by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Trigun.

Summary: Shinji and company meet Asuka Langley Sohryu and battle the 6th Angel. But Asuka has a different guardian than Kaji around.


Chapter 6

Meeting The 2nd

"I really don't see the point in all this." Shinji said as he sat in the chopper with Rei and Misato.

"We're just going to meet the pilot of Unit 02. I thought it would be good for you guys to get out of NERV every once in a while." Misato grinned.

"Then send me and Rei on a vacation or something." Shinji said as Rei leaned against him.

"Yes. I'm sure you would enjoy that." Misato grinned.

"You need a man, Misato-san." Rei exclaimed.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" the older woman cried out, shooting daggers at the younger girl.

"You... need... a... man." Rei repeated slowly.

Shinji was just grinning as his girlfriend and guardian sparred each other.

"Do you know your eyebrow is twitching, Misato-san?" Rei asked.

The woman growled as she sat back in her seat as the helicopter continued on its path.

Shinji beamed with some pride, knowing that his influence had helped accomplish this. He also grinned at what he saw in Misato's mind from her escapades at NERV.


When the chopper landed on the aircraft carrier the 'Over the Rainbow', Shinji helped Rei out of the chopper and followed Misato over to where a redheaded girl in a yellow sundress with a short skirt was waiting for them.

Shinji was dressed in his normal black pants and white button-up shirt with his sneakers. Rei was dressed in a new outfit Shinji had bought for her.

(Actually, Shinji had convinced the store owner to give him a few free gifts for Rei)

She was wearing a blue sundress with thin shoulder straps, only the skirt reached down past her knees, and she wore matching shoes with a straw sunhat. She wrapped her arms around Shinji's arm as they walked over to the redhead.

"Hello, Misato. It's been a while hasn't it?" the redhead said.

"My, you've grown, haven't you?" Misato laughed heartily at the girl.

"And I'm not just taller. My figure's filled out as well." she said proudly.

"So I see." Misato said as Shinji and Rei approached her. "Shinji, Rei, I'd like you to meet the designated pilot of Unit 02. Asuka Langley Sohryu."

Shinji looked at the girl. She had long red hair and sparkling blue eyes, flawless skin and an arrogant grin on her face. Shinji was reading her mind instantly.

Oh, Jeez! I've never seen a mind so conceited. Arrogant, cocky, narcissistic, vain, egotistical. She's got skill, but no experience in fighting Angels. Yet she's so sure of her superiority. Not much to stop me from controlling her. She's intelligent and trained, college graduate, but her ego will make it easy for me to have fun with this girl. Hmm... Her mother died when she was only four... just like me. Has a thing for some guy named Kaji. Her ideal... wait! Kaji... he's Misato's old boyfriend from college, and he's here now. Uh-oh.

"So, I heard you were bringing the Third Child with you. Who is it?" Asuka asked as she looked at the pair with Misato.

"That would be me." Shinji said.

Asuka looked him up and down, then frowned a bit.

"Not much to look at, is he?" Asuka said.

Rei grimaced as she let her hand fly, slapping Asuka in the face.

"Hey! Why you bitch!" Asuka cried out and tried to slap the blue-haired girl, only to have Shinji grab her arm in mid-air.

"Don't even think about it." Shinji said with a stern expression.

Asuka wrestled her arm from Shinji's grip. "Don't think about it? She hit me!"

"You insulted Shinji-kun!" Rei spat.

Asuka growled as she stared at Shinji. "Girlfriend's a little protective, is she?"

"If you had insulted her, I'd have done worse to you." Shinji said with a smirk.

Asuka looked pissed, but Misato broke it up before they could do anything else.

"Well, let's get going, shall we?" the woman said.


After meeting with the naval admiral of the fleet, who Shinji didn't like and made a mental note to do something about it later, the still temporary NERV sub-commander was given a rude shock when she found out that her old boyfriend, Ryoji Kaji, was on board.

The second Shinji met the man, he read his mind and found out a few things.

Namely that Kaji was a spy and he had the frozen embryo of Adam with him and he was bringing it to NERV, for Gendo, in order to get in so he could expose NERV's secrets. Actually, he was a triple agent, working for the UN, SEELE, and NERV it seemed. Shinji wondered exactly how a man like that expected to live to old age with such a dangerous profession.

