Breaking the news and Katie

They were just walking into their apartment, by earth time it was quite late and they had been gone eight days by earth time. Ashley felt quite tired and basically threw herself on the couch. "Andros I am tired and I can't move" Ashley whined

Andros went to the kitchen to put the eggs and milk away that they had picked up on their way in, knowing MRS. Hendrickson would have done away with what had been in the fridge before they had left.

Andros looked at her as he came out, "Ashley you can walk the twenty feet to the bedroom, it isn't that far and you were just chasing Carlos about the mega ship so I know you have the energy to walk that far." He said picking up her bag and walking to the bedroom.

"Andros," she whined getting up and chasing him into the bedroom before shutting the door, "I was talking to you MR." she grinned at him and playfully jumped on the bed with a smile.

"You were whining Ashley, not talking." Andros said

Ashley laughed, "Your face just now was priceless." Andros smiled back at her and sat on the bed. Ashley pulled him down so he was laying next to her, "I was think that maybe we shouldn't tell anyone else about the pregnancy, not until I have an official pregnancy test at the doctors." She said drawing designs on the chest of his shirt.

Andros sat up a few minutes later and started to get changed for bed, "Ash, maybe you should get changed to you were the oneā€¦" he stopped when he realized she was already asleep laying stretched out across the bed. Sighing he pulled the blankets down and turned her around putting her head on the pillow and covering her up. He wasn't about to wake her up and face her wrath of doing so, she could sleep in her clothes for the night.

He then turned out the light and climbed into bed and as he fell asleep he found himself placing a hand on her stomach as he fell asleep. When Ashley woke up the next morning his hand was still in that place because as her movements brought him out of sleep he felt it drop onto the bed. 'Uhg, today is day four' he moaned hoping that after today her morning sickness wouldn't be that bad and they could both sleep a full night instead of her hopping out of bed every morning at he glanced at the clock five-thirty. He then did the math from the Kerovian clock and it about equaled out.

To his surprise when Ashley returned she did not try to drag him out of bed but instead crawled back into bed and curled up against him going back to sleep So he let himself drift off till their alarm rang at seven.


The alarm did not go off at seven and when they finally woke up at eight thirty Andros remembered had not reset it the night before. Luckily he was not expected at work this morning seeing as they didn't know when they were getting back so they could both call the main offices and tell they were back and available to be back on the rotations. Ashley also had to call her Doctor's to schedule an appointment. "I'll go make breakfast, if you would like to try and take some this morning" he offered to his half awake wife who was laying next to him still waking up. She mumbled something that sounded like a sure and he rolled out of bed.

When he returned he had a big plate of scrambled eggs having made only one plate so if she did get sick a whole plate wouldn't go to waste he sat on the bed and placed the tray before her. She smiled and kissed him taking one of the spoons from him and took a spoonful. She had it in her mouth maybe a couple of seconds before she was pushing the tray away from her and bolting for the bathroom once again. He shrugged and put the other spoon in the food and took a heaping spoonful. While he was waiting for her to return he finished most of the plate off.

As she returned she mumbled through a mouth full of toothpaste that maybe not yet. She disappeared again shortly after and she did it so quickly that he thought she was going to throw up again so he followed her only to find her sitting on the edge of the tub laughing at him.

"That was a dirty trick that was really dirty. I was worried because I thought you were sick again and you have never thrown up twice that close together." He scolded her and she just laughed before coming out to join him back in the room.

Once they were dressed he went up to get the spare key from MRS. Hendrickson so she knew she wouldn't need to come down anymore to look after the apartment. As he headed out he threw the cordless phone at Ashley. As he walked out he heard her talking to evidently her boss

When he came down scribbled on a note pad was the date and time of her appointment. However at first Ashley was no where in sight, "Ash," he called

"In the bedroom, looking for my name tag, my boss wants me to come in as soon as possible she is short handed and seeing as I am available right now I will go in now; she was nice enough to let me leave with zero notice last week so this is the least I can do."

Andros walked in the room and picked the tag up off of the dresser, "I brought it out of the car last night honey." He smiled handing it to her.

"Thanks, I knew I had left it somewhere but I wasn't sure where. Did you see, I have an appointment Friday afternoon at two-thirty." Ashley smiled as she took the tag from his hand and kissed him.

"I saw, if you're working, before going over to the hospital do you think you could pick me up, I would like to just come with you for the support even if we know the results all ready."

