by Gunman

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Summary: Shinji is raised by Legato Bluesummer after Gendo abandons him. ShinjixRei


Chapter 1

Return of Shinji

"FATHER! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! I'LL BE GOOD! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" Shinji shouted as the grim man slowly walked away, not looking back even once.

Gendo Ikari got into his car and drove away, not knowing the fate that was to befall his son.

Shinji was informed that his uncle would come by and pick him up, which didn't make him feel any better, since he had never met the man.

It was well past dusk when a tall, lean man with blue hair, dark eyes and a long white trench coat with black spikes on one shoulder approached him. He was handsome, but there was a look in his eyes that Shinji immediately identified as sadness.

"Shinji Ikari." the man spoke.


"I am Legato Bluesummer. I'll be taking care of you."

"You're not my uncle, are you?"

"I'm afraid your uncle has been in an accident and is unable to make it. I'll be taking over for him." he said as motioned for the boy to follow him.

The accident he was referring to, was documented by the police as a suicide. When a person wraps their car around a large tree at over a hundred miles an hour, with no indication of alcohol or drugs in his system, suicide is the only logical conclusion. Even if he had no history of it.

Shinji picked up his bag and headed after the man.

This is going to be most interesting. If those fools at SEELE, or even your own father, knew of your true potential, or even that it was you who would decide the fate of this world, they would never have abandoned you.


Ten years later found Shinji Ikari stepping off the train and heading to the entryway of the station. He was dressed in a long black trenchcoat with white highlights. His dark brown hair had grown and covered half his face, his left eye visible yet squinted as if he was trying to focus and look for something.

I sense something. He thought as he looked up and noticed a squadron of military planes headed for a much larger object that was walking. Ugly. But powerful. Even Legato couldn't control that thing.

The jets bombarded the large greenish monster while Shinji just looked on. Just then, a speeding car slammed it's breaks and came to a stop next to Shinji.

"Are you Shinji Ikari?" the attractive looking woman inside asked.

"Are you Misato Katsuragi?" he replied.

"Yes." she replied.

"Why aren't you wearing your tanktop?" he asked, confirming her question, as she had sent him a picture of her in shorts and a low-cut tanktop, as the boy got inside the car.

It sped off in a hurry towards NERV, all the while Shinji sneaking glances at Misato.

He's checking me out. Misato mentally grinned.

Yes, I am. Shinji thought, reading her mind. But not just your looks.

Yes, Shinji had learned telepathy from Legato, and proved to be a very capable student. So much so that he actually found he had the potential to surpass the blue-haired telepath. And right now he was using it to read Misato's mind.

Interesting. Heavy beer drinker. Terrible cook. Don't need my telepathy to tell she can't drive too well. He thought as Misato took a hard turn that nearly jarred him out of his thoughts. Her apartment is an absolute sty. She has a penguin for a pet? Hmm. Quite a few lovers I see. This is going to be very entertaining.

Suddenly, Shinji's mental power picked up a strong wave of urgency.

"Misato, Get Down!" he shouted, realizing that the planes attacking the creature, were flying off.

"What?" she asked, then she saw it. "N2 MINE!"

She grabbed Shinji and covered his body with her own, confirming his earlier indication that yes she was a beer drinker, and yes they are real. However, the angle that Misato had pulled him in to had the boy's face buried in her crotch, which he barely noticed as a massive explosion sent the blue car spinning over and over.

When it finally came to a stop, on it's side, Shinji found Misato sprawled out on top of him.

Interesting. I didn't know they made a beer shampoo. Shinji thought as Misato's hair covered his face. "You can get off me now."

"Huh? OH!" the older woman shrieked as she climbed off of Shinji and out of the car. "I'm sorry about that."

"Such a foolish woman." Shinji said as he got out of the car after her.

"Foolish?" she grimaced.

"You make it seem as if you had something to do with that bomb. It's alright." he said with a smile.

"Oh. Okay." her mood returning to normal.

After getting the car back on it's wheels, the pair were once again on their way.

"So, I imagine it's going to be quite a surprise to see your father." Misato said.

"Not unless he's had a sex change." Shinji commented.

That actually got a laugh from Misato.

"So, we're going to see my old man, huh?" he asked.

"Well, yeah. You do know what your father does, don't you?"

"Nothing humanitarian I'd wager."