Shinji also found out that Kaji liked to sleep around, flirt like crazy, and still had a thing for Misato. Even though he had dumped her after they spent a week having sex together. It had left Misato rather devastated. It also had little do to with the fact Kaji reminded Misato of her father.

Gonna have to do something about this guy. Shinji thought to himself.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Misato snapped as the quintet rode down to the mess hall in the small elevator.

"I'm accompanying Asuka. I'm on a business trip of sorts." the unshaven man stated.

"How careless! I should have expected something like this." Misato grumbled.

"HEY, STOP TOUCHING ME!" Misato and Asuka shouted.

"I can't help it!" Kaji shouted.

"You were touching us both?" Misato shouted. "You Pervert! Fondling young girls!"

"But I wasn't touching any young girls!" Kaji gasped.

"You weren't fondling me?" Asuka asked, disappointedly.

"Are you saying that I'm old?" Misato cried out in anger.

Shinji was only grinning as he and Rei held each other tightly, her back to the wall as Shinji covered her.

When the group reached the mess hall, Kaji was back in flirt-mode with Misato. Shinji and Rei were on Misato's side while Asuka was next to Kaji, who was across from Misato.

"So, tell me, do you... have a boyfriend?" Kaji asked.

"That's none of your business." Misato said, trying to ignore him.

"I'm hurt." he said as he turned to face Shinji. "So I understand you're living with Katsuragi now."

Here it comes. "Both of us are." he said, indicating Rei who was next to him.

"So, tell me, is she still so... wild in bed?"

Both Asuka and Misato's minds nearly shut down at that, both looking horrified at that suggestion.

"I wouldn't know. She sleeps on a futon most of the time." Shinji said before Misato answered. "Besides, Rei keeps me up most nights."

Asuka fell onto the floor at hearing that. Kaji looked a little stunned if he understood what the boy was implying.

"But if you're asking me if she's still 'active', then yes. She's had a couple rather consistent lovers over the last few weeks. And that one lady can really howl."

"L-Lady?" Kaji gasped as Misato started to see where Shinji was going with this.

"Yeah. Misato's really picky about that. She said she had a real bad experience in college with this one guy who never shaved, so ever since then she's been going the other way. Don't know how bad that guy must have been to make her become a lesbian, but, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you Mr Kaji?" Shinji said with a smile.

Misato grinned as she noticed Kaji's eyebrow twitching.

"I wouldn't, in point of fact." Kaji exclaimed as he stood up to leave. Asuka followed him.

And now I play the waiting game. Shinji thought as he sipped his tea.


Shinji didn't have to wait too long.

"So, what do you think about Shinji Ikari, the Third Child?" Kaji asked Asuka once they were alone and leaning against the railing of the ship on the upper deck.

"He's a freak. If I understood him correctly, he and that albino are doing it! I mean, JEEZ! He's only, what? Fourteen or so?"

"Last I heard he was."

"It's just disgusting!"

"And yet they seem so much in love." Kaji said. "You wouldn't like a guy who loved you like that?"

Asuka turned to him. "You're the only guy for me, Kaji-kun!" she smiled.

"Oh, really?" he said as he silently moved behind her while she continued to stare out over the ocean. He leaned over her, his chin hair gently brushing her shoulder. "And why would you want a guy like me for? I'm older than you."

She shivered at his closeness. "I like older men. They're more mature, interesting and experienced."

"You really want a guy like me?" he asked, silently undoing his pants.


"Alright then!" he said as he suddenly reached under her dress and pulled her panties down before he lurched forward.

"AHH!! KAJI! NO! WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU...I'M. .. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" the shocked girl shrieked in pain and shattered belief as the man grunted fiercely while he held her.

Asuka screamed and struggled as she was roughly violated.

It only lasted a minute as Shinji and the others suddenly emerged onto the walk-way.

Shinji quickly sprang into action, leaping up high and kicking Kaji in the head. He pulled Asuka from his grip and cradled her as two strong looking sailors rushed the man and pinned him to the ground, punching and kicking him hard.