She parted from him and grabbed her coat and taking one of the pills from the box and after looking at the clock she swallowed it and ran out the door but was back quickly when she realized Andros had the keys.


The next morning to Andros' dismay Ashley was up yet again at five-thirty however she did not have another bought the rest of the day which meant it was working but that she was probably always going to get out of bed that early for the rest of the time she was suffering with morning sickness.


Friday afternoon came about almost too quickly for the two of them and before they knew it they were sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. When Ashley was called she went up alone telling Andros he would have a better time of waiting down there and that she would be down very shortly.

After the doctor and she had talked briefly the doctor took the blood for the pregnancy test. "Alright Ashley, the tests should be in for Monday," she then asked how she would like to receive the results, "I have an opening for Monday at eleven-thirty if you would like to come in to get the results or I could call."

"Could you call we both have a very busy schedule on Mondays." Ashley replied although in truth both of them had Monday off. She just didn't want the doctor to see that she wouldn't be all that surprised with the results.

"Alright, then I will call, do you want me to call the number in your file that is listed as your home number? And after I call I will send the printed results to you through the mail if you would like."

Ashley nodded ad stood to leave, "Thank you doctor Wells my husband and I will be waiting for your call" As she left she smiled and placed her hand on her stomach once again.

During the drive home Ashley looked at Andros who was driving, "So what do you say about going out to eat at a restaurant when we get the results and inviting my parents to the official announcement, you did tell Zhane to keep his lips sealed didn't you?"

"Ah yeah doesn't mean he always listens, he is a big blabber mouth after all. Although I suspect Karone will keep him in line she has a tendency to make him behave, how I don't know and I don't think I want to know." He smiled and they drove the rest of the way in silence


Monday came around and it seemed to drag by waiting for the call finally it came about noon however thinking a head they did not answer and instead let the answering machine pick up. However they listened intently

"Hello this is Doctor Wells calling with your results from the test I did on Friday, I am happy to tell you that the tests came back positive and all the details will be enclosed in the envelope I am mailing to you. Also I am recommending a fantastic Ob-gyn (note spelling not sure)."

The message ended and Ashley grinned at Andros picking up the phone and called her mother at work, "Hey Mommy, I was wondering if you would agree to have dinner with Andros and I, oh and would it be alright if I invited Daddy," Ashley said in a little kids voice and then listened, "Yes Mommy, it would be at a restaurant, I know you said you would meet together if it was somewhere neutral and this would be really import to Andros and I if you could come, we are hoping Zhane and Karone will also come, so there will be other people to sit between you and Daddy." She listened again, "Alright bye then see you tonight at six at let's say Applebee's?" Ashley hung up shortly, "mom says she will come, now time to ask dad."

Picking up the phone again, "Hi daddy, I was wondering if you would have dinner with mom, Andros and I, at Applebee's and you can bring Charlie, Karone and Zhane." She listened again, "You will great then I will see you there bye daddy."

Hanging up again she picked up the phone again, "where it is a big party I am thinking I will call ahead so they be expecting us." She told Andros who was looking questioningly at her.

"Hello, this is Applebee's right? Good, I would like to let you know that my husband and I will be coming with a party of seven tonight at six. Our name will be Hammond. Ok great goodbye." Hanging up the phone for the second time she looked at Andros, "Ok it is all set tonight at six we break the ice to my parents." Twirling around into his Arms she smiled and then continued, "I can't wait and I hope they take it well. Mom is the one I am more concerned with because she always was stricter with me although dad was strict with Aaron."


The Afternoon flew by and Ashley soon found herself standing outside the restaurant waiting for her parents to get there. She was wrapped in a coat seeing as the February weather was still a bit nippy although she didn't feel one bit cold standing in Andros' embrace he just made all the cold melt from anywhere near them. Her mother's car was the first to pull in however her father's van was close behind.

Ashley's mother was the first to reach them, she quickly grabbed Ashley away from Andros in a hug. "Oh Ashley, you have to come visit me more often, I know I live on the other side of town from where you live but you have got to make more of an attempt."

"I promise Mom, I will try, but I have been quite busy what with my classes that I take on Tuesday and Thursday nights, my job and life it is hectic for me." Ashley smiled as Zhane and Karone ran over from the van to hug Ashley and Andros. Bill walked slowly over watching Charlie carefully for he had just recently moved to crutches having had a difficult time with his physical therapy but the doctors were sure it would not be much longer before he hit his curve and would start recovering my leaps and bounds, his therapist was even sure that by the time school began in the fall he would walk in on his own.

