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'Dino Speak'

Mind Speak

David, Jenna, Romana and Mason were doing a routine Skybax patrol around the Dolphin Bay area when David saw something that caught his attention immediately.

He signaled to the other four riders in his wing David told them to distract the Rex; so they could see what the Tyrannosaurs was doing this close to the new Dolphin Bay Hatchery. They did and that's when all four Skybax riders realized. This was no longer a routine patrol, but a rescue mission.

"There!" Mason shouted to them as he flew past.

The skybax riders looked on as four adolescent humans, all in wet mostly shredded clothes, attempted to use the Rex's current distraction to run where he was pointed towards. They started to run out from behind the beach rocks to higher ground.

The riders took confidence as the teens were fast to climb the saw grass covered hill, the the red headed girl nearly didn't make it past the Rex's jaws, as Romana swooped in and her mount raked its claws over the Rex's face before dodging away. the Red head then barreled over the sand dunes like it was nothing while she dragged an injured boy from behind the rocks. The boy was obviously injured badly he staggered and made her slow down dangerously until she picked him up.

David swooped to the ground spiraled and grabbed the brown-hared boy as he regained a safe altitude and signaled to his squadron to get the others and take them to the hatchery. They where new, that much was clear as day and they all looked to be no older than 20 years old max.

Rosemary, had just sat on her favorite brown chair while she supervised a stegosaurus laying when the bell to the front door rang. When she answered the door she saw David Captian of the Skybax Riders holding a bleeding passed out boy who was dressed in odd clothes, then it hit her and she immediately let them in.

"Oh my goodness! Come in quickly, this way follow me, good here lay them down on these tables! Stacy go fetch the matriarch! Aubry go boil some water and fetch clean cloth! Adrian go get the healers!"

"I'm here what- Oh!Good heavens, what happened? Victor help me get these clothes off him so we can see the damage." said the matriarch politely her eyes curious but concerned. Jaden's ice blue eyes showed her confusion and anxiety, her face contorted with the pain of her injuries when she was laid down on the stiff bed next to her friend.

"We found them down by the south end of Dolphin Bay ma'am, they were wet hurt and cornered by a Rex." She looked up in shock then back to the wounds, "I do not believe any of the injuries are because of the confused rex ma'am not to worry. However it appears as if the Brown-haired boy you have over there may have a concussion, the red-head seems to have a few broken or maybe sprained bones. The other two just seem to be cold and exhausted, quite likely also in shock." Said Jenna to the Matriarch before bowing and walking out.

The matriarch looked down at the red head "Can you remember anything dear?" She asked soothingly as the other nurses ran into the room and started cleaning them up, setting damaged limbs, and stitching up the lacerations.

One of the teens spoke up as the warm blankets and tea was passed around "I can r-remember I was standing on the bow of the ship I heard the sirens go off. I was panicking as I saw the wall of water racing towards the ship, i-it slammed into us f-from the port s-side capsizing the boat. I'm not sure if anyone else survived the wreck, I mean other than that boy there and the two other girls." Pausing to take a breath and gather her thoughts.

She continued more awake now "Once I reached shore I passed out from the exhaustion. When I did finally wake up I looked around for anything or anyone I could find. I found a backpack washed up a ways down the beach; not far from where we were found, it was snagged on a peace of driftwood. I was going through the bag when I saw Aiden, the boy of the group, awake but confused. He was bleeding from somewhere on the side of his head but he was alive.

After our heads cleared up a little it was well into the afternoon. We started looking for any other survivors, shelter or fresh water which ever we found first. Vivian and Cassanova were found huddling together shivering in the warm sand. Not long after we made introductions and made sure they were okay before we started walking again. That's when the ground started to shake slightly, we thought it was an earthquake and were just standing there hanging on to each other. That's when the Tyrannosaurs came charging out of the trees snapping at us. In a panic we bolted for what we thought was a nearby cave all of us now in shock at seeing, whatever that was, so soon after the crash and you know the rest." She said as she sighed causing pain to rack her body, she clenched her side as her eyes closed in pain.

"Lets take a look at those injuries child," the matriarch said as she worked her way around the girls body checking for any damage...talking to her about Dinotopia in a calming voice "How old are you child?"

"I'm 19 years old ma'am Aiden is 18, Vivian the girl with the dark blonde hair is 16 and Cassanova the redhead with the blues and purples in it is 17 ½."

Once finished the lady looked at Jaden in surprise all so young yet so strong.

"Heavens child, you have nearly three broken ribs, a chipped collarbone and several torn side muscles. I'll give you the herbs you need to heal but you also need to sleep. Get some rest I will have some food and a change of clothes sent up to you." She was told as the woman left the room.

Too tired to argue Jaden fell asleep on the bed, her tea mostly empty left forgotten on the bedside table.

Three weeks later Jaden could finally walk on her own for short amounts of time and breathing was no longer painful. She slowly made her way down stairs to the schoolroom where people were making all kinds of healing poultices and balms, once there she gazed into an off-shoot hall, at the end of which she saw what she had been looking for till she found it.

