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01: Warm
Christmas is not always cold.


She found him at his usual place. He turned around at her voice, smiling, and tapped on the space beside him, inviting her. With a small hesitation, she complied.

A few peaceful moments later, he felt a weight against his shoulder. She was leaning on him, eyes closed. This is one of the few moments they share with all walls down.

He took a deep breath, savoring the smell of pine in the air and her comforting scent of apple and lavender as he snuggled her closer and made himself comfortable.

"I can already smell Christmas," he said with a grin.


"and the snow is falling harder every night. It's very pretty, though." His eyes were on her.


He shook his head lightly and closed his eyes as well, savoring the moment. "I guess it will be really cold around here."

"…Not really." She opened her eyes with a small smile, stealing a glance from the boy—man—who became her everything.

It's not the weather that defines whether it's warm or chilly, it's your heart.

02: Special

A new year will always be what it is.

"Anna, come on!" Although gentle, he was practically dragging her.

"You do know very well that I hate crowds." She said pointedly to the mass of people in the yard for the countdown and fireworks display.

He grinned. "Who said we're joining them?"

So she allowed him to lead her. They were entering the forest as he spoke, "Last year, we spent New Year at the rooftop," he set an eye contact, "so I'm hoping to top that one this year."

They stopped in the middle. "Close your eyes." She stared. "Please." Still staring blankly. "Pretty please?" He pleaded with a pout. She knew fairly well this was getting nowhere so she decided to humor him. "Just for a minute."

He smiled. "A minute is more than enough."

He guided her carefully with his arms and body and resumed the walking. It was only a few moments after when she heard a ripple in water. Throughout the noises of the people and fireworks not too far, the water came very distinct in her ears.

"Can you promise not to be mad after this?" She knew that question very well.

"Yes, I promise." She could see his wide smile even with her eyes shut. With that question asked, she knew everything's going to be real better afterwards, as he had said.

After a few more steps, they stopped and he started the countdown.




And his lips were on hers.

A breathtaking view welcomed her eyes. They were standing over the water in the middle of

the lake. The water reflected the fireworks in the sky. The noises became subtle through the canopy of trees. It was quite a sight especially with fireflies glowing around the area. He broke the silence, a grin at her. "Where would you like to celebrate next year?"

She just smiled.

Special is where and what you are.

03: Answers
Ask only when you are ready for them.


They were at the kitchen table, seated opposite to each other. She was writing down a grocery list and he was looking at the list as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet.

"Why what?"

He took a deep breath. "Why did you say yes?"

She looked at him like he was (really) the biggest idiot in the world and that look made him avoid her gaze at all cost.

After jotting down a little more on the small piece of paper, she put down the pen and simply answered, "Onsen. Easy life." It's what everyone expects to hear.

Forelocks concealed his eyes. Disappointment wasn't the proper word.

Anna stood up and slid the paper in front of him. "Go over them carefully; be sure not to miss anything." With that, she walked off.

Slightly recovering, he stood and picked up the paper, only to find two pieces. One was the grocery list. He held it, reading all the way to the store. The other ended up being neatly folded in his pocket. After all, it was the answer to his million-dollar-question.

I did expect an easy life, but you made it complicated. You made boundary line between us disappear.

04: Recollection
Pain can also be worth remembering.

"Go and die."

Who would've thought a love story can start with those words? With her piercing eyes and sharp tongue, who could've known?


Isn't a farewell meant to end something? With her tear-stricken face as she stepped down the train, wasn't that supposed to be the bitter, tragic ending? How can their story of pain and loneliness bear fruit a satisfying ever after?

"You have always made me cry." They were together at the patio, overlooking the garden. "Back in Osorezan, during the Shaman Fight, at home, in the hospital," he continued, "but I guess I did you worse, didn't I?"

She just closed her eyes and relaxed deeper into him and let him envelop her. "Yes, you did."

She felt a weight over her head. She sighed. "But it was worth it." The pain of meeting, separation, acceptance, child-bearing; she would be lying if she said she had never, even once, had wished for the pain to disappear, for some things to have never happened.

He straightened up and she followed suit. But before he had let her go completely, he squeezed her tight to him and buried a kiss on her hair. "Of course it was!" It was still amusing to see this man in front of her grin widely and still look like an innocent child. His grin was followed by a careless sliding of a door and a noisy scurrying of tiny feet.

"'Tou-chan! 'Kaa-chan!" A four-year old Hana was rushing to his parents eagerly to proudly present what he did in school.

She smiled.

Happiness becomes greater when you've suffered for it, ensuring you really deserve it.

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