09: Master
The world is offered at your feet.

She was his master and he was her slave.

That was how the world sees them then; even now after everything, even after he achieved the title of a royalty. With the ruthless training she creates for him and the way he receives and accepts every command, the label master and slave are easily identified.

It happens. He really does offer the world at her feet. Without complaints, without hesitations, he does. She does not hesitate with her commands either; not with his silent agony, not with the frowning of everybody against her. So they continue like this.

It seems wrong in every sense of the word to say that he is her master. To say that she is his slave is beyond imagination. But it applies.

It's not that he is the master of her universe. That is too cheesy, even for them. She does not offer the world at his feet either. He never gave her any command, and she has nothing to acquiesce to. But it applies.

Because the world means nothing to her and he does not need to ask anything of her. Because he is her everything, and she cannot offer him to himself, so she gives herself instead. He had no need to ask for anything else because she already gave him his everything

So it applies. To the both of them.

They are each other's master and they are each other's world.

That is enough.

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