"Nothing humanitarian? NERV's purpose is to defeat the Angels, and your father is the head of that organization."


"Well we have these things called..."

"Evangelions?" he answered.

"How did you..." she started to ask, wondering where he had heard that name.

"And you want me to pilot them." he interrupted again.

"Uh, right."

"For the commander of NERV."

"Pretty much." she said with an expanding grin.

"To protect the world."

"Exactly." she smiled as Shinji got the idea.

"And keep you in beer." he said with a grin.

"Precisely!" she grinned.

Wait for it. He smirked when she got wide-eyed.

"HEY!" she snapped suddenly realizing the jib at her.

Shinji grinned. "But that's not what I asked." Shinji replied. "What I meant to say was: how did a guy like Gendo get put in charge of an organization that is supposed to safe guard the world? He's not exactly the logical choice for something like this."

"He might surprise you." Misato stated, not realizing he had just called his father by name.

"Not unless he's wearing a pink tutu."

"Oh, there's an image I don't need." she groused.

The rest of the ride was continued in silence, which Shinji used to think over exactly what it was that his master had taught him and how he had gotten to be this way.

Legato was a rather closed and cold man. He wasn't by any means a 'father', as some would describe it, but he was supportive and nurturing. He taught Shinji how to use telepathy, to read minds and make other people do what you wanted them to do, despite their own will.

By Shinji's 6th year he could only sense feelings.

By his 8th year he could read thoughts.

By his 11th he could influence the thoughts and actions of people, but only those who were used to following orders. Soldiers, office workers, cops, religious zealots, etc.

But it was last year that really changed things for Shinji.

For the first nine years, Shinji had lived a hard and cold life, devoid of any real emotion. Like Legato himself. In those years he was raised to believe that his talents and gifts were meant to cause cruelty and suffering to others. That the world was cold and cruel and was meant to be destroyed. But it was Shinji's 13th year that did a complete 180 of the boys perception.

Having mastered the art of telepathy as Legato had, he found himself peering at Legato's mind and found out something rather interesting.

The man had never been happy.

Not once in his entire life. Or his former life. Not when he was under the influence of his cruel master. Knives Millions, as he called himself.

Legato and the entire Gung-Ho Guns had all been slaves and servants to Knives, which ultimately lead to their deaths. But now that they were here, reborn and free of Knives, they were all the happier. Still vicious, but happier.

Except Legato.

Having spent the longest amount of time in Knives presence, having learned telepathy from him, Legato was the most susceptible to his influence, his way of thinking. And as such he was the most grim, the darkest of the Gung-Ho Guns, because he lived in a world of constant torment, pain, suffering, and misery. And worse, it was what he believed.

This made Shinji seriously rethink his life and what he had been taught. When he finally realized that what he had been taught was in fact the path to his own death, he laughed.

Long and hard.

He eventually stopped laughing, after about three hours, and decided to make a few changes to his life. And the life of his master.

Using everything he was taught, Shinji decided Legato see what he had been missing. He started with food, as he knew the man was susceptible to sweets. From there it was a simple matter to get him to go out to clubs and such, and, with the added incentive of alcohol and a little gratuitous violence, was finally able to get his master laid.

After that, Legato actually started smiling more.

Shinji found that manipulating others was easy, especially when they had some kind of addiction or craving that overrode most of their willpower.

Alcohol for example was useful for implanting suggestions or commands into a person to make them do whatever you wanted, or make them feel whatever you wished. Weaknesses like these were what Shinji looked for when he read a person's mind. Once he had them, they were his.

And he exploited this weakness to great extent and enjoyment. His own mostly.

Coming back to the present, Shinji started to wonder just how much fun he could have in his fathers organization and with the people inside it.

He turned and looked out the window.

"Whoa. An actual Geofront." he said, honestly impressed with the size of the underground base.

"Yup." Misato said proudly. "It's our last hope of standing against the Angels."

The tram-ride had been pleasant enough, but the escalator ride was funny to Shinji, because he knew without telepathy that Misato was lost.

"We're lost, aren't we?" he smirked.

"Well, that's what these mobile walkways are for." she said while behind him.

"Nice breeze in this place. Glad I'm not wearing a skirt." he said, ducking to avoid her swinging fist.

"How did you..." she asked in confusion.

"I made a joke at your expense, why wouldn't you try to smack me?" he asked, looking back at the stunned woman as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Uh... right."


