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Chapter One

It started out like any other day, except for the visitor Solomon got. Yugi, Yami and the others were in school when Tea came to talk to Solomon. He was quite surprised to see she her.

"May I come in and talk to you" she asked.

Solomon showed her in and they sat down. At first she didn't know how to tell him what was wrong. Solomon sensed that something was bothering her and he said "Tea what's the problem."

Tea started to cry and he went over and sat beside her and put his arm around she and let her know "honey you can tell me anything."

She took a deep breath and then she told him "I'm pregnant."

Solomon didn't know what to say. He asked her "have you told your parents?"

Tea closed her eyes and shook her head no. "I'm afraid to tell them because they will probably throw me out, and then I won't have any place to go." "Solomon I'm so scared what am I going to do?" She asked him.

"You need to let the father know" he told her.

Tea wiped the tears from her face and told him "I already did and he told me that it was my problem."

Solomon held her while she cried and then he said "you really need to talk to your parents, and if what you fear happens then you are always welcome to live here till the baby is born and you decide what you are going to do."

Tea smiled at him and she whispered "thanks." Then she got up and went to talk to her parents.

After she left Solomon sat there and he said a silent prayer for her and that he hoped things went alright for her. When Yugi and Yami got home, Solomon said "that he needed to talk to them about something that could affect them all."

Yugi could tell that his grandfather was upset about something and he asked "grandpa what is it?"

When Solomon got through telling them they both agreed with him that if push comes to shove Tea would be living with them. Solomon couldn't of been more proud of them then he was at that very moment.

Tea went home and she told her parents that she was going to have a baby and she was so right. Her father stood that and "called her all sort of nasty names and then he told her go get her whoring ass out of their home and to never come back. As far as he was concerned their daughter was dead to them." Tea ran out of the house crying and went back to the Game Shop.

Yugi went to answer the door and there stood Tea and she was crying uncontrollably. Yugi yelled for his grandpa and Yami got there just in time to get Tea as she fainted. Yami carried her into the living room and laid her on the couch and Solomon went to get a wet cloth to wipe her face hoping to bring her to.

When Tea opened her eyes she reached for Solomon who held her as she told them what her father had said. Solomon then told her "you're going to be living here with us and no one will ever hurt you again." Tea smiled at them and in a soft voice said "thank you." Solomon then said "the first thing we need to do is to make an appointment for you to see a doctor and find out what you will need to make sure that your baby is healthy."

Tea looked at them and couldn't believe what great friends she had and how much she loved them. "I'll try not to be a bother to any of you" she told them.

Solomon looked at her and he then said "listen, you aren't now or will you ever be a bother is that understood?" Then he smiled and softly told her "you're now part of this family and as part of our family, we always stick together, don't we boys?"

Yugi and Yami went over to where they were and they also let her know that no matter what, she was now their sister and they would defend her and no one would ever do anything to cause her pain again.

Tea had tears running down her face as she gave each of them a hug and kiss and then she whispered "I love all you."

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