The Meaning of Pain.

Prologue; Whatever you do, Don't miss.

Rating: T+ for Adult Content, Gore, Angst, Major Tragedy.

Pairings: William Turner + Elizabeth Swann lovers.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean, I wish I did.

Summary: What if Elizabeth Swann held the life of William Turner in her hands, and with a single shot. She could have taken it away? During DMC.

Elizabeth Swann looked into the eyes of William Turner as he stood one the net, more or less hung onto the net that carried rum and gun powder. This was his plan, to burn the Kraken. "Whatever you do, don't miss." His voice was strong but yet she could sense the fear. What he'd said had continued to replay in her head.

"Shoot!" Will screamed. Suddenly Elizabeth's mind came back to reality, "Elizabeth! Shoot!" Will screamed again, the Kraken was swinging the cargo new violently, what if the explosion would kill him as well? She noticed he had started to cut at the net. She raised the rifle so she could aim.

3 She started counting down in her head mentally preparing. 2 Her hands became sweaty, what if she missed? 1 She swallowed down her anxiety. Shoot! Her foot was suddenly torn from under her as she pulled the trigger, her aim was destroyed. Raggeti smashed the Karken's tentacle on her foot, and it let free and she got up. "Will?" She breathed becoming suddenly terrified. To her horror when she looked around the ship, not only was there an outburst of fire. But Will was no where to be seen.

"WILL!" She screamed the terror in her voice was more than just evident. "WILL!" When she received no answer, not even from the crew men saying he was near them, she became panicked. She felt sobs choking her, and she slid down the wall, or what was left of the wall to the Captain's Cabin. She felt hot tears swimming in her eyes, until they poured into little rivers. She continued to cry, she missed, she knew it. She hit him, and the bullet went through him, he's gone. William Turner is gone.

"Miss Elizabeth," Joshamee Gibbs came to her, "The crew, we have decided to abandon ship, come now."

"Have you forgotten Will that fast? Do you think I would honestly leave this ship without him?" Elizabeth muttered.

"Miss Elizabeth, we haven't forgotten Will, but it was in his blood to die at sea. So if he has than that is what it was meant to be." The man in front of her tried to convince her it was in his blood, that this was where he belonged. But it was all a lie, William Turner belonged in Port Royal with Elizabeth Swann. He did not belong somewhere in the bloody ocean.

"Just look for him," Elizabeth demanded curtly. "Just once."

In a few moments she was on her feet, many of the crew members had their eyes on the lonesome woman, including the burning eyes of Captain Jack Sparrow. Coward, dishonorable man, pirate. She thought as her eyes met his, "Look!" She screamed.

Elizabeth as well had begun to search the rather small pirate ship for her beloved William Turner. There were many men on the ship, many deceased men that is. She saw men that didn't even look human, and she choked on her sobs.

"Thin' I foun' him! Dat boy, William Turner!" Screamed the dwarf, Marty.

Elizabeth rushed over to where he stood. Sure enough she saw the familiar coat that William Turner had worn since she'd seen him earlier that day. "Will!" She breathed lunging herself onto him, "I thought I'd lost you." By a small, low groan she knew he'd heard her and that there was still a chance.

"Get him into the longboats!" Jack screamed, "Well, I want movement!"

Elizabeth watched Gibbs and the mute man help put Will into the boat; she turned to face Jack Sparrow. "Thank you, Jack." She said studying his face. She checked her pockets, and sure enough the cold steel was there. "I knew you were a good man," She was regretting even being this close to him. Suddenly she kissed him, hard and un-passionately. She backed him up slowly; finally he was against the mast. Click. The steel had been looked around his arm; she saw the hurt on his face. "It's after you, not the ship." She again looked at his face, which was now masked with a pirate smile, "it's not us." She feels a sudden emotion, regret. "This is the only way, don't you see?" It looks as it he's ready to cry. She moves closer again. "I'm not sorry." His rum stenched breath comes, along with it a word. "Pirate."


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