Going inside they were given a big table and it was decided that Ashley and Andros would sit together with her mom next to her then Karone and Zhane with Bill next to Zhane and Charlie next to Bill on the end. It was well into the meal when Ashley looked at Andros and nodded.

"Mom, Dad, Charlie," she then paused, "Karone and Zhane you already know what I am going to say." She had everyone's attention "Andros and I have an announcement." She smiled as she looked her mother in the eyes and then her father. "I'm about a month and a half Pregnant!" she exclaimed smiling leaning into Andros.

"Ashley Marie absolutely not, you may be married to him but you are still only eighteen you are not ready for the responsibilities of being a mother."

"Lynn, please. I think our daughter is more then ready, she is a very responsible young woman; she is not a little child anymore and if she and Andros feel they are ready then I say let them." Bill argued in favor of Ashley. "Lynn we were young as well when we had Katie."

"Don't mention Katie ever. Yes we were young but look at us now we can barely stand to be near each other and only agree to do this for Ashley." She said spreading her arms to indicate sitting at the table.

Ashley's head dropped ever so slightly and Andros wrapped his arm around her tighter, "Lynn, I will never let that happen to Ashley, we love each other deeply, we have a relationship that I feel will last forever, whenever I am away from her I feel like I am falling into a pit that has no bottom."

Ashley's mother just sighed and rubbed her forehead, "Fine, but I won't hesitate to step in at anytime if I feel that child is being neglected."

"Mom I won't let you down!" Ashley beamed once again with a huge smile on her face.

"Now wait a minute, I want to know the meaning of telling me that Zhane and Karone knew before me and they live under my roof." Bill said in a mock angry voice.

"Well Karone was with me when I found out and she told Zhane. It wasn't one hundred percent so I didn't let them tell you, in reality they didn't know any more then we did. Zhane is already calling the baby junior which there is no way the baby will be called that even if it is a boy." Ashley said winking to her dad so he would know that she was white lying and that he should ask Karone for the real story when Charlie wasn't around.*

When the main meal was finished Lynn who insisted on paying for her own part of the meal stood up and excused herself from the table obviously unable to sit this close to her ex any longer. the rest of them stayed around a little longer until Bill looked at his watch and realized the time, "Well I should be getting Charlie home he has school tomorrow."

Charlie groaned, "Do I have to Uncle?"

"Charlie you know the deal you get to stay home Mondays for now because of Physical therapy but you must go to school Tuesdays though Fridays." Bill scolded

"Who do you have Charlie?" Andros asked curiously

"I have MRS. Dunne, I think she is an alright teacher except she won't let me wear a cape in school and pretending to be a super hero is one of the things that makes me feel better when people make fun of me."

"Well do you think you can do me a favor, you remember my little sister Arlee, she visited that class a few times while she was visiting, do you think you can tell everyone that she misses them and says hello? And you know that not all superhero's wear capes, look at the power rangers have you ever seen one with a cape?"

Charlie smiled and nodded. While Bill mouthed thank-you to Andros for his encouragement of the boy because now he seemed eager to head home and get ready for the next day.

Although Bill then remembered one thing he was going to ask, "So did you hear about the newest team of Rangers? Apparently they are based out of a town to the north called Mariner bay and rumor has it that they are military based. What are your thoughts on this Andros, you being a ranger buff and all?"

"Well it is definitely different, but to talk more would take hours and you want to get Charlie home, we can talk another time on the topic." Andros explained standing up and helping Ashley up. They had already paid the tab so they all were free to go.

As they were driving home Andros looked at Ashley, "well that went well despite your mother not liking the idea."

"Yes but I thought it might be like that, that is the type of person she is and is very afraid of people making the same mistakes." Ashley smiled across the dark car.

"Tell me about Katie, I have heard that name before but no one has ever gone into detail about her." Andros whispered from the drivers seat.

"Katie was my older sister, I don't know much about her except for the fact that I look a lot like her or so my mom says. Shortly after I was born she was playing in the front yard and my mom was paying more attention to me so she didn't see Katie run out in front of the car that was speeding down the road. Before she could do anything it was too late. My mother was young as she said and from that point on her and dad's relationship fell apart." Ashley said in a barely audible voice, "Katie was only three when her life was ripped from her and my mom has never forgiven herself for not paying closer attention." Ashley then dropped her head and rode the rest of the drive in silence.