"Let Me Go! Let Me Go!" Kaji shouted as he struggled. "She wanted it! You hear me! She wanted it and she told me!"

"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" Misato shouted as the men forcefully dragged him away.

"Are you alright, Asuka?" Misato asked as she knelt down to the crying girl in Shinji's arms.

"He...he...Misato, he..." but Asuka couldn't talk.

"I know, Asuka. I know." she said as she pulled the girl to her and held her.

Rei was at Shinji's side, praising his courage and skill in stopping her attack from going too long. Shinji said that he felt bad that he couldn't have gotten there any sooner.

In reality, he wasn't that upset about it. By triggering Kaji's libido into overdrive he was able to get the man to attack Asuka once he was alone with her, which he knew would knock her off her high horse and humble her more than a little. And at the same time, it would get Kaji out of Misato's life. He had simply enhanced Kaji's libido, not implanted any suggestions into the man's head to force him onto Asuka. He just figured Asuka would seek him out.

Asuka was taken to the medical bay while Kaji was tossed into a holding cell. Once inside he seemed to calm down and even confused about what happened.

The guards told him.

"I WHAT??" he shrieked. Ooooooohhhhhhh my god. This is so going to screw up my plans.

"Filthy child molesting rapist." the guard groaned, just itching to beat him up more.


"So, what do we do now?" Shinji asked Misato as the ship's doctor gave Asuka the once over.

"This isn't what I was expecting. God, I never thought that bastard would..." Misato rambled.

"How's Asuka?" Shinji asked the female nurse as she came over to them.

"She's fine. A bit of bruising and some leg injuries. She was struggling wasn't she?" the nurse asked.


"Well, the good news is that her virginity is still intact. It was her rear end that was assaulted. There is some scarring, but it'll heal in time. She shouldn't try to do anything too strenuous."

"Strenuous? You mean like..." Shinji started to say, when the whole carrier shook.


"What was that?" Misato shouted.

"Are we being attacked?" Rei asked.

"Yes. By an Angel!" Shinji said as he gazed out the pothole in time to see another ship being destroyed.

"What do we do, Shinji-kun?" Rei asked.

"Use my Eva!" Asuka said as she tried to stand up.

"Miss, please don't move." the doctor said to Asuka.

"How is she, doctor?" Misato quickly asked.

"Sore and slightly injured. She can pilot but I wouldn't recommend it."

"I have to!" Asuka said as she tried to stand up.

"Then we'll help." Shinji said as he caught her before she fell down.

"What?" she gasped.

"Rei and I will help you." Shinji corrected himself.

"Help me? After everything I've..." she started to protest, only to have Shinji cut her off.

"Eva pilots stand together, Asuka." he said.

"I'm not weak! I can stand on my own!" she spat.

"Alright." Shinji said as he let go, causing Asuka to fall down hard. He loomed over her for a couple of seconds. "It isn't weak to ask for help, Asuka-san."

She looked at him, his face not housing any arrogance or ego, like she had done. She extended her hand to him.

"Then... help me up, please."


"It's a little cramped in here." Shinji stated, dressed in his own blue and white plugsuit.

"Entry plug's weren't made to accommodate three people too easily." Asuka said, dressed in her own red plugsuit.

"I do not mind being this close to Shinji-kun." Rei said as she rubbed herself against him while she was dressed in her own white and black-striped plugsuit.

"You two aren't going to have sex in here, are you?" Asuka dead panned from her seat.

"Do you wish to join us?" Rei asked as she brushed her hand gently over Asuka's arm.

"WHAT?" she gasped as she pulled away.

"You are very attractive." the albino grinned.

Oh, god! I'm being hit on by a girl! Asuka thought. Kinda cool... No It's Not!

Shinji-kun was right, she does 'fluster' easily. Rei thought.

Oh, yes, very amusing. Shinji thought as he held Rei's hand gently. "Let's go kill some Angel!"


Hello spirit of Unit 02. My name is Shinji Ikari. He said as Unit 02 roared to life.

Hello. I am Kyoko. Mother of the girl you rescued from that unshaven man. She said as Asuka piloted the red Unit 02, jumping ship-to-ship while Kyoko's read the redhead's mind. I thank you for that.

