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Bold Italics-Narrator talking.

Italics-Lyrics from songs.

Plain Text-What's happening in story.

Two years ago, Gabriella was involved with an argument with both her mother and Troy. Taking this as the last straw, she disappeared without a trace. Now, they see her again…except on national t.v…

"…The song is dedicated to Troy B… Apparently, he was her High School sweetheart…"

You're the one who looked right through me
Now you're saying that you knew me
When I was invisible
And you're the one who walked right through me
Now you're saying that you knew me
When I was invisible

Gabriella was dancing on a table with a blonde girl and two other boys. Troy and the gang were watching the t.v. screen in amazement.

The gang moves to Beverly Hills and, as if fate has it, they meet Gabriella Montez, singer and actor.

" …My request includes dancing by Gabriella Montez…" a dj was yelling in crowded club. The gang all raised their eyes as a pretty girl with long hair, a belly button piercing and a skimpy top climbed onto a table.


Taylor gets to work, and soon Gabriella and Troy are singing together again.

Gabriella and Troy were standing on a stage, Troy shooting her nervous glances every now and then, Gabriella looking at him out of the corner of her eye.

No I won't let go, know what we can be
I won't watch my life crashing down on me
Guess I had it all right there before my eyes, yeah
(Girl) I'm sorry now you were the last thing on my mind

Then tragedy strikes…

Mrs Montez is lying in a hospital bed, Gabriella at her side, and Troy with his arm around her. Gabriella was leaning on Troy, tears coming down her face.

'Start of Something New', the first in the trilogy, coming to you in January 2007…

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