Janine sat in her office chair calmly watching as Thomas Vega was hauled away on television. The headline underneath spelled out, "GRAVEDIGGER'S IDENTITY UNEARTHED". Someone at the tv station must be patting themselves on the back for their oh so catchy banner.

Agent Booth was up now leading Vega away, pushing him ruffly into the squad car. His face held triumph and disgust as he slammed the door in the other man's face. He declined from commenting to any of the reporters now flocking him.

That's right, Agent Booth, walk away all proud and indignant. She knew he did not approve of all the attention murderers got in the media. She knew he knew that's what some of them really wanted...attention. Oh if only, he knew, the real art of kidnapping and killing wasn't about reaping the glory in front of the camera, but rather from behind it, writing about your own handiwork, trying desperately not to announce you were the one who did the deed just by adding some unreleased factoid that never made its way through the media.

She watched as he walked toward his SUV, glancing once at the figure inside to whom she assumed was Dr. Brennan, then once back at the car that was now driving past him with Vega in it. The camera zoomed in on Vega's face freezing it as it passed.

Flipping off the set, she decided that the Gravedigger persona would die with Vega. She would allow him to take the credit for all the hard work she had committed. She took a deep steadying breath as she pulled her leather gloves over her hands. Picking up the voice synthesizer, she smashed it on her desk, placing the shattered pieces into a plastic bag. She'd have to dispose of this somehow. An incinerator, perhaps?

The real question she needed to answer was what to do with her time now? Continue her work under another name? Or perhaps take this as a sign to give up, take was she earned, and move on?

Carefully she wrapped the plastic over the pieces of synthesizer. She'd decide that in the morning, tonight it was about celebrating all that she had accomplished.

She felt the gun pressed against her temple before she had even sensed someone in the room. She smiled. "Hello, Agent Booth, my my you drive fast don't you? I just saw you on tv."

Booth didn't seem as amused. "Place the bag on the desk and put your hands on top of your head, slowly."

She did as he instructed all the while keeping that condescending smile glued to her face. Once he had searched her for weapons, he cuffed her.

"Now Agent Booth, if you wanted to play with hand cuffs all you had to do was ask," she purred at him.

"Shut it," he snapped 'accidently' shoving her into the desk as he secured her. "Bones, the evidence!"

Dr. Brennan finally entered the room with glove adorned hands. Carefully she picked up the plastic bag that held the remains of the voice synthesizer and placed it into an evidence bag. After which she turned to face Janine.

She didn't even see the punch coming, just felt the stinging after effects of it. Janine's sight blurred momentarily from the shear force of the blow.

Brennan turned to look at her partner and calmly said, "She attacked me. I defended myself."

Booth nodded. "Oh that's definitely what I saw." He tugged her ruffly toward the door, running her purposefully into objects on the way. "Janine O'Connell, you are under arrest for...."


"Charges against former FBI agent and best selling author Thomas Vega were dropped today. Authorities had suspected Vega of being the infamous Gravedigger, a killer who kidnapped victims and buried them alive, of which he has sold millions of books about. This monster was responsible for nine know kidnappings, four of which the ransom was paid and the victims released and two of which the victims were recovered safely. The three other victims did not survive. The FBI arrested Vega's co-author, Janine O'Connell this morning with sufficient evidenced connecting her to these horrific crimes."

Brennan flipped the news off. She sighed in relief that the FBI had kept her name from the media. All she needed was her fans to start asking questions about it, not only for her own well being but the fans' as well. If Booth heard them asking her about it, they wouldn't make it to the parking lot.

She smiled and snuggled closer to Booth, who's arm was draped over her from where he lay asleep on her coach. She pressed her back more fully into his front drawing his arms more tightly around her. Booth's face found comfort in the nape of her neck. He breathed her scent in deeply and sighed causing her to shiver slightly in pleasure. He hadn't left her side since this whole thing had ended and even though she knew she shouldn't like him hovering like this, she couldn't help but enjoy his company. She felt safe with his arms around her.

Brennan felt Booth's lips on the back of her neck and knew he had awoken from his nap. His kiss trailed their way up her neck to find her lips, tenderly pressing against them.

"You should go back to sleep, Booth," Brennan said, kissing him lightly again. "You couldn't have gotten much over the past few weeks."

He chuckled his deep brown eyes gazing into her blue ones. "Right back at you."

She smiled, always compromising with him. "Fine, if I go to sleep will you?"

He smirked in triumph. "Yes, I will."

"Alright then," she remarked moving her head to lay against his chest.

His arm, however did not snake around her like she wanted it too, and she looked up at the lost.

"Just getting a blanket," he said, noticing her confusion before she saw him grab the afghan, shaking it over the two of them. Hugging her closely to him, he told her, "Don't worry, I'm not going any where."

"Good." She sighed closing her eyes.

"Booth?" she whispered afraid he might already be asleep.

"Hmm?" he grunted, half-awake.

"I love you," she said it so softly she wasn't sure if he heard her.

His lips came down upon hers in an instant, tender and loving in their embrace. She returned it vigorously and the kiss soon turned into a heated battle of lips and tongues.

When he pulled back, she gazed up at him. Their eyes met and he grinned charmingly. "I love you so much, Bones, more than you know."

Settling back to take their nap, Brennan sighed happily. Never in her life had she felt this content in the arms of anyone, and she felt that no one would ever make her feel this way from here on except for Booth.

She knew soon everything would be back the way it should. The team would put itself slowly back together. It would take time, but they would heal, both physically and mentally. As for Booth and Brennan, issues like their partnership,children, and marriage would be dealt with later. For right now, all Brennan wanted was to drift into a dreamless sleep, the scent of Booth clouding everything else.

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