You're welcome. He said as Eva continued to leap across the ships, his mind able to hide the details of what happened from her.

Your name is Ikari. Are you Yui's son? She asked as Unit 02 landed on the carrier.

Yes. Her soul is trapped inside my Unit 01. He said Asuka inserted the power cable into her Eva.

Really. Wonder who is to blame for that? She asked as Asuka turned to the approaching Angel.

My father. Gendo Ikari. He said as the Angel charged the carrier.

You say that with such disdain. She said as Asuka pulled the Prog. Knife from her shoulder pylon.

Wouldn't you? He asked as the Angel jumped onto the carrier.

He's a bastard. She said as Asuka shrieked that it was huge.

And a jerk, and a prick, and a monster. He said as the Eva tumbled into the water with the Angel.

Don't like him much do you? She asked as Eva was taken for an underwater piggyback.

You think? He asked as Unit 02 disengaged and tried to move, without success. I'm in a position to make many changes in NERV, Gendo will be one of them. SEELE will be the bigger problem. When the time comes, can I count on your help?

You have a plan in mind. She stated the obvious as the Angel came about for another attack. Very well then, in exchange for taking care of my Asuka.

Shinji smiled at the love the woman had for her daughter.

I promise I'll be good to her. He said as the Angel charged, opening it's mouth to reveal it's core.

Then you have my loyalty. She said as Shinji shouted for Asuka to strike the core.

Asuka struck, the combined synchronization of the three pilots making the Eva move to kill it.


"Are you alright, Asuka?" Shinji asked as the trio emerged from the red Eva.

"Yeah, I just..." Asuka said as she held her head.

"Just what?" he asked as Rei scuttled up to his side.

"I... it may sound strange, but... I suddenly felt as if... I felt as if my mother was there with me." she said, hugging herself as she gave him a lite smile.

Shinji smiled. "I've felt like that as well when I pilot."

"That was excellent, guys!" Misato cried as she hurried out onto the deck.

"Thanks Misato." Shinji said. "Say, Misato... I'd like to talk to you about something."


When the quartet got back to Tokyo-3, Shinji and Misato were able to get a new apartment, bigger than before. Asuka was moved in with the trio where they threw a Welcome-to-Japan party for her. There she was introduced to Ritsuko, Maya, PenPen and a couple people from school. Namely Hikari Horaki the class rep, Toji Suzuhara the jock and his sister Mari, and Kensuke Aida the otaku.

Asuka liked Mari, as the little girl was just enamored with the redhead because she was strong and beautiful. Kensuke wanted to know more about the red Eva, but he was cheerfully ignored. Misato was mercilessly teasing Toji, who had passed out from a nosebleed at a whispered comment Misato made about him, her, a nylon rope and some candle wax. This was much to everyone's amusement. Hikari was playing with PenPen while Ritsuko and Maya were holding hands under the table where they sat and watched the children fuss and play with each other.

Shinji and Rei were cuddled up into a corner just watching everyone. The entire time, Shinji was using his mental powers on everybody, one person in particular.

"Is something wrong, Shinji-kun?" Rei asked him.

"Just thinking, Rei-chan. Just thinking." he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

Hours later the party died down and virtually everyone was either partied out or drunk tired. Except for Shinji and Rei.

"Come with me, Rei-chan." Shinji said as he lead the girl to their bedroom. "I've got a gift or you."

The pair entered the bedroom, where they found the gift waiting in her bra and panties on their bed.

"You... is that... Representative Horaki?" Rei asked in mild-shock.

"Yes, it is." Shinji said as he closed the door to their room.

"She is... my gift?" she asked, not taking her eyes off the girl in the white, frilly panty and bra set.

"Yes, she is."

"I do not..."

"I found out that she secretly likes you." he said, looking at her shocked face.

"Ms Horaki is a lesbian? Like Ritsuko and Maya-san?" she asked.

"She's bi-sexual actually. And she's attracted to you because of your... exotic features." he smiled. "What? She isn't attractive enough?"

"She's is quite attractive. But why?"

"Because I want you to have something special."

"So, you are giving me the class representative? How did you do this?"

"It was pretty easy, actually."

