Cybernetic Conversion

Note: Note that this is a fan fiction. Any names used here are purely coincidental.

It was a very normal, normal night in Seoul, where the Wizet Company stands. They've finally perfected their new machine, a giant box with lots of data being transmitted everywhere in the world.

"This ultimate server will be the cure to all our problems!" said one of the workers. "Now our players don't need to worry about lag anymore!"

"Alright, everyone, coffee break!" (Please note that this is the late night shift.) shouted the supervisor. One of them was clumsy and hated, mainly because he bossed everyone around. After having received his coffee, he accidently tripped and splashed coffee onto the giant server. It started short circuiting, and everyone ran screaming for their lives.

A coincidental incident occurred at Square Enix at the same time, only it was radiation, affecting every Final Fantasy game (don't ask me how) in the world.

Computers everywhere in the world that had MapleStory currently running and TVs with Final Fantasy on started to glow, until the entire world turned into a giant white orb.

An hour ago:
"Bye!" yelled Derek to his friend Will, who just had a fantastic birthday party with all the food, and all the games, and all the…

"Thanks for the present! I've always wanted this!' (the gift is unrelated to the story.) See you at school tomorrow!" yelled Will, as Derek went back home.

Will darted back upstairs, booted up his computer, and proceeded to play MapleStory, with the latest graphics card; lucky him.

Derek went back home, turned on the console, and started playing Final Fantasy.

Back to the present:

"What the—"exclaimed Will as his screen began to glow and sucked him in. 3 minutes later, Derek exclaimed the same thing as his screen started to glow.