a/n: Here's a teaser opener for the newest epic to crawl from my brain. This will eventually wind into a slash fiction of Sirius Black/Remus Lupin/Severus Snape. Oh yes, a trifecta from the depths of an undersexed over-thinking young woman. There is much done, but it is not near finished. I'll consider posting chapters soon, please read and let me know what you think. However there are some disclaimers…

Disclaimer: I do not own HP or any characters, quite obviously. I do write for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others should they feel the want to read it too.

2. There are M/M relations inside, plotted and developed. Therefore this is NOT PWP.

3. There is past crisis, rape, and abuse talked about.

4. There is rough language

5. It has Non-Canon story lines. Largest being the continued life of Sirius Black. No veil. Very little of the mainstay characters of the series are involved. That means there is very little of Harry Potter and his friends. There is more mention of the lesser characters. (i.e. Tonks, Molly & Arthur Weasley, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin & Severus Snape to name a few prominent herein.)

6. The story is based upon an entirely fictional condition of a lycanthrope condition. Lycanthrope, lycan and the term 'wolf' are used often to describe Remus Lupin because of the story line. (This disclaimer isn't just for you FallenMadness88, honest lol)

7. OOC, there are many instances of out-of-character moments. Most due to the sickness described.

::Whew!:: So, if any above or a combination of them are distasteful for you, take caution if you decide to read. Without further ado, to the teaser…


Apostasy (an abandonment of what one has believed in, as a faith or cause)


It was the thick of night. The sky was clear and vibrant stars winked and swirled around the skyline. For young lovers and night owls alike it was a beautiful evening for frolicking around in wheat fields and dipping in cool waters. But at the opposite end of that spectrum were the creatures of the night that slunk through the shadows and watched innocence pass by them with mixed looks of longing and hatred.

In the hills of Scotland, along a barren strip of land far from any civilization, one of these night creatures was shivering in his hovel trying to ignore the lustful cravings that were creeping in his veins.

Remus Lupin was lying buried beneath his covers. Outside the rickety shack in the surrounding woods, every creature that scurried around the trees sounded ten times louder. His ears were twitching with each step of a fox and each beat of an owl wing. He whimpered, drawing the covers tighter over his head. Please, go away! He balled up further, pulling his knees to his chin.

Far in the distance a lone wolf howled to the full moon. Beneath the blankets, Remus' eyes snapped open. His eyes dilated until only a fingernail sized ridge of amber could be seen around his pupils. A lonesome wail welled up in his throat to answer, but he turned viciously in his blankets and buried his face into the pillow.

Other voices songed with the first, worshipping the moon with their canine vocals. Lupin's heart beat hard in his chest. He could feel it pound against his ribcage like it was trying to break free--just as the wolf inside him was trying to break free.

He pressed his hands over his ears and began to unconsciously chew on his pillowcase. Soon. They'd be there soon. He didn't have long to wait.

There, a deep base that echoed with the wolves' song. A tone that was ethereal and yet eerie. A voice that was only made by the combination of man and beast, human souls trapped in animal bodies.

The werewolves were coming out to hunt.

Remus could feel the hair along his arms thickening. It always started with an itch. A dull throb beat at his left shoulder and he raised his trembling fingers and pressed them into a jagged crescent scar there. The pain spiked before fading away. Soon he knew, if Sirius didn't return quickly, he would be busting free from the plywood walls and barking aloud asking to join them.

He was losing grip on the battle. In his mind he could see the wolf's eyes glittering, almost smiling at him. Hurry, Sirius! For the love of Merlin, hurry! Lupin groaned, ignoring the way it ended with a whine. His ribs were aching and he tried to fool himself into thinking it was because he was holding his breath. The panting blasts that warmed the air bubbled in the blankets told him differently. The pressure was building along his spine, the wolf was waiting to transform, and each moment that passed the bones in his body were on tight springs waiting to grow and realign.

Footsteps, fast and stumbling, were coming toward the cottage. A moment later, Sirius Black burst through the cracking door and stumbled toward the bed.

"Oh, God, Remy. I hurried as fast as I could." And Lupin believed him. The echo of hard gasping breaths, the bitter smell of sweat that coated the man's body and slight undertang of copper from the lashing branches only told him the truth.

