Part One: Journeys

It is a time of great troubles.

The darkness of the Sith has fallen upon the galaxy, leaving it in eternal night.

New hopes still exist, but for now, the greatest lies within the Netherworld of the Force.

As the salvation or the second damnation of the Jedi approaches, the choice will be left up to one woman.

Will she fade into shadow or rally for illumination?

Only time shall tell.

And the Force shall not reveal its secrets before then.

Not even to any of its Chosen.

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Chapter 1: Nightfall

A/N: NOW REVISED! This chapter was originally written waay back in 2005, when my writing wasn't quite up to my current standards. So, I've gone back through on both Chapter One and Two and rewritten them. Thanks to skywalker05 for helping me revise this with your reviews! Enjoy! 6/14/07 :-)

Shadow has fallen upon the galaxy. In Theed, the grand capital of Naboo, one of the greatest supporters of democracy has died-Padme Naberrie Amidala. Princess, Queen, Senator-she was all of these things to her people. Yet some remember her much better-a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend. All who knew & loved her were there that day for her funeral, the last journey she would ever take in the land of the living. Her entire family was there, along with many of her Senatorial colleagues.

Yet the one person who knew her as his wife-was he there? Yes. Anakin Skywalker, newly dubbed Darth Vader to the galaxy, stood high above in a tower, watching, as the funeral procession marched onward, carrying his wife to her final resting place.

"Why?" "Why did you ensure that this was our destiny, Force?" "Why take our child, too? Our innocent child.."

"Is this what you wanted? For me to kill them as part of some sick prophecy, just for your entertainment? Does it even matter?"

"Both of them are dead now.. and I killed them." "I only wanted to save them from that horrible fate, yet it only came to pass.."

"I just need to accept it and move on. I'm amazed my master even allowed me to come-to see her one last time."

"I wish I could tell her I was sorry-so sorry-that I didn't listen to her. But now she's gone forever."

"Did she ever truly love me? Would our child have? I guess I'll never know now.."

Anakin Skywalker, sat down on a nearby chair, and wept. Cried for all that was lost, screamed for all that could have been, the future life they had before them...all shattered upon the point of prophecy.

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, rose from that chair when the funeral was over, and marched down to his waiting shuttle. There was business to be taken care of for the Emperor.

2 Weeks Later….

Sitting out in the gardens, young Ryoo and Pooja Naberrie were helping their mother tend when Ryoo unexpectedly spoke up.

"Mommy, we've been thinking. Where'd Auntie Padme go when she died?"

"I don't really know, dears. I've been thinking about it a lot, too, lately. Maybe she's 'one with the Force' as the Jedi say," replied Sola.

"I hope she's OK, wherever she is. I miss her," said Pooja.

"Me too," answered Sola.

"Dinnertime!!" Jobal yelled.

"Come on girls, let's go get something to eat," advised Sola.

Later that day…

It was as if her very soul was lifted into a blue light-toward a brilliant point that seemed to be beckoning for her to come...

But suddenly, the beautiful, soothing light was blocked out by a impenetrable cloud of shadow-which was reaching out for her.

She screamed-but it was useless. Sound cannot travel within a void-and somehow she felt that she should have known that.. But she had bigger problems on her hands-this thing seemed so.. intangible, but there had to be some way to escape! Reaching out-not with her arms, but with her mind, she unconsciously imagined holes amist the blackness-tiny dots of blue, yellow, and red that gave her light, hope, and strength. Suddenly, those imagined holes sprang into reality-and the shadow recoiled, angrily.

As a last attempt, it flew at her, hoping to take her with it, even if it couldn't stay intact. But it was simply encased by the shining cerulean light, which forced it into a floating ball. Seconds later, it exploded in a brilliant rainbow of colors, not a trace of shadow remaining. Then, she felt a hand take hers, as she was pulled upwards into the epicenter of the light, relieved that the.. thing was gone.

But she couldn't help but wonder where she was, exactly. Abruptly, as if her mind had been read, someone chimed in:

"Do not worry on that-just wait for a minute-all will be revealed in due time.."

That voice… so familiar! Was it someone I loved? Hated? Someone I know personally? Who am I, anyway?

"Yes, we all realize you have many questions. But, first, you need your memory back, don't you think?"

In a flash of light, she saw standing before her a group of about fourteen people. Those things they are wearing-very familiar. And the small cylinders hanging from their belts..

"Now do you remember, Padme?"