Set in chapter 14.


He holds up the torch for them to see. The smell of corpses is all around, and they're staring at the unconscious Acheron like he may or may not be dead. The silence fills their ears as they think of what to do next, what will happen, and contemplate the newfound trust.

Lei'ella wonders about her breakdown only minutes earlier, and knows her emotions are too dangerous, but she thinks that's what keeps her separate from the thieves she hunts. But the lasting feeling of warm arms and the things he says makes her think she's not so different after all.

Varden begins to hoist the heavy Acheron over his shoulder. He flinches for only a second, hears her worried gasp, and turns. She holds the lantern out, and he sees golden eyes dancing with flames. He had never been—at the farthest stretch of the imagination—a fortuneteller or seer or known anything about anyone's future much less his own, but he sees turbulence in hers, and knows for a brief moment all they will feel is fear and panic.

The firelight moves towards him so the golden eyes shine brighter and everything else looks darker, and they are on their way. Conversation strikes up until they reach light and the hidden Neirren, and they escape. The young girl senses she's missed something, but they pay her no mind. By dawn Varden is staring into the sunrise while the two females gather around Acheron, waiting silently for him to wake—and he can sense they still don't trust his confession completely—and all he can think of is golden eyes and what hides beneath them.