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Childhood Friends

"Morning sunshine. Got you a cup of coffee." Sam said jokingly, tilting his head to point at a warm steaming cup of dark coffee that stood on the night stand beside Dean's face, waiting to be drunk. Dean rose up from where he was laying and nudged himself into a sitting position on the edge of his bed. He grabbed the drink and scratched at his cute messy bed head, scrunching up his face at his breathe after a good morning yawn.

"What time is it?" Dean asked glancing out the bright window of the motel room, squinting his eyes. His morning voice making his tone seem deeper then usual.

"Two thirty seven."

"In the afternoon?"


Dean's eyes widened. "Dude, why'd you let me sleep so long?"

"Oh man, you don't know what today is do you?" Sam smiled.

Dean all of a sudden looked confused. "Tuesday?"

"Dean, its your birthday." Sam chuckled."And you know what that means."

"I'm a year older." Dean frowned and took a sip of his coffee. Sam walked over from his seat in front of his laptop, with a grin forming on the side of his lips as he cracked his knuckles.


Dean watched him knowing he was about to do something stupid. "What?" He took another sip of his coffe when Sam answered back.

"Birthday punches."

Dean immediately spat out the dark hot liquid in his mouth just in time to dodge his brothers first punch to the shoulder. "Crap! Watch the coffee, the coffee!" He said placing back down on the table. Dean flinched to brace himself for another hit but luckily his phone began ringing. "Wait! Wait!"

Sam froze in his place and starred at the phone, the only people that called on that phone was their father and other fellow hunters. Which obviously ment it was something important.

Deab flipped open his phone, glancing at the name on the caller I.D. and a soft smile appeared on his face.

"Who is it?"

Dean ignored Sam's comment and pressed the green talk button, placing the phone on his ear. "Hello?"

"Happy birthday soldier." A girls sultry voice whispered.

"Thanks…" Dean knew who it was causing him to pause, not knowing what else to say to the girl. It was always like that, even when they were just kids he always was at a loss of words with her. But once she got the conversation going for him everything would just flow out like the constant flow of a clear crystal stream.

"Where are you?" They both asked as one. The girl let out a chuckle and repeated the question before he could ask her first.

"Where are you?"

"McLean, Illinois.Where are you."

There was a knock at the door that Dean signaled Sam to go answer while he talked on the phone.

"Well, where are you?" Dean repeated himself.

"McLean, Illinois." A full blown out smile crept its way on Deans lips.

Sam opened the door of the motel room to find an old childhood friend standing in front of him, speaking softly into her phone. His jaw dropped at the sight of the girl and his arms immediately opened up to welcome her in a hug.

"Holly shit, SAMMY!!!"

Dean heard her voice from both the phone and the door. He quickly shut the phone and grabbed his pants and shirt, dressing faster then a man on fire. After getting his pants buckled he made his way over to Sammy's side, standing directly behind him.

"Sammy!" She jumped up to wrap her arms around Sam's tall physique. "Wow, its been five years since I've seen your tall ass." Sam too wrapped his arms around her, lifting her slightly off the floor.

"Ariel," He put her back on the floor and looked at her in amazement. "look at you, you're so grown."

"I would hope so, last time you saw me I was eighteen." They looked at each other like a mother and father would look at a long lost child.

Dean leaned up against the wall to Sam's right, patiently waiting his turn to be noticed. He seemed both anxious and pleased at the sight of her, just as he always did.

"What are you doing here?" Sam kept her attention, unlike Dean he had not seen her in years, not since he went to college. Then it clicked in her mind like a cartoon light bulb flashing brightly on top of her head. The main reason she tracked the brothers down in the first place just for that one day of the year.

"Dean." She plainly stated. She looked away from Sam to his right, and instantly became trapped in Dean's gorgeous hazel eyes.

"Hey birthday boy."

She stepped toward him with a smile on her face as Dean lifted himself off the wall and pulled her closer until her breast met with his chest. Locking them in a hug that seemed like eternity. Her head rested on his shoulder with her eyes closed.

"I missed you…" she whispered softly into the crest of his neck, squeezing him tighter but gently at the same time. Her warm breath against his bare skin creating the hairs on the back of his neck to stand.

She nudged off him and stared blankly around the room in search of something or someone. After her quick once over of the room she starred at the two boys in front of her and her smile slowly faded away.

"Tio?" She asked raising her voice and looked around once more. Sam looked at Dean who stared at the floor. "Tio?" he repeated in a curious tone. When she heard no answer from her surrounding or from the boys she focused back on the two of them. And there it was, her answer to the question forming inside her head.

Dean slightly hung his head and answered Sam first before looking back up at Ariel who waited patiently for her answer, unsure if she wanted to hear it or not.

"She means Dad."

Ariel could see how tense he was even mentioning the word Dad. He looked back up at her and could see she knew from looking at him.

The realization hit her hard, but she was pretty descent at hiding it. Of course she was, she grew up with Dean and learned from him. The only difference is she didn't go punching people in anger. Any emotion Dean had eventually turned into sarcasm or anger if he held it in long enough, and she knew this one would to if it hadn't already.

John was like a father to her. Out of respect to him and her own father she called him tio, which meant uncle in Spanish. Even when she was a child she had always looked up to John in the utmost respect. Every year as a kid he made sure to bring Dean to see her whenever he could, preserving Dean's childhood and last bit of a normal life in her. Ariel knew since she was a child of what the family did with their spare time and appreciated the fact that John would drive all the way back home just so Dean could see his best friend, to see her.