He opened his mouth to tell him it was okay, that he was fine, but all that came forth was a shuddering gasp. The bed dipped beside him and Lupin felt a snarl curl his lips. He clenched his eyes shut, it's only Sirius, only Siri...

"Come on, Moony. We're almost too late." Sirius voice was breathless and the hand that clutched his shoulder was shaking from exertion.

Lupin threw the blankets back, ignoring the startled look that Sirius tried to mask. He could feel the thickening of the scruff on his face; knew that his eyes were glowing in the dark. Sirius was right, they were very nearly out of time.

Remus reached for the vial that Sirius held, but his hands clenched in pain as the bones tried to shrink. Sirius understood without words and held the bottle to Remus' lips. The bitter taste and reek of the potions nearly made Remus gag. He had only ever taken the potion once before so close to transformation, it never smelled or tasted as strong when he took it before the change was gripping him.

The potion was gone and Sirius had dropped the empty bottle to the floor, forgotten. His large hands were gripping Remus' face, forcing him to look up. He smiled shakily, "All right there, Remus?"

Remus shook his head viciously, feeling the Wolfsbane curdling in his stomach. It was almost too late, but they made it...barely. He clutched at Sirius' forearms and bared his teeth in a grimace. His friend was already curling around him, holding him tightly with his back pressed to Sirius' chest.

"You are not the beast, Remus. You can beat it." Sirius was speaking in a strong, comforting voice. Remus would have laughed if the man had used that tone at any other time, but right now it was as soothing as Sirius had meant it to be.

With a hissing sigh, Remus could feel the wolf inside lunge forward and before long his spine began to bend him hard into Sirius. He knew he was crushing his friend, pressing him back into the wall, but Sirius' hold didn't loosen and Remus concentrated on the warm breath across his ear instead of the pain that gripped his body.

His ribs cracked and slid around in his skin, bending forward and snapping into place. He breathed hard and ragged, his lungs ached as they were pushed and pulled while he tried to breathe. He held his hand in front of his face, eyes tearing and spilling down his cheeks. No matter how many times he saw it, it still amazed and terrified him. Poor, Severus.

Remus shifted on the bed, pushing the thought of the potions master from his mind. Now was not the time to feel remorse for sins long since passed. So he focused on his hands and put the pulses of pain together with his transformation. His fingers shrunk, tendons tightening, as his palms thickened into pads and his nails hardened into claws.

All over his body, muscles twanged as they were pulled free of bone in ripping heat before they reformed and reattached. It felt like an eternity before it was finished, but in sick reality took all of a minute.

Remus tasted blood on his tongue where his teeth had pushed and shifted into his muzzle. With a whine he tried to burrow into the arms that barely reached around his ribcage, much less held him tight and secure. Behind him, Sirius released him and sat up around his large bulk. Anxious blue eyes--darkened from the excitement into shades of violet--bore into his amber eyes. Carefully, Sirius reached forward a hand and ran it down Remus' jaw.

Lupin opened his mouth and licked at the man's hand, a sorrowful sound rolling from his throat. Sirius seemed to relax at the gesture, placated that they had gotten him the potion in time and that it was Remus in control of the monster's body.

He scratched lightly behind one of Lupin's ears and rested his head on his friend's large skull. "Aww, Remy, it never gets easier does it?" Remus nudged Sirius' arm and chuffed when the animagus hugged his head.

Outside the window the pack howled, sounding a little closer than they had been minutes ago. Remus lifted his head, amber eyes staring out into the night. Sirius tugged on his ear until he turned back. A serious look was on his face, one that Remus rarely saw when they were carefree Gryffindors, and was all too prevalent nowadays. "You don't need the pack, Remy."

I'm your pack.

Lupin lay his head back down on the pillow and closed his eyes. Sirius didn't need to finish the thought, Remus already knew. He wasn't surprised a moment later when he smelled the musk of a dog and opened his eyes to see Padfoot curling up at the foot of the bed.

Sirius fell asleep before Remus did, the werewolf watched the large black dog kick in his sleep and smiled the best a wolf could smile. Outside, the hunting pack howled and chorused in triumph. They had been victorious in their hunt. Lupin held back a strangled whine and curled tighter in on himself before he fell asleep.