She stepped up onto the raised flooring and into the incubation room, staff there watched with knowing smiles as she visibly relaxed. They watched as she saw the wall of incubating eggs for the first time just staring at it in a daze, eyes dull with grief of loosing everything and red from crying.

Was this real? I am never going home, not that I have anything to go home to. As she walked up to one of the eggs her eyes gained some of their former luster back, a few more steps and you could see her resolve and confidence return to the strong young woman.

'Reeee-aaa, aawwkkkk' Echoed faintly from the egg before the woman, and the staff watched in awe as the assumed dead egg responded to the young woman's gentle caress. They could hear it all calling out faintly, then awe turned to horror as she picked up the egg from cell 13 that had no light.

"Why does this egg have no heat light ma'am?" she asked in a distant voice to the nearest of the staff.

"It's a dud or at least we thought it was, all it's other nest-mates hatched over three weeks ago and it was always so cold to the touch. We were going to move it to the woods later in the evening, to make room for the Sandy Stego's new clutch." Said the staff worker sadly as if she wished she could keep it on the heating wall as well.

"Ma'am what is this egg?" she asked as they heard the call again, they all knew that this woman would keep this egg from harm they could all feel it.

"It's our last Styracosaurus," seeing the confused look I was giving her she continued "The Styracosaurus is a large herbivore with a foot long horn on its face, and six more large spikes jutting out from its display crown, the colors vary. They are known to be calm and easygoing but protective…yes very protective. You seem to like this egg, good he's yours." hearing this she smiled and thanked the woman profusely.

"What do you plan on naming him Jaden?" Asked the matriarch as she walked in, a bright knowing smile on her face.

