Written by Jlargent

This story is a one-shot crossover fic between Danny phantom and Sailor Moon. So the typical disclaimers apply .I'm taking a break from my Shaman Phantom story. Maybe after this I'll write a sequel later if I get enough reviews. So show your support and read and review.

"Ah Clockwork, punctual as ever." Trista joked as the time master floated to her, a chess board already setup Trista sat down on the white side while her counterpart took black respectively. Clockwork the master of time has always been known to be calm and mysterious but when playing chess he is absolutely ruthless when it came to tactics, whereas Trista was more subtle this made for interesting matches.

As the game progressed it was apparent Trista had the advantage "So how is young Danny doing?" Trista inquired as she captured Clockwork's rook. Clockwork smiled as he carefully planned his next move "Danny is doing quite well. In fact it would not surprise me if he would someday replace me as time lord." To this Trista raised an eyebrow in curiosity "You've seen this?" Clockwork nodded as he captured Trista's bishop "Check. And to answer your question no, but I believe that Danny has an even greater impact on our lives than we would ever know. By the way how are the girls doing?"

Trista smiled as she moved her king "They are fine thank you for asking. How long has we've been playing each other?" Clockwork smiled and moved his queen "Three years running why? Are you tired of our duels?" Trista shook her head as she made her move "No it felt so long ago since we first started this friendly game and I have yet to beat you."

Clockwork smirked and captured her king "And that's checkmate. Don't worry you will beat me but it will take time. Until then, we have our friendly little duels." Clockwork said as he morphed into his elderly personage, which annoyed Trista she didn't know which was more annoying the morphing or the cryptic messages. Trista bowed her head and move to the mirror of time "See you tomorrow Clockwork." Clockwork bowed as he returned to the ghost zone.

Trista pondered her moves as she reflected on the chess game, it was of course forbidden for either one of them to use their control of time to cheat Yet something else to ponder Trista thought as she resumed her duties.


So that's it see ya after Christmas as always Hoody Hoo!