A/N: After reading Prof. Doom' awesome story, I was inspired to push the limit and make an another awesome 1-shot character death. By that, I mean I'm going to actually try to make a good story instead of the usual un-intelligent GWAR-gorefests and this story will actually contain emotion.A little backstory is that Murry went insane due to hippo rage and went on an orgy of destruction. Now Bently and Sly have to stop Murry from getting to Carmelita before it's too late. Have fun :)


Sly knew from the beginning that the stone cliff wasn't safe.He dashed down the path to save Carmelita.

"Carmelita! NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Sly moaned. But it was too late. Murray caught up with her. Yeah, she was a cop but that didn't mean she didn't deserve to be warned about Murray's rampage.

Carmelita was confused."What did you say??????" Carmelita said. Those were her last words. Murray grabbed her and dragged her away from the cliff into the team van. Sly and Bentley waited in horror. Less than two minutes later The murry returned alone. When Sly and bently ran off to check on the situation, all they could find of Carmelita were bits of organs, a skull that looked half-devoured, and puddles of something sly and bently preferred not to identify.


"Sly, calm down, we can just kill murry." Bently urged Sly.

"I shall do that myself." Sly said as he ran back and picked up the team van and dropped his cane. With the power of pure adrenaline and none of Sly's real strength(not that there was much to begin with),he shook the team van until murray fell out.

"Murry this is the last stand. SURRENDER!" Bentley said

"He's mine!" Sly grunted.

"Sly don't-"

"He's mine!" Sly repeated, stalking towards the murry. Murry charged. Sly sidestepped and darted out a foot, sending his enemy tumbling onto the rocky pavement. Murry rolled over and kept rolling, bowling over the master thief. He tried to follow it up with a blow to the head, but Sly dodged it in time. A sharp kick bought Sly some space, and a two-handed smash into Murray's grin sent the hippo flying. Sly advanced as murry got up on one knee and spat. "Here I thought you raccoons were so peace loving," The murray laughed. "Peace loving," Sly said. "Not weak" Murry suddenly vaulted forward. Sly sidestepped again, this time grabbin on to the Muray's back as he flew by. He hurled his enemy through the air toward Bentley. The turtle flipped onto his back and caught the flying hippo with a smack from his wheelchair hydros. This sent Murry hurling back towards sly. Sly lept into the air until he was slightly higher than the speeding Murray. Then he brought both fists down n a devastating double blow. Murray dropped like a fat kid and smashed into the ground. Before the hippo could rise again, Sly was there pinning him to the ground with one knee while he twisted murray's decaying arm behind him.

"You broke my heart when you killed her." Sly said. "Why don't I return the favor."

"I HATE YOU!!!" Murry shrieked. Sly picked up his cane and lodged it into Murray's skull. The warm blood gushed onto Sly's boots as he stared at what once was his friend. Tears began to well up in his eyes. "Sly, it...it's over. He's gone..." Bentley said, weakly.

"Yeah...I know..."

"Well Sly." Bentley said as he patted his best friend's back."We can always...Bentley began to choke up. There nothing he could think of to console Sly.

"Yeah..." Sly said, wiping a tear off as he looked into the sunset-coated horizon."We will...we will..."