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The (Frequent) Flights of Potter

One sunny day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Lily Evans could be found lounging out by the lake with her best friend, Marie Skienal.

Now, most of the school knew that when Lily and Marie decided to take a day off from their school work, it was in the student body's best interest to stay far away. However, as a story would not be a story without a main character getting into some sort of trouble, a boy in Lily's and Marie's year decided to pay them a visit.

James Potter, although a good boy at heart, was a prankster. On this particular day, he had gotten it into his head to play a prank on a certain pair of best friends.

Lily and Marie had been lying rather close to the lake, enjoying the fall sun as they chatted about the random happenings at Hogwarts. Next thing they knew, the cold lake water had been dumped on top of them.

Gasping in surprise, the two quickly sat up only to find a laughing James Potter holding a wand not even ten feet away. Marie stole one look at her friend before inching slowly away for Lily's eyebrow was twitching and the look on her face promised the release of the infamous red head temper.

Students who witnessed the scene swore they could see steam emitting from Lily a moment before a large objects was seen flying through the air.

The object crashed minutes later on the other side of Hogwarts leaving a large smoking crater. When the dirt and rock finally settled, the gathered crowd was astonished to find a dazed James Potter whose first coherent words were "I'm going to marry that girl."

And so began the (frequent) flights of James Potter.

AN: So….what do you think? I originally intended it to be a short but I'm thinking about making it an actual story. Let me know. Flames, although depressing, are welcome as well as praise.