Jack immediately ceased, desisted, and backed away from Elizabeth, leaving her breathing heavily, disheveled, and staring at him with a mutinous, triumphant expression on her face. Inside, she was quaking; there was no going back now.

"Jack Sparrow, let me go. Let me go back to my fiance, so I can fight alongside him and never, ever come back to this place. You may join us if you wish: we came to rescue you, and I won't go back on my word."

"And I won't go back on mine." His voice was hoarse, and Elizabeth breathed an inner sigh of relief: he would not hurt her. "I won't tell the boy about your...indiscretion," his voice was faintly mocking.

"Thank you." She said, and it wasn't all sarcasm.

"I don't love you, Elizabeth. But I don't hate you, either. You did what you had to do; I wouldn't expect any less. Still...revenge is very sweet." He gave her a smirk. "But you seem to have turned me off of revenge --at least this kind-- for a while."

He turned to starboard. "Shall we?"

The shackle was gone from her wrist. The forest was on the horizon, and the Pearl was tilted crazily, beached high and dry where she had first found it. The faint sounds of combat reached her ears. Elizabeth took a step forwards.

"We shall."