to lay their weary heads for a while between missions. Though I'm sure the Hutt's will have something to say about that, I plan to have them deal with it later.

Next chapter, the team takes on a group of Jedi Knights, and Shinji meets Anakin!


And Now... OMAKE! (By Shinjithegoodsharer)

Shinji waved his hands across the room, everyone falling under the gentle sway of his powers.

"From this moment on, I'm in command. Understood?" he spoke to the group.

"Yes, Master!" the bridge crew spoke.

He smiled. "Good." he looked over at the group and took note of the group. "Lets see. You, you and you will become my slaves!" he said pointing to Misato, Ritsuko and Maya. "You will becomes my personal assassin." he said pointing to Asuka. "You, you and you will continue to work extra hard for me and like it." he said pointing to Hyuga, Aoba and Fuyutsuki. "And all of you will make sure that the rest of NERV does the same."


"Now, Ritsuko. I have a special job for you."

"Yes, Master." the blond said.


"How is the new interface coming, Ritsuko?" Shinji asked as he got to the Eva cages a few days later.

"We're ready to test it, master." the blond scientist said.

Shinji got into his Eva and shot it to the surface. Shinji stuck out his hand towards the city, and caused a couple buildings to rumble at their foundations before they exploded upwards and into the air, hovering.

"YES! With my powers channeled through this Eva, I have the equivalent Force powers of a person the size of an Eva!" Shinji grinned. "Today, dawns the birth, of the New Galactic Empire!!!!"



Shinji focused his Force powers and sent a powerful wave into the Rancor's stomach. The great beast held his stomach as he turned his head to the side and spit out the large fleshy chucks of the once mighty Hutt.

"I told you not to eat him so fast." Oni said to the Rancor. "Do you know how hard it is to do a Force-Heimlick on a giant monster? Huh? Do you?"


OMAKE 3 (After careful consideration, I decided to do a short sex scene featuring Nor and Lyra)

"You want me, don't you?" she said to him as she removed her clothes.

"I do... actually." he whispered, taking in her body. Why didn't I ever notice how beautiful Lyra is? He thought as she moved to him and started taking his clothes off.

"It's been a while, you know." she said with pouted lips. "I guess I'm... a little easy."

"So am I!" he said as he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

The pair fall to the floor of the room Lyra had lead them too, Lyra moaning as her emotions began to get release. Their tongues entwined, wrestling hard, Nor moved up and grabbed her breasts with his hands.

They're so soft and warm! He thought. He squeezed and massaged them, her nipples stiffening as Lyra moaned out.

"That's good, Nori-poo! Please more!" she gasped as she felt one of his hands creep down to her shapely ass. It was smoother than he thought, his fingers pinching the skin slightly, eliciting a moan from her gasping mouth. The feelings were overwhelming her quickly.

Nor's other hand was still fondling her breast. Any harder and it would have produced milk.

(Okay, I have no idea how this goes, or even if Zeltron's are capable of producing milk)

"That's it, Nor! Give me your hot semen!" she cried out.

Before he could respond, Lyra had pushed him over and enveloped his manhood in her mouth. Nor moaned as her expert tongue caused him to climax quickly before he knew it. She was sucking on him rather hard, but pulled away before it was over.

"Lyra... what did..."

"I can't wait any more!" she gasped and moved quicker than he expected, impaling herself upon his still erect rod. The shock lasted two, three, seconds, before he rolled her onto the floor and started pumping hard. She had built up something heavy in him and he needed release too. Lyra screamed out as she felt his hard cock penetrate her over and over again.

God! He's really good at this! She thought as he pounded her hard. I hope he doesn't think I'm Rei! She wondered as her body shuffled back and forth along the floor. "Nor! God! It's So Hard! Faster! Harder! More!" she cried out.

Nor heard her and obliged, thrusting harder and faster as their juices mixed together on the floor. He pulled her over onto her stomach and jammed himself into her ass.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" she shouted at the sudden 'attack'. Good God He's Bigger Than I Thought He'd Be! She panted and groaned as he pounded her. That was enough, until she felt his hands slap her shapely butt again and again.

"Do You Like It!? Do You Like It?!!!??????" he screamed as he slapped her again.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried out as he suddenly exploded inside her.

Nor collapsed on top of Lyra, the Zeltron thoroughly spent as well.

Good God! He's better than I thought he was going to be. She thought as her breathing slowly returned to her. He's also a lot rougher than I expected. Kinda... violent, almost. Which doesn't make sense since he's more of a weapons expert, not a hand-to-hand guy like Barraco. God, if I'm gonna screw him again... I need to build up my own muscles as well. She thought as she let the sleep come and take her.

"Uh... did you call me Nori-poo?" Nor asked weakly into her ear.