Chap. 8: The Past is Coming Back!


Kisa & Hiro: 14

Momiji & Haru: 17

Tohru, Kyo, Yuki: 18

Kagura: 20

Momo: 13

Hatori, Shigure, Ayame, Kureno: 31

Akito: ?

Ristu: 30

Rin: 19

Blaze & Rukio: 22 & 67 (?)


Takuya & Haine: 6

Zero, Ai: 14

Sona, Toshiki, Aya: 18

Tiko, Ryokka, Riko: 30

Hatsumi: 20

"This won't be going well..." Tohru said, sighing at her desk. Uo and Hana was sitting next to her.

"Tell me about it, your cousin are even worse than the Sohmas," said Uo, looking at the window.

"Yes...I agree." said Hana in her monetone voice.

"How much worse they could be?" ask Yuki, walking over to them.

"Where have you been? Don't tell me you haven't heard of the Honda Anger?!" ask Uo, looking surprise at the 'Prince'.


"Whats with this 'Honda's Anger?' " ask Kyo, looking over, he was bored, school was about to start in a few mintues.

"When the three of us were in middle school, Tohru's cousins transferred. They were famous, for just their good looks and their althealics like you guys are, but Tohru didn't even have that kinda skill. Then one day, when Hana and I weren't there, Tohru was being bullied by some classmates, or should I say, "Fans Hondas". They kept callin' her name and how she didn't even look like them, the next thing ya know, she attack the kids that was bullin' her. And let me tell ya, it ain't pretty to see. One of the classmate was there and he record the whole thing. Ever since then, Tohru started to become cold, her emotion was blank, it was like no one could read h--"

"UO! Stop!" Tohru shouted, the whole class room, stared at her she was standing up, her hand was turning into a fist, clenching it.

"Don't tell them the rest. The past is the past, it's not something to be toyed with!"

Uo looked at Tohru with a 'sorry-look', "I'm sorry, I forgot that you hated to repeat things over."

"That's right, so don't repeat them in fornt of me, understand?" Torhu ask, looking at Uo darkly.

"Tohru...calm down. Your waves are dark and angerd." Hana reported, Tohru snapped out of it.

"Sorry, Uo I didn't mean that." she said, bowing to Uo.

"Hey, it's alright. It was my fault telling them the story in fornt of you."

"Okay, everyone in thier seats, we have three new students, come in." said Mayu, walking in, and behind her was Sona, Ai, and Toshiki. (a/n: everyone's in thier seats.)The class stared at the three new students, Tohru looked outside, her hand was resting on her chin.

"Please introduced yourself."

"Names' Ai, cousin, Sona, and Toshiki." Ai said, pionting to Sona, Toshiki and herself.

"Hey, I remember you three!" said a classmate, "Aren't you three related to Tohru?"

"Yes, we are. Got a problem with that?" ask Sona.

"Baka knock it off, and get to your seats." Tohru said, staring at him with a angry vibe.

"Yes, Ruta." Sona said, walking to his seat, Ai and Toshiki followed behind him, some students snickers at that nick-name. Tohru faces began to rose of ashamed and anger, she stood up, just about when Mayu was teaching.

"Honda? It there something worng?" Mayu ask as Tohru stood up and gather her things.

"I need to get out of here, it making me sick, I can't stand it."

Mayu nodded her head, she heard of the stories about her and her nick-name.

"Aw. Look Ruta running away again." said a classmate, laughing, some students laughed along with him, then a 'bam' was on his desk.

"You got a probelm with me?" Tohru said darkly to Tenshi (the boy that was laughing).

"Yes, what kinda girl wants to beat up a couple of students that doesn't have a father and a wimpy mother." he said, smirking at her. Tohru could feel anger rasing inside her, Ai and her cousins ran to Tohru, holding her back. The classroom looked sacred.

"Lookie, the cousins are protecting her already? What happened at middle school, hmm?"

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Tohru shouted trying to get out of her cousin's gripped. "DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT THEM! YOU DON'T KNOW THEM!"

"And what? They weren't there for you then and look at now, her come cousins to the recuse. It's sad. No one was protecting you from us, and you still have that mark right?"

Tohru eyes' widen, Tenshi smirked.

"You still have it? After all these years you still have it?"

"N-no! Get out! Out! Leave!" Tohru shireked, backing away, her cousins get go of her, in their eyes were hororr, the horror of 'Blanking Tohru'. Tohru's hands were covering her ears, her eyes shut tightly, memories were following back.


"Hey, Honda. What's with you? Trailin' your cousin like that. Why are you even hangin' out with them. You're not even close to good lookin' Ai. I mean c'mon. You don't even looked like you're related to them." said one of Tohru's classmate, Hina.

"Yeah," agreed another student, whose name was Tomaki.

"Hey, let's have some fun with her, she dosen't look like the one to talk to someone about this." said Hina, smirking at her. Torhu was trembling at this, she could feel herself shaking.

"Please stop. Don't do this." she begged.

"Yeah, right." said a classmate. There were a total of four students beating her up. Tohru kept begging for them to stop. She could feel her heart hurts. The words they say to her, rose her to anger.

"I bet she dosen't have anyone love her. Think about it she's a loney little girl with no mommy and daddy taking care of her." said a girl, beating Tohru on her stomach.

"Shut up." Tohru whisprer, the girls stop. They all stared at her.

"What did you say baby?" said Hina, smaking Tohru on her head.

"I said, SHUT UP!!" Tohru roar, standing up and beating them. She could hear them pleading for her to stop, she stopped, when she felt, blood trickling from her neck, like someone was sucking out blood out of her. Behind her was her only friend and he was smirking at her. She could see darkness around his eyes and long teeth from his mouth. When he pulled out his fangs, Tohru was scared, she ran out of the room. All of she could think of was to get far away from here, away from everyone.

End of Flashback

"STOP! PLEASE!" Torhu shouted, you could see blood and burise coming back, as if it was just yesterday that it happen. Her legs gave away, and now she was on the floor.

"PLEASE STOP! STOP!" she shouted louder, the classroom stared at her in horror. It was like a horror movie on, but this time in real life.

"TOHRU!!" shouted the Hondas', Sohmas and Mayu. But Tohru didn't hear them, all she could do was to scream, her face was beating up, bruises were all over her body, her hair was mess up, she was stuck in time, her worse nightmare and time that she locked away are out.

"Don't look at me! Please leave!" she shouted, running towards the window, her cousins ran up to her, but it was too late she crashed though it, giving her more scractes.


The glass shattered into pieces. Tohru landed on the ground and ran out of the school grounds.

"Tohru!" shouted Yuki, Kyo, Ai, Sona and Tohsiki. They saw her ran from the school grounds.

Sona walked over to Tenshi and grabbed him by the collar, "What the hell did you do to her?!" he shouted, staring at him with anger. While the class stared at them.

Tenshi smiled as if there was nothing worng, "All I did was recreate what happen that's all, there's no harm in that is there?"


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