The elevator opened up to reveal an attractive blond woman in a white labcoat and swimsuit.

Shinji read her mind.

WHOA! She's THAT smart and a looker? He thought as he paused. HOLY SHIT!!!

What he saw in her mind made him cringe a little.

Hybrid-Human Clones. Angel Clones. An Angel in Terminal Dogma. Third Impact. A secret society called SEELE.


And she doesn't really seem happy about any of this. Let's see what else there is. Hmm. Not much of a social life, has a thing for cats. Dyes her hair blond. Ah-Ha! She's a coffee-drinking chain-smoker. This is definitely going to be fun. He thought as he implanted a suggestion for later.

"Is this the Third Child?" Ritsuko asked.

"I'll be your first if you want?" he smiled, batting his eyes like a girl.

Misato laughed while Ritsuko just held a stunned look on her face.

"He's a little on the comic side." Misato chuckled.

"Definitely didn't get that from his father." the blond said, offhandedly.

"Speaking of which, how is the walking deadbeat?" Shinji asked.

"You mean the commander." Ritsuko corrected.

"No, I mean Mr Limped-Dicked, Zero-Personality with the 'Fear-me-or-I'll-stare-you-to-death' expression on his bearded face." Shinji elaborated.

Ritsuko managed to keep a straight face, but Shinji heard her thoughts.

'How did he know Gendo was limp?'

"So, I suppose we're going to be given the grand tour of NERV?" Shinji asked.

"This way." Ritsuko said.

Shinji and Misato were lead to the Eva cages where Shinji was introduced to the giant purple-colored, horn-headed mecha surrounded by red liquid. His first response was natural.

"It's ugly."

"Hey!" Ritsuko shouted. "I'll have you know that this highly advanced synthetic weapon, built here in secret, is mankinds last line of defense against the Angels."

"And you want me to pilot it." Shinji said.


"Hello, Shinji! It's been awhile." a voice from above said.

Everyone looked up to see Gendo Ikari standing in a large observation booth.

Shinji instantly read his mind, even from a distance he could do that.

Let's see. Eva's. SEELE. Sleeping with Ritsuko. Doesn't care about her; no surprise. Clones of mother ...named Rei Ayanami. Hmm, that's interesting. Plans to genocide the world, yadda, yadda. All to get mother back? And he knows where she is. What? She's inside...

The room suddenly started shaking.

"The Angel is advancing." another female voice said over the intercom.

"We're moving out." Gendo said.

"Shinji, we need you..." Ritsuko started to say.

"No." the boy interrupted.

"What?" she asked as everyone froze.

"I'm not piloting for you, old man." Shinji said to Gendo. "I don't owe you a damn thing, so you can get in this thing and pilot it yourself."

Gendo just looked at the boy as he continued.

"Unless you can't. Unless the weapon you built requires someone special to pilot it." Shinji mocked.

"You are not special." Gendo said.

"Then why was I called back and no one else?" he grinned.

"Then you agree to pilot."

"Give me a better reason to do it than for you."

While the pair bantered, Shinji was using his powers to influence Gendo as well.

"Fuyutsuki, wake up Rei." he said.

Shinji sneered as he saw a pair of nurses and a doctor wheel an injured young girl out into the cages on a gurney.

"You bastard!" he said, though to be honest, he was glad of this.

Suddenly, the whole base shook again. Steel beams fell from the ceiling as Shinji raced over to the girl as she got jarred off the gurney. He caught her as she fell to the ground, the steel beams heading for them. He sent a mental message to Eva 01 causing a giant purple hand exploded from the red liquid, knocking the steel beams away from them, hitting the glass Gendo was on the other side of.

"Unit 01 activated!" a female voice over the intercom.

"How? That's impossible! The power socket wasn't inserted!" Ritsuko shouted.

"Then how..." Misato asked as she noticed Shinji holding Rei. "It's him."

Gendo was just grinning.

While everyone was staring, Shinji was using his powers to ease the pain in her mind.

"It's alright. I won't let anyone hurt you again." he said as his powers did their work. He turned back to Gendo. "I'll do it."

Gendo smiled.

"If you give me the girl." he added.

His smile disappeared. "What?"

"I don't owe you anything, but if you want me to help you, I want something in return."

"You... want Rei?" he asked, his brow twitching.

"Think quickly, commander." he said mockingly. "I've got nothing to lose."

