08: Anchor
We can be saved from nothing; just saved.

She stirred.

Sleep interrupted, she surveyed the surroundings with half-lidded eyes.

Darkness. No sign of the sun, yet.

But in her arms was the light. His face buried in her neck, an arm around her hips, tucking her in place, her arm over his. The contact, a reassurance that the other was there; for whom, maybe for either, maybe for both.

She looked down and traced his face with slender fingers like feather over skin. His forehead, free of crease, his relaxed brows, his strong jaw line, down to the paths on his neck. She spread her fingers, pausing, feeling the beat against her palm, another reassurance that he's there, alive and well, before going down her shoulders and settling back against the well-defined muscles of his arm.

He's here, with her. No matter what time her sleep is interrupted, or when nightmares creep in, or even when darkness surrounds and everything fades, she's strong and firm that he's always with her, there for her; that he is hers to keep and cherish, like she is his. Her companion, her friend, her husband, the father of her child, the one she'll spend eternity with. Her Yoh.

Her lips flutter against the skin on his temple with a whisper of promise, of declaration, her voice as soft as her touch, "I love you."

A deep breath against the burrow her neck, taking her in, the arm around her hips tightening, holding her closer. His lips trail down her slender neck to the middle of her clavicle where he stops and presses a soft lingering kiss. He raises his head, their eyes burning each other even through half lids, "as I love you." He offers a warm, sleepy smile.

He pressed their foreheads together, noses in caress, as he took her mouth. A gentle, loving lifeline given to each other.

A little readjustment and they were back in their earlier arrangement, his hold on her tighter. He knew she needed this more than he did. Lord knows how many times he made her suffer the agony of the thought that he may be gone forever. But then again, their whole life, they have been dancing on the line between life and death, and he is very well aware how easy he could lose his family in a snap. So maybe, just maybe, this is for her as it is for him. And they fall back in the embrace of sleep, without nightmares, with darkness leashed on the outside.

It is not with a danger of a brush with death, but a breath of life, that is needed to have a lifeline.

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I've been in Japan for the last three weeks, work starts next week, and everything has just been wonderful. So here's to celebrate (and mourn because I probably will be busy again).

Btw, I'll be taking down the RP and HT chapters here. It'll be now strictly YA. I'll post a new one, Sweet Nothings: Fire, where I will transfer all RP vignettes from here, then add a new one, and continue later on. As for the HT, they'll be staying in my hard drive for the meantime. I will be doing this by the end of this week or the next. Just so you people know.

EDIT (18May): I took the RP and HT down already. Hope it doesn't give much confusion.

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