The Meaning of Pain.

Chapter 1: Dealing with Misfortune.

Rating: T+ for Adult Content, Gore, Angst, Major Tragedy.

Pairings: Willabeth forever.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean, I wish I did.

Summary: What if Elizabeth Swann held the life of William Turner in her hands, and with a single shot. She could have taken it away? During DMC,

Joshamee Gibbs gasped at the very sight before him, his Captain, and long time friend Jack Sparrow. Was being kissed by William Turner's fiancée? His eyes must have been deceiving him. He turned away and climbed down to the row boat once again. In only a few minutes he was joined by Elizabeth. He, Marty, Elizabeth, Pintel, Ragetti and Will set off into the Caribbean hearing that Jack had opted to stay behind. He looked at Elizabeth un believingly, his eyes daring to burn into hers.

Pain is written across the face of William Turner. His hands cover and open wound right below his heart, his eyes are shut and his breathing is desperate and shallow.

"He's going to die if we don't get him out of here." Gibbs said gravely.

"Then we must hurry," Elizabeth snapped. She turned to face Will with tears in her eyes. "Oh my poor William, what have I done to you?"

"It wasn't your fault Ms. Swann." Pintel suggested idiotically.

"But it was! He trusted me to shoot the barrels. And I hit him! I shot him!" Elizabeth cried.

"I'm sure he knows you didn't mean it." Gibbs said slowly.

"But we don't know for sure." Elizabeth sighed.

Hearing Will hurt the way he was, was killing me inside. No one could stand hearing his cries of pain any longer. One of the strongest men of the crew was broken and beaten. Just as we treated his wound, the whole crew saw lashings, five lashings, on his back. After what was left of the crew of the Black Pearl reached Tia Dalma's home, Will took a downward turn, and a fever erupted. His skin is hot enough to feel burning from an inch away. For nearly a week now, the crew has debated leaving Will with Tia and going off to search for Jack Sparrow. Though if the crew does indeed leave, William Turner will surely die within the week.

"Is he any better?" Elizabeth asked standing up as Tia Dalma exited the small room where Will was being treated in.

"No, ya' don' undastand' 'ow bad da' woun's really are do ya?" Tia asked.

"I suppose I don't." Elizabeth sighed. "I'm so scared that he won't make it."

"I wish I coul' give ya' a definite ansa' but I can't and we 'ave ta live wit' dis for now. But 'e is a strong man, wit' quite a destiny ta 'im. I t'ink he will be fine in a few weeks, or mont's." Tia said slowly.

"Months?" Elizabeth stammered she felt her knees grow weak and her stomach churn. "Where did the bullet hit, exactly?"

"Da' bullet hit just'a bellow 'is 'eart. If it 'ad hit 'is 'eart, he woul'a died on da Pearl." Tia Dalma gravely informed Elizabeth.

"This is my doing," Elizabeth cried, she sat down on the 'chair' she was sitting on before Tia had come out. "This is my fault, I could be killing Will." Hot tears swam in her eyes, desperate for an escape. Her mind was screaming and thoughts were racing in her head, "He has to know, he has to be alive."

"What does he have to know, Miss Elizabeth?" Gibbs asked hesitantly.

"That I'm so sorry, that I love him. Gibbs, I can't go on without Will by my side, Will can not die." Elizabeth cried allowing the tears to stream down her face un guarded, she felt Gibbs arms wrap around her tightly and he rocked her side to side.

"Miss Elizabeth, I am sure he knows." Gibbs promised. "He loves you so much; he would never believe that you meant to shoot him."

Elizabeth wiped at her tears furiously, "Yes, yes of course." She said trying to convince herself. "Then we must wait, and help him."

Tia Dalma and Gibbs nodded their heads.

"Can I see him?" Elizabeth asked.

Tia nodded, "Be careful, what you see may cause you pain."

Elizabeth nodded and walked slowly to the curtain door; she pushed passed it, and into a room lit by hundreds of candles. Her heart broke at the sight held before her eyes. William Turner was lying still on a cot in the side of the room, his shirt was removed and bandages covered the wound, bed sheets were pulled up to his stomach and well defined abs were shown through. His skin was pale, but sun kissed. His eyes were shut peacefully, and his hands were at his side. There were many 'tools' at his bedside, and she saw a bullet in a bowl. She nearly fell to the ground in tears at the sight of it, the bullet that she had put into his body in the first place, Tia had been able to remove it.

Elizabeth brushed her hand against Will's cheek, his eyes opened weakly and he gave a weak smile. "Hey," He offered with a quiet voice.

"Hey yourself," Elizabeth said almost in tears.

"Don't cry," He begged. "Don't cry."

"I'm not, Will." Elizabeth laughed. "I'm so sorry,"

"Don't be, I love you that is all that matters." Will said trying to bring some comfort to Elizabeth.


Elizabeth gasped her hand flew to her head, she looked around the room, she could swear she heard Jack.

"Elizabeth? Are you alright?" Will asked.

"Yes, yes just a headache." Elizabeth lied.

His hands caressed her head as her lips crashed down on his, his tongue asked for passage and she dimly allowed it. She foolishly ran her hands down his back and his head intertwining her fingers in his matted hair. His hands wandered around her body and then click it was over.

"What's wrong?" Will asked tiredly.

"Will, I need you to rest. For me, so you will get better." Elizabeth said slowly.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room slowly, "How is he?' Gibbs asked.

"He woke up," Elizabeth said dully.

"Tha's a good sign," Tia said.

"Yes, a very good sign." Elizabeth repeated. She walked out of the shack Tia called a home, and onto the porch, she lay down on one of the chairs and fell into a fit full sleep.

The Black Pearl is just the way it had been as Elizabeth kissed Jack Sparrow and chained him to the mast. "Jack," She said turning to him seductively. "Thank you, Jack"

"We're not out of this yet," Jack said hastily.

"I mean for coming back," She looked at him as she came closer her eyes watching every inch of his body. She looked at his face, his eyes to his nose to his mouth. She quickly pressed her lips to his and took his tongue into her mouth and kissed him. For a moment staying in only one spot, her hands running across his muscular arms and torso, and his running through her hair. Her hands were suddenly holding a rather cold steel chain.


"It's not us, its not the ship; its you"



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