Voldy the Dark Lord
Is a power hungry soul.
With a cold high voice and a slit-like nose
And two eyes that gleam bright red.

Voldy the Dark Lord
Is a terrorist they say.
They claim he's evil
But his followers know
That those words are merely lies.

The Death Eaters know there's no good or evil
Merely power to be found.
For this is what their lord has said
And he's the smart one around.

Voldy the Dark Lord
Is as feared as he could be.
And the wizarding people say
That V only cowers to
Good ol' Dumbledore.

Voldy the Dark Lord
Heard about the prophecy.
So he said, "Let's kill
This said 'Chosen One'
Now before he gets to me."

Down to Godric's Hollow
With his wand in his hand.
Running into the house and killing James Potter
By saying Avada Kedavra.

He then went up to Harry's room
And crossed paths with Lily Potter.
And he only paused a moment when
He told her to get out of the way.

Voldy the Dark Lord
Had to hurry on his way.
So he killed dear Lily
And then targeted Harry
But the curse rebounded off him.

Voldy the Dark Lord
Had been defeated some would say.
But those in the know would say, "definitely no
He'll be back again someday."