Birthday Replay

The next morning Ariel woke up first. She jumped in the shower and did her normal morning routine. When she walked out she found Dean sitting up in his bed with one hand pressed up against his forehead.

"You okay?" She asked while towel drying her hair.

"How drunk did we get?"

For a brief second she had to recall just how drunk they were and smiled down at Dean. She walked over and sat beside him before pulling up the blanket that covered his bottom half.

"Pretty drunk if you ask me."

Deans eyes widened, suddenly the scene replayed in his head, refreshing his memory.

"No.. we didn't?" He asked looking at her like he was sorry.

"Yea… your right. We didn't. But Sammy's in the bathroom wondering why his ass is so sore."

Dean's face instantly turned a pale green and spun his head to the bathroom. Ariel slapped his chest in a playful way and started laughing uncontrollably.

"Dean, I'm joking!" He looked at her in a serious way, pissed off that she'd even joke like that. It was disgusting. (Authors note: Referring to all you people who write Winscest!)

"That's not funny."

"You'd think it was if you saw the face you just made." She managed to get out still laughing.

Dean stared at her, taking in her morning look. It should be a sin to laugh and look that gorgeous while doing it.

"Where is Sammy?"

"Back at the other motel." The previous night started spilling out into his memory. The moron took the car. He recalled. We walked here…she hit her head…and…

"That was some birthday gift." He announced after putting everything back together.

"Haha, yes it was."

Suddenly Dean's phone starting ringing, a special ring tone that indicated it was Sammy. Ariel grabbed at his pants on the floor and searched the pockets while Dean leaned over to help her. Dean found it and pressed answer.


"Dean, where the hell are you guys? I thought something happened to you."

"We're at a motel."


Dean glanced over to Ariel who had finished towel drying her hair and was putting on her sneakers. "Ariel." She looked up at him from her crouched position on the floor. "Where are we?"

"You got me, hold on I'll go out and check." She stated standing up and walking out the motel door.

"We don't know." He replied to Sam.

"Did you use one of our credit cards? Why didn't you just come back here?"

"Because you took the car, leaving us stranded."

"Dude, you have a phone you could have just called me to pick you guys up."

Dean slapped his free hand on his forehead. Why didn't I think of that?

Ariel walked back into the room and told Dean which motel they were staying at.

"Sammy where at the Chilltown Motel, come and get us." Sam didn't respond. "Sammy…Sammy!"

Sam jumped up from his seat beside his laptop only to see Dean yelling at him still in his bed.

"Sammy, you okay?" Dean placed his coffee back down on the night stand and rose up from his spot to attend his little brother.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Sam said grasping at his temples.

"What'd you see this time?" Dean asked grabbing onto Sam's shoulders.

Uh…" Sam paused before telling Dean his vision. He looked up at his big brother and smiled. "Your going to have an extremely happy birthday." Sam stated.

Dean looked at Sam with one brow furrowed.


As to answer his question, Dean's phone began ringing. All Sam could do for his big brother was smile.