Nothing Else

Summary: Because as long as I have you, nothing else matters… slash

Fandom: Maximum Ride

Pairings: Fang/Iggy

Warnings: Slash

Disclaimer: Yep, I own them – I've stolen them, and I'm hiding them in a box under my bed. Shh…no-one's noticed they're gone yet!

Author's Note: A slightly belated 'Happy birthday!' to Mercy Me It's Ashley – hope you like your present, honey!

Funny the way things work out.

We had such plans – how we were going to find our families and destroy the School. And now here we are, huddling together in a filthy alley in a slum of some hellish city while Erasers slowly close in. The gunshot wound in my stomach is nothing short of pure agony, blood flowing steadily from it to drip onto the ground and mingle with the rain. It falls endlessly from a steely-grey sky like the tears of the gods. It's freezing cold…or maybe that's just the blood loss. I'm not thinking very clearly any more.

"It's all over now, isn't it?" you say softly. There is no fear in your voice, just resignation, and your beautiful sightless eyes hold a certain serene acceptance. You're hurt too, a deep gash in the side of your chest. We're going to die – it's not really a possibility, but a fact.

"Yes," I agree. No point in denying it. And in a moment of perfectly absurd happiness, I laugh. The surprise in your face, then a certain grudging amusement that supplants it somehow lift my spirits. I'm slowly dying in a godforsaken alley, in the purest pain I have ever felt…and it doesn't even matter.

Because as long as I have you, nothing else matters