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FanFic 100 Challenge Prompt #:: 086- And- "And that's all that matters."- Albus visits Minerva in St. Mungo's after the Stunner attacks.

All That Matters

Minerva's eyes fluttered open to a blank ceiling. The air around her had a sterile smell and was unpleasantly cool. She made an attempt to move, but her entire body ached. It was all coming back to her now... Umbridge, the four Stunning Spells, the flashes of red light, and the searing pain just before everything went dark.

A warm hand reached out and took Minerva's. She managed to turn her head to the person in the chair beside her.

"Albus", she said, finding it difficult at first to speak. "Where am I?'

His weary face eased with Minerva's words.

"St. Mungo's," he said in a low voice, leaning forward to brush strands of hair out of her face with his free hand, the other still holding his.

For a moment there was nothing more than silence. Albus appeared to be battling himself, the twinkle in his blue eyes barely visible.

"What's wrong?" she asked, hoping she had not done anything to trouble him.

Albus released Minerva's hand and lowered his head.

"I should have been there for you," he said.

"Nothing could have been done, Albus. I don't want you to feel guilty about this."

He knew her words were true, but if he would have only been there for her... He would have gladly taken all four Stunning Spells in her place.

"You're here now," Minerva said, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly, "And that's all that matters."


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