Ariel broke the silence in the room and decided it best to change the topic.

"So birthday boy, what's the plan for the day?"

Dean turned to Sam replacing his sad look with one of a forgotten little boy. "I didn't even know it was my birthday today."

"Well what were you doing before I came?"

Dean raised his eyebrows realizing his brother still had a good twenty five punches left.

"Well I was in the middle of giving him his birthday punches."

Ariel walked closer to Dean in an innocent way. "Oh Sammy your so mean, its his birthday be nice."

"Yeah Sammy be ni-" Without even the slightest sound Ariel kicked the back of Dean's knees making him kneel on the floor. She placed her hands under his arms and around the back of his neck locking him in a wrestling move that he had taught her incase she ever got in a fight.

"Okay Sammy, open chest. Now you can punch him."

"Oh c'mon!" Dean exclaimed, now pissed off at himself for teaching her the move. He knew how to get out of it but it was useless, she had made another maneuver stopping his only way out from her hold. Sam began laughing uncontrollably at the sight of the two of them.

"Wow, I really missed you Ariel…" Sam punched Dean in the middle of his chest, knocking a good amount of air out Dean's lungs. "three, four, five…." Sam counted aloud with each punch thrown into his brothers body. "twenty five, twenty six," As soon as Sam finished his last punch Ariel released her grip and Dean stood on all four.

"Oh I almost forgot," Ariel forgot to mention "A poke so you don't smoke and a pinch so you grow an inch… well maybe we should take that pinch back, we see what happened to Sam." She chuckled.

"What's wrong with my height?"

"Nothing I just cant hug you without being lifted off the floor."

"Yeah well you know what they say about tall guys."

"Long pants?" She joked around.

"You guys got five seconds before I pound you both." Dean interrupted. "One, two, three, four," Sam jumped over one of the beds to the other side of the room and Ariel stood in front of Dean waiting for the last possible moment to make a run for it. When she was around, the three of them forgot that they were grown ups with a real serious and dangerous life, and became children for the day playing any game that popped into their heads. And now the game was tag. "FIVE!" Dean sprung forward to the closest person who was Ariel. Her feet took off faster then a space shuttle and she was jumping on the beds being chased by Dean. Ariel ran full speed around the room taking a break as soon as Dean switched his target to Sam. She ran behind the bathroom door when Dean wasn't looking and watched the two brothers play. She could imagine how long it had been since they forgot about their hunt and just goofed off for a day.

One reason why she always hunted Dean down for his birthday was because she was worried he'd spend it fighting a ghost or demon instead of having fun and enjoying the day of his birth. Even when John was there she had the same affect on him that she had on the brothers. She was their savior in that sense, returning them back to everyone else's reality for a day, giving them that ignorant sense that everything was just peachy.

She watched Sam make a sharp turn and busted out laughing from behind the door at the sight she had just witnessed. Sam had stubbed his toe so hard on the chair in the middle of the room that he went down faster then any cartoon she had ever witnessed. One moment he was standing up running in her direction and the next he was face down on the floor rolling over and grabbing his foot. Dean stopped in his tracks and went to lend a hand to his brother until he heard Ariel's laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHA oh my god, that was the funniest thing I ever saw in my life!" Tears of laughter began rolling down the corner of her eyes. When Dean looked at where she was he began laughing to, she was on her knees holding her stomach from the pain all the laughing was causing her. The scene replayed in his head and he started laughing harder.

Sam stared at the both of them with a pissed look on his face.

"It's not funny guys! I think I broke my toe." The laughter from the both of them only grew louder at his comment.

"Hahahaha. That was hilarious Sam! I never saw anyone drop to the floor so fast. Hahahaha!" Ariel said demonstrating the way he fell to the floor with one of her hands.

The thought of himself running full speed and then just dropping like that made him begin to laugh as well. "Guys shut up, that really hurt."

"I bet it did." Dean said laughing each word out.

"We'll stop laughing as soon as you stop laughing."

As soon as the laughing ceased both Ariel and Dean helped Sam up and sat him on the corner of the bed.

"Is it broken?" She asked with a smile on her face, the scene kept replaying in her head making it almost impossible for her to hold in her laughter.

"No, but its swollen."

"Well good, because we, as in all of us, are going out drinking."

"We have no money." Dean felt the need to tell her, knowing full well that even if they did she would have paid for them anyway.

"When do you guys ever?" She said mockingly. "Plus you know I'd pay anyway, it's your birthday let me spoil you for the day."

"If I say no your going to do it anyway aren't you?" He knew her well enough to know when to just give in.

"Of course what do I look like?" She said with a smile. She looked back at Sam who was still examining his toe.

"As soon as the swelling goes down we can go." Ariel laughed out loud once again when she looked at his toe. It had swollen to the size of his thumb and was redder then the crimson red blankets on the bed.

"That'll be in five hours, but okay. Oh and Dean go brush your teeth I can still smell your morning breath." Sam let out a soft chuckle and stared at his brother who had the same face he had on when Sam made fun of his home made EMF reader for the first time.

As soon as the swelling went down they hopped into the Impala and drove off to the most decent and popular pub in town.

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