"How may I serve you, Mistress?" Hikari asked seductively.

Rei looked at Shinji, who told his girlfriend to enjoy herself while he took care of the others. He just smiled as he watched Rei get undressed and joined the brown-haired girl on their bed. After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, which Hikari did most of because she wanted Rei to like her, Shinji stepped into the hallway and tended to the others.

He put a blanket over Ritsuko and Maya, who were slumped against each other against the wall. He put Toji and Kensuke into a compromising position and set Kensuke's camera to record them. He tucked Mari under a blanket on the couch with PenPen wrapped up in her arms like a stuffed toy. He had a little trouble getting Misato back into her room, which she had cleaned thanks to Shinji's influence. He then took care of Asuka.

He carried her to her room and got her undressed. She was down to her bra and panties when he paused, unable to look away from her lithe and athletic form. She was beautiful, but while not as unique as Rei, she had it going on.

"Like what you see... Third Child?" a groggy Asuka asked.

"You are beautiful, Asuka." he said, meaning it as he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"You're not trying to take advantage of me, are you? What would your... girl say?" she sighed.

He brushed a lock of hair out of her face. "Rei's preoccupied at the moment. And I wouldn't take advantage of you... unlike Kaji."

Asuka winced at that.

"I'm sorry. I know it's a bad memory for you." he said.

"I just thought... I liked him... so much. What he did..." she started crying.

He pulled the girl to him, hugging her gently as he stroked her hair and back to soothe her. She cried for several minutes, enjoying the feel of being held by someone not trying to take advantage of her. Shinji kept sending her mental reassurances that she could trust him. It didn't take much to read her thoughts, to know what she wanted.

Yes, she did want people to notice her, praise her and acknowledge her. But what she wanted most was to be loved.

He tilted her head up to look at him, gently bringing his lips to hers. She felt compelled to let him kiss her, his touch soft and gentle, filling her with a warmth she hadn't felt in years.

"Sh-Shinji... what are you doing?" she gasped softly.

"Trying to make a beautiful young woman feel good." he replied as he nuzzled her face.

"What about... your... albino?" she gasped, not wanting him to stop.

He caressed her face softly. "Rei owns my heart. You're just getting a kiss."

"You love her, don't you?"

"I do. I'll probably end up marrying her."

Asuka smiled sadly. She'd never been jealous of anyone before. "She's... a lucky girl."

"You could be too."


He leaned in close and whispered something to her. She gasped.

"You mean... you'd.."

"I don't feel sorry for you Asuka. I wouldn't do this out of pity or simply for the fun of it. You're a special girl, and you should be treated like it. I'd like to be the one, if you let me."

Asuka smiled as she kissed him, whispering softly in acceptance as Shinji bore her to the bed and made her first time truly special.


Morning found everyone exactly where Shinji had left them, though Toji and Kensuke were lost at how they found themselves when they woke up.

Inside Shinji and Rei's bedroom, the blue-haired girl woke up to the soft pressure of the class rep's head nestled between her bare breasts.

I was not aware the class representative was so... talented. I must thank Shinji-kun for giving her to me. Rei thought as she stroked the girls hair.

"Mmm. Mistress Rei." Hikari muttered as she nestled her face against Rei's chest.


Shinji had really done a number on Hikari. Just as he had for Ritsuko and Maya, for Misato and even for Asuka.

She's really good. Shinji thought as Asuka was curled up to his side. I'll keep my promise to you, Kyoko. Asuka will be happy.


In the Eva cages, the spirit of Unit 02 smiled.

But it was a smile that ended when Gendo's cellphone rang and he tried to hump the red Eva 02. This naturally got him smacked by the Eva, which the technicians would later attribute to a strange power surge.


Author's Notes:

First of all, I am sorry that I made Kaji into a libido-driven rapist, much like I did in my other stories, but it just seemed rather appropriate in order to get him out of the picture. Just for the record, I don't hate the guy, it just seemed like the best way to get him out of Asuka's heart and get Shinji to take her place.

Also, I know there wasn't a lot of Gendo acting like a crazy person, but there will be more, I promise. Also, for more sex in this way, look forward to that in the next chapter.

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