I own nothing. Just to warn readers, the characters may be a little out of character. I wanted to do a fic that centered on my favorite characters. Zuko, Ty lee, Mai, and AZULA! Evil fictional people rock! Oh and it is MAIKO. If you no likey, go away.

The Sad, the Sadistic, and the Psycho

The little porcelain doll-like girl was being glared at. When Azula saw something that upset her, she always glared at it, and right now, for some strange reason, this girl was thoroughly upsetting the little nine year old.

"You're weird, you know that?" Azula's voice was deafening in the midst of the academy library. The girl simply blinked, sipped her drink, and then started working on her homework. How could someone completely ignore her, AZULA! Everyone in the school wanted to serve her, or at least talk to her, but this student simply slumped in the shadows ignoring the princess's very existence! So Azula did what she usually did to attract someone's attention-

"Seriously, there is something wrong with you."

Insult them.

The little girl didn't even look up.

"CAN YOU HEAR?!" An echo of "shushes" suddenly erupted.

"Yes…me and everyone else in this library can hear."

"Funny." Azula dead-panned. A thought suddenly struck her. No one had ever talked to her in that manner before. "You do know that I am princess, right?"

"But…you don't have a tiara." The girl said in a small voice.

"I don't need a crown to be recognized as royalty. My family possesses an honorable and impressive lenage." Azula proudly stated.

"It's lineage."

"I could have your head chopped off with the snap of my fingers, or I-"

"Nana always says that bossy people deserve to have their fingers snapped."

"Shush, you can't interrupt my rant!"

"Snapped off…that is."

"That's great, anyway, I could have you whipped, flailed, hanged, or devoured by turtleducks!"

"I don't like whips. They make annoying sounds and they look like thick strings. I like silent things…" The girl stated, almost whimsically.

"Yeah, they are too weak. I prefer maces with the big pointy spikes and the ball that you can swing around and around and decapitate people like annoying moody people who always blame you for everything and…Hey! DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!"

Another echo of "shushes" erupted.

"DAH! I AM PRINCESS AZULA AND I WILL NOT BE SHOOSHED!" Suddenly random things started catching on fire, including the pale girl's sleeve. All of the other students in the library quickly ran out. The girl's eyes widened in shock, but she calmly put the fire out with her drink. Azula used her firebending to put out all the other burning objects before the library went up in ashes.

"You owe me some green tea." The little pale girl said, without any emotion. Azula stared at her, shocked at her odd reaction to nearly being scorched. The girl watched Azula for a moment, but then she quickly lost her interest and started practicing origami with her school assignment.

"No one ever ignores me!"

Azula was flustered. There was something wrong with this girl, and whatever it was, it was not simple.

"Look, a swan." The little girl said. Azula lifted an eyebrow at the reshaped piece of homework in front of her. The raven-haired girl then left her studying table and placed the swan on top of a different table.

Azula quirked her head and asked "Didn't you hear me?"

"Yes, but I choose to ignore you."

The princess was dumbfounded. Everyone in the fire nation was supposed to grovel at her feet; everyone wanted to be close to the kingdom…didn't they? This girl seemed so shy and naïve, yet when she spoke she seemed to be something just plain…odd. A small, slightly disturbing giggle interrupted Azula's thoughts. She glanced back at the girl. Instead of making paper swans she was making paper throwing stars. She had completed two of them, and was now throwing them at the poor swan. They hit their marks and the swan toppled to the ground. For some reason, Azula was greatly intrigued by the display.

"What is up with you?" Azula's tone was not bitter for once, instead, it sounded curious.

"Sorry, I am not use to being noticed." She said, trying to sound as distinguished as her dad sounded when he used big words.

"What is your name?"

"Mai." The girl said. Her demeanor had changed somewhat. Instead of having a blank expression, her eyes were suddenly downcast. She looked shy again.

Azula tilted her head at the taller girl and spoke in a gentle voice. "Aren't I scary to you?"

"No, scary people don't bathe." The girl continued playing with her papers.

"Yeah, they also have beady eyes, like yours, only beadier." Azula stated.

Mai picked up her finished masterpiece. "You would be a lot scarier if you had a tiara." She placed her small paper tiara on top of Azula's head. Azula quickly removed the paper from her head and peered down at it. She could crush it in her hands. That's what she always did with crushable, feminine things. For some reason, she decided not to mutilate the paper tiara. She simply stared down at it, with a flicker of a smile.

"Mai, how would you like to be my minion?" The fire princess asked eagerly.

Mai scratched her head in thought. "Why would I want to do that?"

"Because, like all royal people persons, I need a large host of minions and prawns."

"I think its pawns—"

"And you need someone to hang out with." She said while gesturing to Mai.

"I do?"

"Yes, when people are alone or ignored for too long they start acting weird."

Mai nodded her head. "That explains a lot."

"But don't worry. You are not too weird. In fact, you are weird enough to make the perfect minion!"

The porcelain doll's lips began to curve into the first smile Azula had seen the girl create. "Is this your way of asking me to be your friend?"

"Azula?" A raspy, little boy voice called out.

"Oh no it's Zuzu. WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The young prince scowled at his sister, he then glanced at Mai and did a double take.

"Your that girl." He said while pointing at her.

Azula crossed her arms and rolled her eyes." What are you talking about?"

"You know the one that comes with Mom and Dad's friends to our special dinners."

"Don't know what you are talking about, Dumb Dumb."

"You really aren't that observant. She is the quiet one that never eats her desserts." He said, in a matter of fact way.

"Ok, enough about that! Just stop eyeing my friend and tell me what you want!" That caused the young boy to quickly tear his gaze off the girl and look at his sister.

"Oh yeah, mom told me to get you. She's taking us to see a play."

"Whoop de doo."

Azula began to walk out with her brother. At the last minute she looked back and spotted Mai still sitting at the table. She was blushing.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go." Mai quickly hopped out of her seat and joined Azula. Underneath her breathe she mumbled something that Azula could barely hear.

"…he noticed..."

End of chapter

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