"I think I'm gonna call him Pallaton, it's Native American for fighter, and a fighter he will be…" she said as she picked up the egg and asked "Can I have hot blankets and some cloth to dry him off he is going to hatch soon, I can feel it." The girl she had spoken to first went to fetch the asked for items, an hour later saw Jaden holding a sleeping hatchling, the dino was mainly a sooty black with bright blue and red tribal like detailing around the cresting and face, as well as blue tiger stripes along his hindquarters.

~~~~~~~~~~~six months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cassanova, Aiden and Vivian had all ploted a way to escape this crazy camp. There was was no way this was not some kind of abandoned military or government experiment. Some theme park gone wrong, like Jurassic park or something. They had bought a map off one of the teens in their dorm a few months ago who also wanted out; but didn't know how to build the boat. Together they had found a cave nearby and were making a large boat in it, they had stolen enough supplies to last for a month at sea, including extra rope and sails. One wondered what kind of reward they would get from the government for this information, and who would pay more for it.

"Imagine what we could due with the money from turning these crazies in!" Said Cassanova proudly

Aiden looked up in shock "What? You said we were just going to go home, why do we need to turn these people in! That is not what we agreed on."
"You have got to be kidding me? These freaks think they can bond to dinosaurs! That they can talk, like actually talk to them! Who are trying to keep anyone who lands here prisoner forcing them to assimilate into their culture. Damn right I'm gonna turn those delusional fucks in." Said Cassanova spitefully.

"I don't like it," Aiden spoke out.

"Then leave, but I swear if you say anything about what we are going to do, then I will hunt you down and use you as the boats figurehead." The technicolor teen barked at Aiden who sighed in relief and ran as fast as his legs could carry him away from the group of psychotic, emotionally challenged teens.

A year later Jaden had finally accepted that she was here to stay, she had settled down in waterfall city for her training and turned her crush into her new boy-friend David the skybax rider. He was currently off in canyon city studying for his commanders colors, and had sent a letter giving his apology for missing her graduation from primary school and the funeral that was after. She could now speak and write the language fluently, she did however still have trouble understanding some of the faster talking people.

"Congratulations pupils, we will now pick the best essay and read it. Aiden!

"Time is an hourglass of perception,

held in the innocent hands of imagination.

Each minuscule grain seems so small in comparison,

only together do they create the flow of understanding.

So only by up-ending the world as we perceive it,

can we embrace the dream of the secret equation,

and truly perceive time without the filters of forced stagnation."

With this the school teacher left, after giving the students their graduation slips and announcing the concert later that night.

Later that night, the whole city was gathered in the town square, the sun stone glowing brightly casting the perfect mood setting shadows on the crowd.

Sitting up on the platform, sitting by a Piano in the gown of the first lady, adorned with black pearls that glowed in her hair reflecting the light of the sun stone as id it were their own, was Jaden.

All became quiet as the stone was partially covered to dim the lighting… She began to sing and play the piano. The tune was a sad one Sargasso Sea, a man stepped out of the shadows dressed on all black robes, his face hidden from view as he played a violin. This was after all a funeral of sorts, for the hundreds of lives that were lost on the cruse ship that capsized, before it was smashed on the reef and sank. They played the dark waltz, and ended with a song called 'Prayer', where a child wearing white silk and tiny sun stones took the place of the man representing death, as the transition was made the veil over the major stone was lifted slowly. The girl played a harp and sang harmony to Jaden's alto in a gentle, angelic soprano. The last song they sang together was 'now we are free.

With the song last song she finished the concert bowed her head as the crown clapped, stood up and bid the crowd goodbye.

"Thank you so much for letting me play here for you, and thank you to my two assistants. You both preformed honorably for the living and the dead, it really means a lot to me to be able to sing my farewells to my old home that was left behind, I also sang for the families and friends who were lost in the wreck. If we could please have a moment of silence for the poor souls who were not so lucky as I was." she said wiping tears from her eyes, a sad smile on her face.

The audience did as she asked only rising from their seats after the mayor was done thanking them for listening.

She then returned to her room to pack, she had giggled when 26 rolled off the table in her sleep. Though she was by no means little anymore, averaging the size of your average dog the young saurian still seemed intent on sleeping in her favorite spot…the kitchen table.

"Oh you silly thing you" she spoke softly in saurian, to the baby. "Well I must be off to my room to pack the last of my things, why don't you go play with Pallaton in the front yard before you hurt yourself. I don't feel like dealing with Karl yet." She mumbled that last part to herself as she packed some dried and fresh fruit into her pack, in her bedroom she watched the two out the window as she emptied her dresser and jewelry box into her pack. Soon she was laughing at the two saurians antics in the yard.

Jaden finished packing her backpack, looking at the huge ratty old thing; she smiled as she thought of her old home and some of her friends. She missed it badly and was glad that she had been able to share a piece of it with her new friends, she had learned to play specifically for that concert. Everything she owned was inside this little bag, she sighed took a deep breath of the scent on David's sweater to sooth her nerve and to reminder herself she had more to be happy for here than back there. She tied it around her waist headed out the door, he had left it for her when he had to leave.

"Pallaton! We are leaving, come on we need to go meet the others at the bus depo. We are going to be late if we don't hurry!" she bent down chuckling when a heavy head bumped her hip, "Oh 26, you be good for Karl okay? Maybe you can get him to come visit." she gave me a 'ya right' look "Ya I know heaven forbid he actually have to leave his precious Marian." She snickered sarcastically at the look of 'your kidding right' look on the chasmiasaurs face. The Shetland sized 26 gave a loud honk in farewell and as her friend and playmate left. Jaden turned and waved bye, and Pallaton replied in a quiet bleat. He was going to miss his playmate.

An hour later they arrived at the bus depot and got Pallaton hauled up into the 1st bus with Jaden not far behind him, then they were joined by Aiden and a few others who were not known to them.

"So Jaden, you exited to be continuing your training? I know I am!"

"No Aiden, I'm all packed and on the bus early with a smile on my face because I want to stay here. Of course I'm exited you twit! It's the first time I will be able to see the matriarch since we got here, and I can't wait to get back to work in the fields!" she replied clearly exited, she clearly had missed all her friends at the hatchery and surrounding farms. That was also where all Pallaton's siblings lived, so he would get to see his family again.

"Jaden Worthington, you are an odd one alright. I have never met anyone who was so happy about work. Honestly, I would much rather be asleep in my nice warm bed than out here getting my face assaulted by wind and dust.

"Yes well, I enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing some hard work. The feeling of being a part of gathering and cooking the food we eat. Knowing that I had a hand in making my life a better place for myself and Pallaton here." She said with a firm conviction that had the others in the bus looking at her with some sense of admiration or pride, as she scratched her saurian behind his crest.

"Besides, Pallaton here likes helping out in the fields too, don't you Pall." The dino in the seat next to her chirped at her statement. "Or maybe you just like the bath you get after..." she teased making him headbut her arm gently making the others chuckle.

"So I can safely assume you are going to be of the earth, what do you think I will get?" Aiden asked while chuckling at the antics of his friend and her... Saurian. Jaden looked contemplative, it was like you could see the wheels in her head turning as she debated all the choices with her knowledge of the boy.

"You Ayden, will be of the Sky." His look was skeptical, he hated the way the wind stung his face, the way it made his eyes water. What bothered him was it was now common knowledge that Jaden had a kind of intuition or instinct for these things, that she seemed dead serious just made him worry more.

"I hope you are wrong..."

The rest of the trip passed in silence, as most of the people were lost in their own thoughts or watching the nature around them.

Two days later they arrived into Vidalba, and Jaden was greeted by David waiting for her on the boarding docks all decked out in his new red uniform. Jaden launched herself into his arms, happy tears in her eyes.

"I missed you too Jade. I have not stopped hearing about you, I think your famous now."

"Oops. Um, how?" this made others giggle.

"Your songs my dear. Your songs, moved more people than you realize."
"I don't want fame, I just want to be at peace and now I can finally move on. Come on David lets go for a walk, come on Pall." She looked around, "Davo, Hey can you bring my pack to my dorm." he nodded and started unloading.

And with that the two love birds and one baby dinosaur wandered into the fields, further and further away they walked talking all the while. So engrossed in each other they didn't notice the hole that Jaden was about to step into, Pall saw it though. he panicked and quickly headbutted his person out of the way David caught her but Pallaton fell in the hole instead, his streaking stopping painfully as he hit bottom with a sickening crunch. Screams of fear turned to bellows of pain and rage as the distinctive chattering, barking and chirping of raptors joined in.
"Pallaton, hold on we are coming!"