Chapter 3:

"Ugh, where am I?"

Derek awoke and found himself in the middle of a vast plain.

"Whoa! Are these mage clothes?" He suddenly realized he was dressed in a mage's robe with a staff by his side. "Wait a minute… these are the clothes that my character was wearing! Awesome!"

After admiring his cute little clothes and shiny little staff, he saw a bomb not too far away, coming for him. It took a little rush, and hit him smack-dab in the face.

"Great, now I'm being attacked by a bomb plus I don't know how to use magic!"

Then, somewhere out of the blue, a voice answered. "Believe in your magic, and it will come to you…"

Derek suddenly felt a shudder. Something from inside me's calling out to me! I can feel it!

Then, as if he was being controlled, he chanted, "Breeze from the North, unleash your fury! Blizzard!"

A cold blast of wind accompanying ice shards was conjured and flew at the bomb, chilling it. Unfortunately, the bomb didn't really like the little snowstorm, and gradually became bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

"Oh, crap, it's going to EXPLODE!" He started running, but he knew that in the time that he had before the bomb exploded, he wouldn't make it. That's when he got the idea.

"Oh spirits through the ages, lend your servant speed! Haste!" The added boost of speed allowed him to run faster than he ever had, plus he got out of the explosion range.

"Yes! I killed an actual live bomb!" He celebrated and danced on the spot for 5 seconds until he saw the family of the dead bomb. "Crap, this is not good." He started running, though they were steadily gaining on him, even with his Haste on.

Nonetheless, he kept running, and saw a Chocobo, grazing on some greens.