"The Angel is advancing. It'll be at the city-center in three minutes." the female voice said again.

"The girl, for saving your lives!" Shinji said again.

Gendo grimaced as the base shook again.


Good, but let's play a little bit more. "What was that?"

"I... agree!" he said through clenched teeth.

"I didn't quite..."

"You Can Have Rei If You Pilot!" Gendo practically shouted. "And You Had Better Win!"

"Alright." Shinji grinned.


(Honestly, this stuff is nasty.) Shinji said as he sat in the pilot seat as the entry plug filled with LCL. (Gonna need to get my clothes dry-cleaned.)

"What's his synch ratio?" Ritsuko asked inside the control room.

"It's... it's at 95.7!" Maya Ibuki gasped.

"WHAT? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! It's just... IMPOSSIBLE!" Ritsuko gasped.

From the elevated platform, Gendo and Fuyutsuki just stared.

"Maybe the boy is special." the older man said.

"We'll see." Gendo grimaced, still not liking the deal he had struck up with the boy. That deal won't hold up. I'll find a way to keep Rei away from him.

Misato was smirking. "EVA PREPARE TO LAUNCH!" Misato shouted from the control room.

The giant Evangelion rocketed to the surface, coming to a grating halt as it hit the streets.

Are you ready for this, mother? Shinji asked as the Angel saw Eva 01 and attacked.

Of course, son. I'm glad to see you again. Yui Ikari replied as the Angel's fist was caught by Eva.

It has been awhile, hasn't it? Shinji asked as Eva pulled back and slammed it's fist into the Angels face, knocking it down.

Yes, it has. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I... she started to say as the Angel got back up.

It wasn't your fault. It was Gendo's. He replied as he activated his AT-Field.

I just can't believe that he would abandon you. she said as the Angel slammed in the field.

Well, he did. And I was raised by another. Shinji replied as the Angel raised his own AT-Field to cancel out his.

Yes, you must tell me who this Legato is. She replied as the field broke and the Angel attacked.

I look forward to introducing you to him sometime. He said as the Eva crouched low and slammed it's fist hard into the red sphere, shattering it.

Are you trying to set me up, Shinji? She asked as the Angel started to wince in pain.

Gendo wants to destroy the world just to get you back. He's screwing that fake blond science chick who's mother you used to know. And he abandoned his own son one day after you 'died'. Tell me how you can do worse than that? He replied as the Angel exploded.


Author's Notes:

Here is my first chapter in a rather fun-to-write story.

Originally I was planning to have this be one in a series of stories about Shinji having been raised by different kinds of people and the skills and powers he gains growing up and returning to Tokyo-3 to fight the Angels. This one was about the telepath Legato Bluesummer, from Trigun, raising Shinji to be his successor, hence the name 'Shinji the Darkwind'.

I had originally planned for this to be a one-shot, but as I wrote it the thing kept getting longer and eventually I realized I had enough for a multiple-chapter story.

This is a Shinji/Rei fic, and it's basically going to be a lemon where Shinji uses his special powers to get Rei, mess with Gendo, and have a lot of fun he normally wouldn't have had in the series.



Gendo's smile disappeared. "What?"

"I don't owe you anything, but if you want me to help you, I want something in return." Shinji said.

"You... want Rei?" he asked, his brow twitching.

"Think quickly, commander." he said mockingly. "I've got nothing to lose."

(The Angel is advancing. It'll be at the city-center in three minutes.) the female voice said again.

"The girl, for saving your lives!" Shinji said again.

Gendo grimaced as the base shook again.

"Done." the grim man said.

Good, but let's play a little bit more. "What was that?"

"I... agree!" he said through clenched teeth.

"I didn't quite..."

"You Can Have Rei If You Pilot!" Gendo practically shouted. "And You Had Better Win!"

"Alright." Shinji grinned. "Now say 'I'm a pathetic father and lousy at pleasing a woman'."

Gendo creased his brow. "I will..."

Shinji focused.

"I'm A Pathetic Father And Lousy At Pleasing A Woman!" Gendo shouted over the loudspeaker.

"Now dance like a monkey and sing 'I like to Move It'." Shinji said.

"I won't..."

Shinji focused again.

"I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it." Gendo said as he started hopping up and down like a monkey. "I like to... MOVE IT!" he said with a pelvic thrust.

Oh yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun. Shinji thought as he watched the monkey dance.