New Dog In The Yard Her dreams coming true or not. She still had to face the Ninth Wonder of The World, Chyna, in the fourth match of the night. She shivered at the thought, and let her mind drift.
Jeff slipped his arms around her as a plan to snap her back to reality. She glided back in and looked at him.
He smiled and pointed to the titantron screens, laying on the floor, propped up against a huge wall awaiting their fate- being hung later.
Jeff hit a couple of buttons in the command area, and the screen lit up, flashing a entrance video. HER entrance video. She watched closer as the video showed footage of her in the match against big show. Plus footage and stills from promo photo shoots she's done. It flashed her name and an odd, but totally likable font. She smiled with pleasure. That was exactly what she wanted on her video.
"Where'd you find that?" She asked Jeff. He smiled, but didn't say a word. He pointed to the desk in front of him. On side of the desk had mini disks laid out, with labels on them. Each disk and a wrestlers name on it.
"Sweet!" she said.
"You've got you're own music, own video" he said, "Now... all you need is a true identity" she looked at him puzzled.
"What do you mean? True identity?" She asked.
"We'll you're Tora. You're high flying, as witnessed in your match with big show... Matt, Lita and I would like it, if you were part of Team Extreme" he said, hoping her answer would suit that of the one he had in mind.
"Really?" she said, a little skeptical at the fact. She knew that's what she'd like to do. Be part of Team Extreme. The high flying Hardys and Lita. Who were known for their tactics in mid air, and the all too famous TLC matches. To be part of that team would bring a whole new meaning to her aerial career. She wouldn't have to prove herself aerial, she would be expected to be aerial.
"Well, what do you say" Matt fluttered in. "Team Four Extreme?" Lita gave an agreeing smile.
"Sure thing!" Tora said. Jeff put up his knuckles, as did Tora Matt and Lita. Giving their "we're ready for anything, because we're team extreme" knuckles. Then turned to take off to the locker room.

Once inside, wardrobes were laid out. One for each person. Tora had seen this coming, They had done it the day she arrived in the WWF. The day she was known as the little girl who took down Stone Cold Steve Austin.
It was a good choice and all. Exactly her style. But she'd rather choose her own clothes for the day.
She picked up the outfit laid out for her, to find another one underneath. She smirked.
"ooh, what the heck?" she said. "Are they finally giving me choice?" she laughed.
"There's more in there" Lita said, she pointed to a locker. "They'd rather you these, for light reasons and such. But, if you cant stand them, there more in there."
"Hey! Lucky bastard, You've got two" Jeff said, laughing. Tora nodded as there was a knock at the door. Lita bounced over to open it.
"a hoy hoy... oh, its you" She said.
"Yeah, me" McMahon said, walking into the room. "I forgot to tell you," he looked at Tora, with a blank expression on his face. Tora looked confused, and she picked up both outfits, and held them up to her in front of the mirror.
"Yea?" she asked
"You have to go out first, with your uncles. To be introduced. Comprende`?" He asked. Tora nodded and went on her merry way, trying to decide between two outfits.
"oh... One outfit is for when you're out with your uncles. And the other is for the ring. You decide" McMahon said, before he left the room.
"Great!" she said "Easier to choose". She grabbed the first outfit, the blue plaid skirt, white tank top, black tie, and knee high black plaid socks. She ran to change.
"Ha!" Jeff yelled, grabbing the black and white cargo pants layed out before him.

When the time for RAW had arrived. Tora had butterflies in her stomach. And it was only the beginning of RAW, she would have to wait until the fourth match in, to conquer yet another fear.
"Total goose bumps are taking me over" she said. Looking down at Jeff who was sitting on the bench in front of where she stood. She rubbed her arms. Jeff stood up and put his hands on her shoulders.
"you'll be fine" he said, rubbing her shoulder with his thumb. "Better then fine. you'll be fantastic". Her eyes widened, and she sighed.
"I sure hope you're right" she said, as she heard the thunder of McMahon's "No Chance" music blast through the stadium. "That's my cue" she said.
"I'll come with". Jeff and Tora walked down towards the titantron and met Undertaker, Sara, and Kane. McMahon called Undertaker, and Kane out one at a time.
Undertaker went first, his music blaring as he took Sara's hand and walked down the ramp towards the ring. He climbed up and step on the bottom rope, lifting up the top on so Sara could climb through.
Undertaker stood tall, starring down McMahon. McMahon just looked away and towards Sara. Sara backed up and stood behind Undertaker, hiding. Kane's music began, and he walked down the ramp, climbing up onto the ropes and over the top.
"So, Vince. Care to explain why exactly you called us out?" Undertaker asked, stroking his goatee. Kane nodded.
"We'll I thought that you'd like to introduce this sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden" he paused for the reaction of the crowd. "To your lovely niece, the same niece, who just last smack down took out Stone Cold Steve Austin" the crowd seemed ecstatic, and a little bit worried. At the same time, anxious to actually meet this girl.
Undertaker looked at Kane. And nodded. Tora's music was heard, clear through the stadium, and her video played across the screens of the Titantron..
Tora walked down the ramp, Jeff following her cautiously, afraid that because she was so over whelmed, that she'd pass out or something just as serious.
Jeff jumped up onto the ropes and held down the bottom one with his foot, holding up the top one so Tora could step through, just as 'Taker did for Sara. The portion of the crowd holding the "Don't Trust Austin" signs, and the "Sellout 3:16" signs, cheered for her as she stepped up next to Undertaker.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of New York City, I present to you, tonight's woman's championship challenger, Tora Bearer" McMahon said in his best announcer voice.

Finally the crowd could put a name to the face.